Los Angeles … Sanctuary City

You’ve heard about the riots, haven’t you? Yup … looks like the Hispanics, most of whom are undoubtedly here illegally, have their ponchos in a bunch because the police shot an illegal.

by Neal Boortz

Look … Los Angeles really has worked hard for these riots. They earned them and they deserve them. This is what happens when your police department adopts a policy of refusing to cooperate with the federal government on issues relating to immigration law; refusing to even go so far as to determine whether or not a person in custody and suspected of a crime is here legally. This was supposed to generate some type of trust between the cops and the illegals … make it easier to fight crime, and all that.

Well .. along comes an illegal alien from Guatemala named Manuel Jamines. It seems that Manuel has a habit of getting drunk as a skunk quite often … with the drinking starting at around 9 in the morning. Well the cops get a call at about 9 in the evening telling them that Manuel is wandering around the streets threatening folks with a knife. The cops show up and try to get Manuel the Illegal to put the knife down and behave. He won’t. Finally Manuel lunges at a police officer with his knife held over his head … and is promptly shot and killed. Tango Uniform … exactually where Manuel needed to be. Now, of course, the Hispanics in the neighborhood are rioting, burning buildings, attacking police officers and innocent civilians … all in the name of “justice.” Justice my buns. If there was any justice every single one of these rioters who is here illegally would be shoved back across the border with a cop boot print on his ass.

Now … Don’t click on this link. This is for you whiney, candy-assed libs out there who are going to try to tell the rest of us that the police overreacted by shooting poor Manuel when all he had was a knife. Again … DON’T CLICK ON THIS LINK. It’s very graphic and you’re going to hate me if you do. But this is what happens to a police officer who tries to disarm a thug who was “only carrying a knife.” As the Dallas, DEA agent says …. “Always bring a gun to a knife fight.”