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UK: Labour Party ‘Sat’ On Negative Immigration Reports

Our next question should be: when will the white genocide trials begin? — Ed.

Labour is today accused of a ‘shocking’ cover-up over the impact of years of mass immigration as damning official research buried by the last government is revealed.

Ministers will publish three reports commissioned at the taxpayers’ expense by Labour politicians – but then apparently ‘sat on’ because of their inconvenient conclusions.

Government advisers concluded immigration had depressed wages, threatened to increase community tensions and seen many incomers stay longer than intended.

The Coalition claims the unpublished reports, which cost more than £100,000 to produce, are extraordinary evidence of how Labour lost control of Britain’s borders and then tried to cover it up.

The revelations come as Labour leader Ed Miliband admitted his party got it ‘wrong’ on immigration while they were in power – with millions of families having their incomes squeezed as a result.

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