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Top Ten ‘White Lies’

“The cartoon is typical of the pseudo-intellectuals who are so prevalent amongst whites today.

To show how ‘tolerant’ they are, they make fun of their own, fire off the usual anti-white canards overtly and in roundabout fashion, and wait to be lauded, to get a pat on the head from their Marxist masters, to get the approval of their “enlightened” but actually ignorant circle of friends who are all in the struggle to make it to some type of privileged “inner circle”. It ain’t happening. But they’re not smart enough to see it or the truth. The next type of pseudo-intellectuals, second highest in number, are those who have sort of figured out some of the angles, but will pretend to believe the Marxist lies, will toe the line, to make a buck, the hell with the future of whites. These are people like John Grisham, who figured out that having redneck whites who rape 12 year old black girls (when it’s really the opposite, marauding blacks attacking white girls) or “WASP” lawyers up to their necks in corruption. That’s what the powers that be want to shove in our faces. Why give some amateurish, sophomoric cartoon like this the light of day? We’ve seen it all before by other also-rans in the cartooning dept.”

 Posted by No surprises, American Renaissance Comments Section

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