Friday, September 24, 2021
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Whiteout and Washout

by LK

Once again, about the only place you hear about the white suffering from northern snow storms and severe weather, rain, mudslides, avalanches, etc. are on the weather channel and briefly on the national news.

No one seems to be concerned if landlocked white Americans are getting enough food and water while roads are closed due to whiteout conditions, snow and ice.  This is worse than a hurricane because if you lose power in a hurricane, you won’t freeze to death because they normally occur during warm weather and in lower latitudes.
Obama needs to survey what’s going on and have food drops and perhaps even the military to come in and clear roads when small town and big city budgets run out to pay for all the road clearing, salt or de-icers and the medical emergencies.

People are stranded on roads overnight in subzero temperatures and don’t get down the road until snowplows come in the morning.

People are dying behind this vicious weather and there is no response.

Once again it’s time to bring our men home, quit spending taxpayer money on foreign extravaganzas and take care of our own first.

It’s been raining so much in California, that the horsetracks are all shut down (Hollywood Park for the rest of the meet) and I am sure this is having a dour effect on an already tamped down economy.

I love to go to the track and simulcast wager Hollywood Park and it was very distressing to see them shut down due the track despite its “all weather” synthetic track not able to withstand the endless rain.

What about all the vegetables and fruits growing over there and the rest of the U.S. effected by this mess?  The cattle and poultry industry must be hurting too. What if grain can’t be delivered to the animals?  We are sitting on what may end up being an interruption in the food supply and yet all we care about is, is Japan going to get its superior grade Kobe beef from the U.S.

Bad leadership that forgot who pays its salary.  It will all work until one day and with this weather, several and with this weather, several systems may collapse at once in an unforeseeable manner.


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