The Hill he Wants to Die On?


So far, in the Iraq War, over 22,000 U.S. troops have been physically injured, over 1,600 have required amputations, over 4,400 have died directly. Approximately 1 in every 4 troops required additional medical care related to their service after they were released due to a variety of conditions. More than 45,000 veterans of the war have committed suicide due to the intense psychological damage from their service. Estimates of civilian Iraqi deaths vary widely, ranging from 160,000 to over a million.

All of this damage was justified by statements of government officials that most Americans now realize were lies: that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction likely to be used against U.S. civilians, that we had to fight the Iraqis “over there” so we wouldn’t have to fight them “over here.” That our failure to overthrow the Iraqi government would result in a “mushroom cloud.” Lies. All lies.

There is substantial evidence from multiple sources that the most recent 2020 Presidential election was outright stolen. Rather than confront and properly investigate the issue in order to allay concern, government simply cooperated with social media to silence those who dared voice concern. There are tens of millions of Americans, many of them Democrats who voted for Biden, who believe that election was stolen.

Over a period of time, and in numerous ways, the government has compromised its credibility on numerous issues, ranging from the failure to prosecute known and obvious criminals while prosecuting the innocent all the way to repealing the laws against using propaganda against the U.S. population. The report that was ordered on the origins of Covid-19 was classified, something that would not have happened had the virus entered the population via bats.

The CDC estimates of people who have already had covid-19 exceed 120 million, a number arrived at by multiplying the actual number of positive tests by a “fudge factor” of 4.2, a number based on people self-diagnosing on a community website and the absurd assumption people mostly do not seek care when a widely publicized lethal virus is on the lose.

Many still remember the anthrax vaccinations given to troops between 1998 and 2002. Although stated by the FDA to only produce adverse reactions in 30% of recipients, 0.2% were systemic, a staggering 83% had adverse reactions, with 20% lasting over a week, and 12% being systemic. Reactions to the vaccine were so bad that troops literally left service or transferred in order to avoid them.

Because all of this is occurring with a population that still freshly remembers so many lies — a Hunter Biden laptop mysteriously “wiped,” a Trump “dossier” that was patently false, an Epstein who committed “suicide” when all the surveillance cameras conveniently failed all at once and an election with so many anomalies even many Democrats are dubious of the results — the government was already fresh out of credibility before the pandemic started.

And when the officials of a government in credibility crisis are routinely caught violating mask mandates while pushing those mandates onto people, and accuse un-vaccinated Americans of perpetuating a pandemic while allowing millions of un-vaccinated illegals into the country and subsidizing their lifestyles, the mixed messages coming from this are bound to lead many to be hesitant about accepting a vaccine that has had no long-term testing.

And this is the environment in which Doug Little, a history teacher at York University, states as follows on Twitter:

My position is we must make the lives of the unvaccinated a total misery and just keep escalating the exclusions until we crush the resistance and break their spirit in order to force compliance and so they learn not to resist government mandates.

Now, Doug doesn’t need to worry. This will not be done by government, but rather through the chosen method of the oligarchy: employer mandates. That is to say that corporations will implement these mandates so that people will be forced to be vaxxed in order to eat. Although corporations will be in collusion with government on this, the government will keep its hands clean. (Though it has already announced mandates for its own direct employees.)

But Doug’s attitude needs to be examined, because he is underestimating his true peril. As a history professor, he should really know better than to advocate that government “crush the spirit” of its citizenry.

Because just as often as, and often simultaneously with, “crushing the spirits” of citizens, the government and its corporate minions will utterly, completely and permanently lose any actual loyalty from those citizens. They are no longer citizens, but slaves, and slave revolts are never pretty.

People who have long considered paying taxes acceptable will seek avoidance. People who have generally followed even stupid and pointless government mandates will start to balk. Black markets for even legitimate goods will pop up just to avoid paying the tax. Businesses will exist that are never registered, employing people who pull their skills away from the above-ground employment system.

Once you start on the path of “crushing the spirits” of citizens, you have to commit to ultimately mass murdering them (in the typical communist fashion), or they will kill their masters physically, or metaphorically through a thousand tiny cuts of nullification that will collapse the system that supports the parasitic existence of the Dougs of the world.

Doug is a fellow who cannot comprehend that citizens might be suspicious of the government that “accidentally’ shredded the documents on project MKUltra, and he feels people who are suspicious of government should be treated as subhuman. But that is because government enables his existence. Without it, he’d be nothing. He is basically defending a parasite’s right to be a parasite.

But the body politic has not merely a right to resist, but an affirmative moral obligation.

And here, I am not speaking of the vaccines. I have seen nothing that convinces me they are unsafe. That is not the actual issue here at all. The issue, rather, is the attitude. And it is the sort of attitude that Doug displays that will ultimately spark mass waves, not of violence, but of people nullifying the edicts of a government they correctly see as serving interests other than their own, and is merely used as an intermediary in parasitism for blood suckers.

Doug is part of a self-reinforcing system that is very much an echo chamber. He does not understand that all of his status is a result purely of a media-academia-bureaucracy complex that deals in illusion. He can’t see the illusion because he is inside it, and he feels entitled. He has no idea how those outside that illusion see his advocacy, and so he does not see the danger it poses to his sheltered world.