Lou Dobbs Goes After Obama’s Birth Certificate, Or The Lack Of One

There’s got to be some reason why he refuses to present it. Instead Obama spends millions of dollars preventing it’s release.

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During his radio program, Dobbs stated: “[S]hould he produce his birth certificate — the long form, the real deal? Should he be a little more forthcoming? … What is the deal here? I’m starting to think we have a — we have a document issue. Do you suppose he’s un — no, I won’t even use the word undocumented. It wouldn’t be right.”

Dobbs later stated that when examining the birth certificate issue, at first he “thought, ‘Here we go with the lunatic fringe. This is a bunch of quackeroos going after him.’ ” However, Dobbs said he now believes that there are “some issues here that should be really resolved” with Obama’s birth certificate.

During his program, Dobbs repeatedly faulted Obama for what he said was Obama’s failure to definitively answer questions raised about his birth certificate:

  • Dobbs stated: “The first thing is to determine whether or not his birth certificate is valid. And what I don’t understand is why that has not been released and given over to the public record.”
  • After a caller said “something doesn’t smell right” with Obama, Dobbs said that the “way to get rid of those odors is always just open the windows and let the sun shine in. And all we need here is a doggone document, but for some reason the president doesn’t want to release that.”
  • Dobbs said that in contrast to efforts undertaken by Sen. John McCain “to determine that he met the standard of natural-born citizen,” there is “absolutely, you know, no effort to do so on the part of Barack H. Obama. Nor, as also our callers have pointed out, this president would not release his medical records. And the national media seemed to be fine with that, whereas they probably would have eviscerated John McCain for failing to do so.”
  • After a caller theorized that Obama is rushing through programs because Obama “knows what’s coming” with regard to the birth certificate lawsuits, Dobbs said: “Certainly your view can’t be discounted at this point, because this president refused to provide the documentation that would settle all of the controversy here.”
  • After a caller said she initially thought the birth certificate controversy was “the dumbest thing ever,” Dobbs replied: