Mexican Bad Driving

Diversity Is Strength!

By Allan Wall

The body count in the drug cartel war here in Mexico continues to mount. A July 18th estimate by Reforma calculated that, as of July 18th, the death toll from cartel-related violence had surpassed 2,300 thus far, in calendar year 2008.

Nevertheless, there is an even bigger cause of death in Mexico: accidents kill more people than drug cartel shootouts.

According to a report released in April by Arturo Cervantes, director of Cenapra [the National Center for Prevention of Accidents accidents in Mexico.These figures were discussed at a conference entitled Accidentes y violencia, epidemia silenciosa [“Accidents and Violence, Silent Epidemic”.

Nearly all traffic fatalities, one way or another, are due to human error.  Of course, a lot of these traffic accidents are caused by alcohol abuse. There is currently an increase in alcohol abuse among Mexican women (who now drink as much as men), children and youth. Cervantes also linked this increase in alcoholism to an increase to violence, suicide, rape and family breakdown.

Young Mexicans comprise a quarter of all alcohol-induced traffic fatalities.