Thanks For The Matrix, Hillary

Vulgas vult decepi: “The people wish to be deceived.” — Phaedrus 15BC-50AD.

By Frank Roman

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A website called has recently reported that the Libertarian Party’s Bob Barr for President Campaign is having a conniption because a certain segment of American society, white nationalists have had the temerity to actually like their candidate, Mr. Barr. So upon hearing of this apocalyptic development it seems campaign manager Russ Verney, in a fit of properly ingested political correctness immediately issued the following statement:”The Barr campaign is not going to be a vehicle for every fringe and hate group to promote itself. We do not want and will not accept the support of haters. Tell the haters I said don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out! Anyone with love in their heart for our country and for every resident of our country regardless of race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation is welcome with open arms.” Notice he said we had to love every resident of the country without the qualifier of them having to be a fellow citizen, just a resident. So essentially when Jose or Maria crosses the Rio Grande tonight, or Mbeke the Somalian junk dealer requests political asylum you are obligated to love them tomorrow or the Libertarians will want nothing to do with you!

Well isn’t that remarkable. For all of their talk about courting the “black vote” and the “Latino vote” and every other alternative vote under the sun, the fact remains that white Americans plainly vote more, at around 3 times the rate that other races do. Despite this, it’s considered political suicide to court Eurocentric votes in spite of the fact history has proven the so-called “Southern Strategy” which helped the Republicrats win time and time again has now been cast to the outer darkness. You know, these Libertarians must like to lose because it makes them feel good about themselves, makes them feel that they are not negotiating away with their oh-so sound principles in order to win. Well I hope the door hits them on their backside on the way out of any political headway. Good riddance, Mr. Barr.

Now that she has finally accepted the verdict of multiple primary and caucus results, Hillary Clinton has finally exited the stage in favor of Barack Obama, and frankly I’m glad this nomination process is over. But we still owe her our “thanks” for the work she’s done in this campaign season, because she made our point for us about the deep racial divide in America; a point that will resonate for years to come. She has finally, though inadvertently, recognized that “hardworking white Americans” count for something other than census figures, consumers, and ostensibly as voters. Hillary has unwittingly encouraged serious European American activists to make renewed efforts on behalf of their people; to take a second look at the disconnected nation around them and pointing out just how fragile the ruling Republicrat coalition really is.

 Now let us not forget: Hillary brought her own venality to the public forum by displaying a reflection of the moral bankruptcy of the ruling elite, with all it’s cynicism (you know: “hard working white people,” “no woman is illegal”) which clashed with that other mainstay of corrupt national politics and racial special interests, in this case blacks. All the false idols of political correctness were severely weakened, from the phony unity of “oppressed groups” against the supposed evil exploitation of white males, to the absurd notion that despite the experience of all human history, a multiracial system is workable in America. With blacks voting at about 90% for Obama because he is marginally black, along with many deluded whites spurred to vote for him partly out of a sense of white guilt and largely because of the corporate media’s soft-glove treatment bordering on endorsement of Obama, not to mention its decades long program of multiculti conditioning, Hillary’s pain is obvious. Like that disgusting, self hating Al Jolson impersonator Father Pfleger correctly said, rich white liberals are in shock to see their poor Hillary have to pay the price in spite of years of black race pandering, affirmative action and other treasonous behavior she and those like her have pursued for most of her life. I mean, we saw the verbal beatings she took from the corporate media denouncing her as pandering to “hardworking white Americans” while they fairly congratulated blacks for voting black en masse. But whatever their motivation was for this brand of specious hypocrisy is irrelevant. The fact is it stimulated a kind of cognitive dissonance in the minds of many fair-minded European Americans because during this tortuously long nomination process white people were exposed to the real face of the politically correct movement Obama fronts. The shrieks of hatred for whites emanating from Jeremiah Wright, the ranting of unrepentant Marxist terrorist William Ayers, the Che Guevara flag at an (Texas) Obama campaign office, the witch hunting of Geraldine Ferraro for stating obvious facts, the media portrayal of Obama as a messiah: all of this has slapped white America in the face with the harshness of the deep crisis European America faces. The Democratic nomination circus has served as a wake up call not only to hardworking whites, but to the ruling elites as well.

The stark facts of racial reality forced Hillary into making a desperate appeal to those long-scorned, despised and exploited white working class people who pay the social costs of racial and immigration madness, the economic costs of globalism and Washington’s corporate agenda, and whose children are expected to die in imperial wars. But it is not our intention to actually thank or reward Mrs. Clinton. In fact she may well be further excoriated by her Marxist peers for daring to awaken the proletariat. You see, with Obama’s coronation as Democratic nominee a sea change has begun to take place. White politicians now know that, increasingly, they ignore the interests of white, blue collar, and middle class people at their own peril, a fact I’m sure irritates the social engineers. Obviously blacks and other nonwhites have not “gone beyond race,” and never will. So from here on out we expect to see white people finding the courage to work in their own interests as well. If they do not, they do so at THEIR own peril.

While the Democratic nomination bloodbath has been wonderful for us as race realists, exposing the lies and corruption of the politically correct fantasy and putting the issue of race, unavoidably on the daily agenda for many months, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Clearly millions of whites are going to hold their noses and vote for John McCain simply because they know the damage an Obama presidency will do to white people, although in my opinion an Obama presidency is exactly what we need to bolster explicit white identity. But John McCain is no alternative, his status as a POW in Vietnam doesn’t automatically qualify him to be President. If anything he’s just as bad as the worst of any 60’s style leftist, yet he is deep into the pockets of special interests, a madman hell bent on globalism, continuing the war in Iraq and perhaps even extending it to Iran, and he’s an outspoken partisan of open borders, impossible equality and vapid multiculturalism. And really, overall, this long ugly process defies everything.  We are not number one anymore. Why? Well because none of these leadership candidates is the best qualified.  No one went in search of the best leader based on credentials that superficially at least will work inside the sane confines of the Constitution.

What white people need to do as they organize themselves, is to understand they have not only an enormous task before them but also a glorious opportunity. It is now possible to see the awakening all around America — if only some of our people would turn off their downloaded porn and quit worrying about their next vacation. The Minutemen and various other strong border groups are examples of organic resistance, spontaneously arising in the face of a lack of leadership from established politicians and effectively and successfully tackling the serious open borders problem. These para-political efforts are beginning to be seen in the political field as well. The Ron Paul campaign, despite being sidelined by the media, helped to activate millions of people who want to take their nation back from those who no longer expressly serve the Constitution. In November, patriots like Hazleton, Pennsylvania mayor Lou Barletta and Dean Scontras in Maine are standing on get-tough immigration platforms in Congressional contests, an advance guard of further similar efforts. In the face of federal inaction, states, counties, cities and towns nationwide have taken strong measures to grapple with illegal Third World immigration and its effects. And citizen pressure organized at the grass roots has shot down numerous amnesty attempts at the federal level. The list goes on, but as far as EAU is concerned these developments fall under the auspices of what Dr. Kevin McDonald calls implicit whiteness; that is white people choose(ing) to be among people who are white like themselves, but they don’t necessarily think of their choice as resulting from a conscious desire to be part of a white community” (country music, NASCAR, political action etc.).

While this phenomenon is not necessarily a result of the recent Democratic nomination, having been taking place for quite some time now, there’s a good chance the recent political events will subconsciously amplify this movement. Dr. MacDonald then goes on to postulate that it is only a matter of time before European Americans finally cross the matrix from implicit to explicitly organic whiteness; the desire of which is the intentional unity of white people based on race and its recognized inherent interests. All white institutions from home schools to churches are ripe for conscious (organic) responses to multiculturalism, and down the line this will eventually become unambiguous. This position has to be expressed carefully.

Our young organization, EAU, is able to say that we have played a small yet pugnacious role in these kinds of struggles. But as you should well know by now our aim is to build a voice of reasonable, moderate but effective European American advocacy to help influence the larger social environment. By working on principles (and upcoming finished projects) that have had proven success in Europe we have no intention of going anywhere. Like we’ve been saying for the better part of a year or so, there is an increasingly louder more pronounced feeling that if the European American race continues to allow itself to be exploited, everyone and everything goes down with it. In other words there is some sense of accountability for what is happening in the world, but it needs to be exponentially increased and clarified – and it can be with your help. Certainly there is a long way to go in this regard. The shallow and easily distracted segment of European Americans is vast and the machine that discourages white people from a responsible way of thinking and scares them into going along with established policies is omnipotent. Policies like increasing mass immigration and race-mixing to marginalize European Americans was planned long ago and has been humming along quite nicely. They don’t want anybody to spoil it now. But by carefully defining our goals and constructing a workable alternative to a bankrupt system, EAU believes that our ideas will find significance among a growing number of white people who’ve known all along that something is deeply wrong with America. Whether they know it or not they have just had it proven to them by the spectacle of Hillary Clinton’s race – and the issue of race – against the very personification of what some call the new “global citizen,” Barack Hussein Obama. And so – as you watch what you see and mind what you do now is the appointed time to cross the matrix.