“We are Hispanics”



by James Edwards

“We are Hispanics.” That’s a line from http://www.wvwnews.net/story.php?id=4558’s new Spanish language ads for Nevada and New Mexico. That’s the GOP – blatant and unapologetic racial appeals for browns and blacks; lectures on “racism” and the joys of diversity for whites.

ANNOUNCER: “When we are buying groceries, we don’t have a political party. When we fill up the gas tank, we are not Republicans, Democrats or Independents. We are Hispanics, and we all are hurting together in this uncertain economic time. We need someone that has a good economic plan, and that is John McCain. His plan is a realistic plan, not a political one, and it will help jump-start the local and national economies.

“He proposed to Congress a federal gas-tax holiday for the summer months. He wants middle-class families to pay less taxes so we can have more money in our pocket and less in Washington. And he wants to help families hurt by the housing crisis under his HOME Plan.

“He is optimistic and knows that we all, ‘unidos,’ together, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, can find a better way to fill up our tanks, our shopping carts, and our dreams.”That’s why in (Nevada/New Mexico), ‘Estamos Unidos con John McCain.'”


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