Couple Arrested In Sexual Tryst Outside Daycare Center

Signs of the times.

INDIANAPOLIS – A daycare on the city’s east side received some unwanted visitors Wednesday. What happened behind Cookie’s Child Care on North Bosart Avenue shocked the owner.

Claudia Daniels was getting ready to bring the kids outside Tuesday afternoon when she found a strange car behind her house. She then approached the car to find two people having sex and immediately called the police.

When they arrived, they found naked bodies and loud noises still coming from the car. An officer arrested 43-year-old Nicholas Declouette and 31-year-old Shawn Ayers for public indecency.

Daniels says she’s glad the kids did not see anything. “I was really shocked, I didn’t expect that, I mean in broad daylight. You know it’s ridiculous and it’s scary.”

Declouette says he had just met Ayers hours before they were caught