Why Derbyshire Had to Go

There is nothing cowards and hypocrites hate more than brave men who live by their convictions.

by Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 7, 2012

John Derbyshire (pictured right) has now joined the roster of brilliant journalists who have been fired by publications that call themselves “conservative.” Mr. Derbyshire’s April 5 column for Takimag.com committed the usual crime of pointing out something that is not only true but that everyone knows to be true. He noted that blacks are on average less intelligent than whites, that many of them hate whites, and that when they gather in large numbers they can be dangerous. Mr. Derbyshire’s column was framed as a white parent’s “talk” to his children about the facts of race.
Of course, anyone not a tourist from Iceland learns by about age 10 to avoid crowds of blacks, but it is considered “racist” actually to say so. It took National Review two days to fire Mr. Derbyshire—an eternity in the age of the Internet, even if it was Easter weekend—and lefty publications like Atlantic Wire and Huffington Post were yelling for blood long before the ax fell.