Nashville School Fights Recorded, Posted On YouTube

Some parents say Nash Central Middle School has become abattleground with student fights in the hallways and bathrooms.

Concerned for their children’s safety, parents filled the Nash-RockyMount school board meeting Monday evening.Parents, students say fights taking place at schoolWATCH VIDEO
Parents, students say fights taking place at school

Parents and students told school leaders that, in some classes, out-of-control students are the ones in control.

“People are threatening the teachers, and the teachers are scared of the kids,” student Jordan Williams said.

Parentssay the proof is in the video posted on YouTube. It appears to show twostudents fighting, with others looking on at the school, 1638 SouthFirst St., Nashville.

In another video, parents say a group of students gang up on one child.

“Itwas very frightening, because I could imagine my child being that onethat was stranded by himself with several other children attackinghim,” parent Caroline Harris said.

Students say it is tough tolearn in that environment. Parents say if their children report theproblems, they are threatened by the trouble-makers.

“If theyspoke up, if they didn’t get them at school, that they would get themoutside the building,” parent Cheryl Crocker said.

“It is just a mess at that school,” Williams said.

Whileconcerned parents say the problems have been going on for some time,Nash-Rocky Mount school board Chairwoman Evelyn Bulluck says this isthe first she has heard of it.

“Today is the 173 day (of school) and we have not heard from them before,” Bulluck said.

However, Bulluck says she hears them now.

“We will be looking into their allegations and rectifying whatever the situation is,” she said.

Parents say they are eager to work with school leaders to correct the problems.