Boycott 2010 World Cup

The ongoing murders rapes and beatings of white South African farmers in 2010 should compel even the most liberal politically correct adherent to withhold his money from South Africa’s ruling black government, the ANC; a government that sanctions what can only be described as white genocide. In other words:  “No Normal Sport, in an Abnormal Society!”

“The agricultural department of a bank in South Africa has calculated the per capita murder rate of ethno-European farmers to be four (4) times greater than the average murder rate for the population of South Africa.” — GenocideWatch Report, 2002

    “Racial hatred is the main cause of the incredibly high violence- and cruelty level which specifically target the primarily Afrikaner victims of farm attacks,” is one of the shock findings of the long-awaited farm attack report, which Beeld newspaper has managed to publish in spite of the decision yesterday by the South African government security and safety Minister to “hold back its publication.” — GenocideWatch Report, Aug 2003
“The Committee also interviewed 15 prosecutors — all of them state advocates — in Bloemfontein, Capetown, Kimberley, Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria. They were unanimously of the view that …. the degree of violence and cruelty during farm attacks was exceedingly high. Most state advocates attributed this extreme violence to racial hatred.” — Report: Comm. of Enquiry into Farm Attacks, July 2003 » » Farm Attack Official Investigation Report: Farmers Attack violence: “racial hatred”