REDUX: The Whitening of Mexico

Some of you may have heard the following analogy before; but I think it bears repeating as often as necessary, and I want to urge our loyal listeners to pass this one along to anyone who may not have heard it.

The Browning of America

By Frank Roman

Audio Version

In May of this year I said the following: “When the institutions of government, education and media openly shows an enthusiastic incentive to remove European Americans not only culturally but, in due course, physically from our land then the appreciation for our existence demands that we question these same institutions as even belonging to us anymore; and, if they do not comprise a system for European Americans then why are we even tolerating this irrational creature in its present condition?  We would do well to apply our racial concept (European Americanism) as related to a past, a present, and a future approach — that this country is our country. 

Our nation, America, was given to us (European Americans) by our Founding Fathers (European Americans), and I say this plainly to mean nothing more and nothing less because we have no other place to go. Nor should we because the one overriding question that sums up our situation, that ought to be driven home not only to our enemies but more importantly to our kinsmen is, again: ‘If (racial) diversity is our strength then (racial) consistency must be a weakness, right?’ (And if so does this concept apply to non-white people’s nations?) And I (we) don’t care if you’re a nuclear physicist or a ditch digger, if we ALL fail to understand the lessons presented to us by global illustrations like massive Third World immigration, traitorous government complicity, media manipulation and political correctness then the bitter lessons we (our forbears) have learned the hard way will have all been for naught.” (2008-03-08 21:45:28)

I think (one) a significant obstacle European Americans have in terms of getting onboard with legal effective and responsible action –to help ensure their own racial progression– is the simple fact that they know certain other white people who are sorry, lowdown pieces of human trash who don’t deserve even the slightest courtesy or consideration from civilized people. Trust me, I know a few myself. This creates a kind of universal cognitive dissonance which is understandable.  Whether we’re talking about the alcoholic family of welfare recipients who do nothing but buy lottery tickets and have run-ins with the law, or elevated public figures such as celebrities and politicians, who exercise a form of high octane nihilism and sociopathic behavior are not sufficient excuses for us to be docile once we are racially awakened.  Common sense will tell you; since our colonial founding right up to today our people have always had amongst us the ne’er do wells, parasites and troublemakers.  And at one time we dealt with them accordingly for the greater good, sometimes very, very harshly, while our nation’s people continued its inexorable march to greatness. So in spite of these oxygen thieves, medical miracles were developed, we sent rockets into deep space, we explored the deep seas, our homes were built, our food was harvested, great literature was written, our children were properly educated, we fought wars, and the courts were in place to punish the scoundrels’ criminals and dirt bags. Additionally, having (for the most part) accurately learned history and having reinforced that learning with peer acceptance we knew who we were –even if we didn’t like our neighbor– and it was a given that the United States was meant to be a white nation by writ of law. So, don’t let the lazy, the apathetic, the selfish or the criminal elements of our demography get you down and make you think your time and effort working on behalf of your own as a whole is not worth your time, because it is worth your time. Don’t worry. While every nation –regardless of its demographic makeup– can still be a healthy homogenous nation in spite of a few members’ flaws, once European Americans achieve proper moral influence minus the self destructive relativism EAU is addressing, overall the rest will be brought into line — rather quickly I might add!

In case you hadn’t heard John Insane McCain and Messiah Hussein Obama are set to pander for a few votes and a pat on the head from LaRaza, the single most dangerous Mexican advocacy group in the country next to the Jewish Anti-defamation League of B’nai B’rith, both of whom are ideological mattress mates in terms of displacing European Americans through strong arm tactics like accusations of fear-inducing racism and social engineering through the law. Obama and McCain are both open border advocates, as are many of their cohorts in the District of Corruption in Washington. One is a neocon, the other is a Marxist and this bodes ill in the upcoming so-called “election” for the new desk jockey to inhabit the White House. Truth be told neither one of these sociopaths and their neo-capitalist boosters could care less if European Americans were amalgamated before breakfast into the oncoming coffee-colored plantation they both envision as being ‘good for America.’

Now, indulge me here for a moment. Some of you may have heard the following analogy before but I think it bears repeating, as often as necessary and I want to urge our loyal listeners to pass this one along to anyone who may not have heard it. What do you suppose would happen if tens of millions of poor white folks decided to violate Mexico’s sovereign borders and simply waltzed in like they owned it?  Beginning as a trickle — with only a few exotic looking white people in the Mexican background finally becoming a torrent of humanity which became a national daily experience for the Mexicans — how would that go over, do you think? As the European American invasion of Mexico progressed, what do you think the outcome would be if these alien whites began to soak up Mexico’s social service programs; if they began to work for wages below the national standard; if they bankrupted hospitals due to their indigent status; if they began to form violent white ghettos complete with drugs, gangs and gun play and Mexico’s jails were nearly half full of gangland whites; if new or formerly eradicated varieties of STD’s began to show up in Mexican women; if public signs popped up like mushrooms in English only, if European American businesses catering to white culture crowded out existing Mexican shops? How well would the Mexicans like the fact that whites were sending billions of pesos out of country to the United States in order to aid their families’ existence and encourage them to move to Mexico?

Further, as the whitening of Mexico progressed just as the browning of America (audio link) is moving along, imagine if these millions upon millions of now entrenched American-Mexicans began to flex some political muscle, with the Mexican government and certain Mexican corporations funding pro white groups called LaRaza, The Race, or LUWAC, the League of United White Americans, to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and civil rights of the European derived population of Mexico? And once they have the public relations green light say they began to print English-only newspapers, broadcast English-only radio programs, demanded that Mexicans learn English, and they helped elect white politicians who accused his Mexican constituents of being small-minded because they didn’t like the nation of their fathers being overrun, while he labored non-stop to weaken Mexico’s immigration laws because they were to “racist?”

At some point though a handful of politically incorrect leaders would assemble and realize that when the institutions of government, education and media openly shows an enthusiastic incentive to remove Mexicans not only culturally but, in due course, physically from their land then the appreciation for their way of life would demand that they question these same institutions as even belonging to them anymore; and, if they do not comprise a system by and for the Mexican people then why are they even tolerating this irrational arrangement in its present condition?  They would have no choice but to to apply their racial concept as Mexicans related to a past, a present, and a future “that this country is our country.”  And I’m sure they would care less that there happened to be a subset of lazy unmotivated and even criminal fellow Mexicans living in their midst because there’s work to do now, and they’d have to deal with the dirt bags later.

I think we can all agree the vast majority of rank and file Mexican people would never allow this kind of cultural and demographic replacement to gain even a toe-hold in their nation, a fact we should look upon with all due credit based on common sense. In fact I’d suggest the possibility that once a tipping point was reached a bloody upheaval would take place given that countries recent history; with the Mexican traitors among them slated for public hangings and firing squads before they turned upon the white invaders in the midst. And really, who could blame them? The consent of Mexicans to be displaced by the white world would have to have been manufactured and distributed by traitors in the media and the government and social engineers in their schools and universities. Forget all of the platitudes about equality and racial brotherhood. Under these circumstances the Mexicans would easily conclude that racial conformity is strength while ethnic diversity is weakness. Hence, they would sooner than later realize they were unwitting dupes in the manufactured consent of their demise; and would do whatever it takes to correct the situation no matter who didn’t like it. I mean let’s admit something here: Mexicans have guts. It takes guts to enter a country illegally through a hot desert and once here, display all of the insolent “machismo” characteristics that make up their behavior back in Mexico.

You know if there is going to be a physical foundation to the way of life we as European Americans believe in it should be — at the very least — preserving our current European American majority of 65% in the United States. From there, it will be an easier push to undo our demographic decline and instead increase our majority back to at least 75% or 80%. And this is just a basic underpinning, a starting point for further advances that deeply connects us to our fellow countrymen and our precious women. Presented correctly it should bond with people’s natural safety-in-numbers-instincts. In fact it may have already been at work in 2007 when a vast portion of our people rose up against the Mexican amnesty debacle, which incidentally was actively endorsed by John McCain, Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama and other deceivers disguised as Americans.** 

Sadly I think we can agree that most people are out of touch with our demographic decline from 89% (around 1970) of the population to 65% (2007), preferring instead to seek out banal entertainment — when they are not trying to figure out where their next tank of gas is coming from. On the other hand simply pointing out this demographic fact alone in no uncertain terms complete with airtight sources and illustrations can have a very startling effect on even the most diehard tolerance monger; that “the crisis of the West is a collapsing culture and vanishing peoples, as a Third World that grows by 100 million people, the equivalent of a new Mexico every 18 months, mounts the greatest invasion in history of the world. And ‘If we do not shake off our paralysis, the West (will) come(s) to an end.” (1)

Multicultural creeds, fear of law enforcement, and outright lies would then gradually lose their divine status, as if they had any in the first place. Then it will simply be a matter of time before we are able to flatly deconstruct the entire multicultural message because it will force the adversary into the painful situation of being on the defensive, with only their milquetoast triteness to fight with. Additionally, it puts their banality such as (impossible) equality and tolerance, into direct conflict with a gut level commonsense reaction that most rank and file people logically have, like the Mexicans would most certainly have if the situation was reversed. Of course, enacting such a change is entirely up to you, isn’t it?

** EAU does not necessarily endorse or support all of the views, platforms or philosophy of this outlet.

1.   Pat Buchanan, Death of the West.