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Hundreds of Heavily-Armed Black Panthers Dare ‘Redneck’ Cowards to Face Them in the Streets

You know this: had these people instead been ‘heavily armed’ white nationalists, the full weight and fury of the media, the federal government and possibly even the military would have been brought to bear. But this is 2020, so…

The goal of the Left is to escalate this chaos we have been witnessing all across America and to turn it into an all-out civil war.

See, Democrat presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden isn’t really ahead in the polls. If he were, and it was “smooth sailing,” none of this stuff like pandemic-peddling and riots and race wars would be happening.

The Left is hoping that they can cause so much ruckus and make it look like the U.S. is burning down and Trump has lost control so that Joe Biden can hobble in and “save the day.” It’s a very flawed plan, but it has the potential to be dangerous if any part of it is played out.

And if you look at what happened in Stone Mountain, Georgia on July 4th, you can see that they really, really want to ignite a “war.” It was a scary scene in Stone Mountain…whereby hundreds of heavily-armed angry Marxist Black Panther “soldiers” lined up in perfect rows, looking exactly like ISIS, while their leader called out cowardly “rednecks” and right-wing militias and dared them to meet the Black Panthers in the streets.

You can watch the video below. Warning: graphic language ahead—

The Black Panthers in Stone Mountain, Georgia are baiting for armed conflict with right wing militia and Boogalooers.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 5, 2020

It’s so important that the Right doesn’t take the bait. That’s what these people want. It’s what they need in order to advance their plan and create that ultimate chaos which could ultimately hurt President Trump’s reelection campaign.

We do need to “fight,” but not in the streets. We need to fight smarter than that, by putting ungodly pressure on politicians, police, and local officials to crack down on these communists. We need to educate people with the truth about what’s happening and who these people really are, and we need to speak out against corporations who are pushing Marxist BLM and other liberal agenda issues. We need to be loud. We don’t need to be violent.

NOTE: Nobody actually wants a war. But the time draws nigh when enough is enough. Thus far, no amount of pressure on politicians and corporations has been effective in stemming the blatant anti-White, anti-West hysteria. And by the looks of things it will only get worse. –ed.)



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