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Remember July 7th? Are you Islamophobic?

By Chris Brown

Journalist Peter Oborne says, “Prejudice against foreigners, homosexuals, gays and blacks has been softened or even eliminated. But today, one resentment is stronger than ever. Islamophobia – prejudice against Islam – is Britain’s last remaining socially respectable form of prejudice, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for it.”

This statement was published in the establishment mouthpiece, the Daily Mail, on Saturday, and of course you know who gets the blame for demonising the religion of, and fermenting trouble against its peace loving adherents, don’t you? Yes, the BNP – who else!

One can only wonder how much Mr Oborne pocketed for this Islamic propaganda. How ever much it was it, was too much! And the Daily Mail should be ashamed of itself for publishing such appeasing utterances!

As to his claim that those who object to the constant pandering to Islamic sensibilities are ‘Islamophobic’, what an insulting and infantile outburst! Mr Oborne, if you ever read this, most us living in the real world are not frightened of Islam, and therefore cannot be Islamophobic – choose your adjectives with more care Sir! But we do object to the incessant! Pandering that would not be given to non Muslims!Published just prior to the anniversary of the July 7th bombings in London this was clearly intended to cow us into ignoring this infamous example of Islamic outrage!

Well we do remember, and we won’t be cowed!

Useful idiots such as Mr Oborne should take some time to study Islamic teaching, or remind himself of the outrages perpetrated around the world – in the name of Islam! He would also do well to realise that the likes of Shahid Malik, minister for the Department for International Development, is permitted by the Koran to tell lies to infidels – that includes you Mr Oborne. So when he says of July 7 bomber, Mohammad Sidique Khan, ‘All Muslims I’ve come across find him and what he did abhorrent,’ he is not necessarily telling the truth!

You do not ever hear Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, or Buddhists ranting in our streets that we must all be killed if we refuse to become one of them. Yet Muslims constantly do this – choosing to take offence at the slightest excuse, i.e. Strathclyde police’s use of a puppy on a poster was deemed offensive. Yet Mr Oborne dares to say that we should be ashamed of ourselves for refusing to surrender to Islamic diktats!

Our message to the likes of Peter Oborne is simple: We are not Islamophobic, we simply prefer our own ways and traditions. We are however fed up to the back teeth with being forced to bow before Islamic demands, and to the sickening utterances of their apologists! He tries to make out that the BNP is somehow to blame for all the bad feelings aimed at Muslims. That is a gross distortion of the truth, as Mr Oborne knows all too well.

Brutality is the common thread linking Muslims across the globe!

So who is guilty? Firstly, it is the politically correct media writers, together with the publications that give them a platform. Those who seek to promote Islamic demands whilst portraying objectors as little more than sub-human Neanderthals: And secondly, it is the Muslims themselves, for making themselves a right pain in the rear end with their constant griping and demands for ever more preferential treatment from us kafirs!

Quite honestly, the majority of the population is rapidly coming to the conclusion that if they are so unhappy here then they would be better off going away to live in an Islamic country. After all, they have no wish to integrate with us, they simply demand that we change our ways to those they approve of.


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