Illegal Alien Held on Child Rape Charge

Lack of bail result of new alien enforcement protocol being held without bail.

Julio Cesar Huaman-Usca, 24, allegedly raped a 4-year-old girl, who is a distant relative. Huaman-Usca was supposed to be caring for the children when the allegedly occured.

The county’s new, which went into operation in early March, allows police to verify the immigration status of criminal suspects. Based on their finding that Huaman-Usca is in the United States illegally, he is being held without bail.

The in the local illegal alien presence.

The grassroots movement has begun to take a nascent national form. Populist Lou Barletta, mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, is running for Congress as a result of his town’s immigration measure being defeated, to acclaim from the likes of, running on a platform which is close to Barletta’s and addresses the same concerns.