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Let Them In: WSJ Editor Argues for Open Borders

Faux conservatism at its best

The editorial page of the Wall Street Journal has long been an indispensable voice of conservatism (Say again? — Ed.). As President Bush said in 2003 in awarding the Medal of Freedom to editorial page editor Robert L. Bartley shortly before his death, he—and by extension his editorial page—has been “a champion of free markets, individual liberty and the values necessary for a free society.”

But there is one area in which the editorial page’s policy diverges strikingly from conservative orthodoxy, and that is on the matter of immigration. To varying degrees, the paper’s editorialists have argued in favor of a more flexible attitude toward immigration. That tendency reaches its apotheosis in the recently-released book by WSJ editorial board member Jason Riley: Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders.

Riley appeared on this weekend’s Journal Editorial Report on FNC to discuss his book with host Paul Gigot and make the case that borders should indeed be opened. Riley seemed surprisingly passive in the defense of his controversial proposal, and I personally came away unpersuaded. Here was the exchange.

View video here.


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