48 Hour Phone and Fax Blitz

They need to hear from YOU.

On July 9-10, Grassfire** will launch a 48-Hour Phone and Fax Blitz calling on Congress to reinstate the Secure Fence Act and get the border fence built.

With both Presidential candidates opposing a border fence, H.R. 4987 — the Fence By Date Certain Act — is our last chance to get the border fence built as promised. It is up to grassroots Americans to force this issue, and send a message unlike any other to Congress—a message that can’t be ignored.

We want to flood Congress with 100,000 phone calls and faxes on July 9 and 10 demanding that the Secure Fence Act is reinstated. Use the form below to let us know if you will make phone calls and/or schedule faxes.

Email or Fax Your Rep. Of course, the sample below can be personalized.

As a citizen, I fear for the security of our nation when elected officials, who send troops to other parts of the world to provide security, cannot do the same right here. Instead, we are being invaded by those looking to steal our jobs, sell illegal drugs, or siphon benefits reserved for taxpaying citizens!

We are demanding a permanent solution, and it starts with the construction of the border fence as promised (double-layered).

I am urging you to listen to your constituents and co-sponsor H.R. 4987, The Fence by Date Certain Act.

This is a vital piece of legislation that must be supported to protect our sovereignty and security.

Please know that I will be closely monitoring your actions on H.R. 4987.

** The views, positions and opinions of Grassfire does not necessarily reflect the views, positions and opinions of European Americans United. — Ed.