John Day’s Dilemma

All of us are experts at practicing virtue at a distance.  ~Theodore M. Hesburgh

by Frank Roman

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Several days ago someone brought to my attention a serious commotion taking place among the residents of a diminutive bucolic town called John Day [HERE], which is located in Grant County Oregon. In fact my correspondent went so far as to say that what he was seeing is a truly hysterical reaction among the townsfolk. It seems that a group called Aryan Nations is scouting the area in order to rebuild its national headquarters so as to continue whatever vocation it is they do. Now from what I understand Aryan Nations has a serious “public relations” problem regarding its ideology; not to mention it seems to be a magnet for ne’er-do-wells, dropouts, troublemakers and of course federal undercover agents.

In other words it appears Aryan Nations has chosen a different set of ethics as compared to European Americans United code of ethics [HERE], and that’s fine. So, on some level I can understand why the people of John Day are up in arms because their area is being considered for an Aryan Nations outpost. Of course, I am under no illusion that EAU or any other white advocacy group, no matter how finely groomed, would be welcomed with open arms either. But the fact is the people of John Day are reacting to this news as if the Invasion of the Body Snatchers [HERE] is under way should this group settle in.
Of course, the media is doing its part to whip up bitter opposition; not only in the minds of the town’s residents but also in the minds of people around the world. After all, the media implies, who would want a battalion of violent camouflaged supremacists descending on a daycare center to whisk away the children and raise them to be revolutionary vanguards? Adjectives and related phrases like white supremacists, bigots, hate group, and so forth are used liberally when describing the AN group—or any other white advocacy group for that matter. After all, for the past 65 plus years the media, churches and universities have taught that any manifestation of white advocacy is tantamount to an invasion of Panzer tanks [HERE].

Unfortunately Aryan Nations has given a generous amount of fodder toward this imagery.

In reality however I really don’t believe the people of John Day are truly worried about the AN group inflicting some kind of physical oppression upon them. I don’t believe the citizens would fear for their safety from these newcomers. No, what they are concerned about is what other people may think for allowing a politically incorrect group to live among them, especially a so-called white supremacist group. They are concerned about the so-called “message” it would send to “the children,” to their friends and families, to their co-workers, and worst of all to the media [HERE]. And since ranching, timber harvesting and milling have dried up they may not be able to attract business or tourist dollars because John Day’s people would then be stricken guilty (by association) for harboring an ideologically “immoral” network…something like that.

And so on cue the townsfolk are attending meetings, holding demonstrations [HERE], and just generally raising such a huge stink the media finally got wind of it. Bad move. What I do find ironic however is the fact that John Day and Grant County are comprised of exactly what many leftist eggheads and so-called anti-racists literally despise: a demographically homogeneous population of white Americans. In 2000 the racial makeup of the city was 96.92% European American. Indeed, that would just about classify John Day as somewhat bigoted, somewhat racist, would it not? They would have been better off keeping their mouths shut about the Aryan Nations matter and handled it privately in whatever manner freedom allows. No, they had to go whining to the media to insist how adamantly against the move they are lest anyone think they’re ‘racist.’ (1)

Additionally, I’m guessing the town’s namesake, John Day, exhibited more guts than the town he is named after. In fact, I’m certain he dealt with worse characters in whiskey soaked taverns or in Indian Territory than today’s Aryan Nations members — and no one was the wiser. Now everyone with an anti-racist axe to grind knows where Grant County is. Recreation and retirement — forget it.

They took the bait via the remarks of Max Horkheimer a Marxist theoretician who said:

“The Revolution won’t happen with guns; rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism [HERE].”

You know, at some point in a conversation I had with one of EAU’s other board members I was told that a person’s opposition to racism is directly related to their distance from it. In other words, the less experience a white person has with non-whites the more anti-racist they become while conversely the opposite is true. And the good folks in John Day are no exception. Indeed, the very homogeneity of the place mirrors that of Aryan Nations; one being explicit the other implicit. As far as most alleged civil rights groups [HERE] and non-white advocates are concerned both are in dire need of more diversity, more equality, and less ‘hate.’

So, I’d like to make a few suggestions for John Day to consider.

Rather than waving off a group of people whose political incorrectness has preceded them there are other things you can do in order to prove to the world how truly “anti-racist” you really are. But before I do consider this: In the 1960s America was about 89% white. Then the immigration laws were dismantled [HERE] which caused a flood in the nonwhite population. Since the Sixties the white percentage of the population has dropped off. So it is clear from census projections that the government is not only causing this happen but expects this process to continue. Anyone who refuses to go along with this measure is instantly labeled a Nazi, a racist, or a dangerous “white supremacist.”

Therefore in order to completely avoid that kind of dilemma perhaps John Day may well contact Mayor Bing of Detroit. It seems the good mayor “absolutely” intends to relocate thousands of black residents from desolate violent neighborhoods because the city can no longer guarantee them services [HERE]. John Day sounds like a good place for them to live. In fact John Day could also contact the Ambassador to Malta Douglas Kmiec, who is overseeing the “resettlement” of primitive Africans [HERE] from places like Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan to the US — to join their American brothers from Detroit. Imagine the wonders of diversity you would experience. Imagine the vibrancy and the cultural enrichment you give to your children and grandchildren. By accommodating these new citizens to your breast you will earn the accolades of thousands of your dogmatic kinsmen.(2)

Moreover, rather than suffer the indignity of a handful of “white supremacists” John Day’s north west location could publicly bill itself as the new destination of illegal Mexicans, stripping the southeast of that dubious award [HERE]. With cheap housing, easy rural transportation and an abundance of work, the Mexicans could then put down roots [HERE] and tell family and friends back home of the opportunities in Grant County. In fact you could contact LaRaza [HERE] and ask them to spend their millions of tax payer dollars there by building a new regional outpost in the middle of town. Since you, the egalitarians in John Day would rather be burned at the stake than not conform to the anti-racist hypocrisy that never seems to be appropriate to non-white groups like LaRaza this sounds like a wonderful plan, and your credibility as the new anti-racist kids on the block will be forever held up.

I think I made it clear at the beginning of this podcast that I and many others are no fans of Aryan Nations. Whether through federal skull duggery or the sheer defectiveness of its ideology, Aryan Nations always seem to fill a suited purpose which is the Hollywood caricature of the dangerous white supremacist. They and groups like them feed into the media’s public conditioning of what even the most thoughtful European American advocates are like.

Therefore, we reject them.

However, in the minds of many liberals, leftists, media gas bags and social engineers they all regard places like John Day as (BFE) fly-over country, or that it represents a bitter area that “clings to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” [Here]  Therefore now that you have their attention the next logical step for your 97% white population to do is adapt something akin to the ideas I’ve given you today or suffer the same consequences Aryan Nations has experienced day in day out. You have done yourselves no favors sucking up to the global “anti-racist” crowd even though John Day, and –-like it or not–Aryan Nations, still have the unalienable right to inherently or openly be who you are.

Thanks for listening.

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(1) It sounds as though Oregon is ramping up to become a California mini-me. I’ll bet a lot of ‘yes’ voters were California transplants. You can take the liberal out of California but unfortunately he brings his California state of mind with him.

(2) Oregon…has been flooded in the last few years by California refugees fleeing a failed state.