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Immigrant Aid Agencies Feeling The Heat

Officials at local organizations that aid immigrants and refugees say they have experienced an increase in “hate mail” and “threatening” phone calls.

“In the 10 years since we opened our office, I had never experienced any threats until last year,” said Anne Curtis, director of Bridge Refugees Services of Chattanooga, an agency that works with churches and other organizations to help settle refugees.

Ms. Curtis said they started to receive phone calls, letters and e-mails last year from an individual who disagreed with their work on behalf of refugees. She said they had to call the police twice because they felt threatened by him.

“I feel sad that people forget all of our families were immigrants at one point and that they don’t want to take the time to understand the difference between a refugee and people immigrating here legally or illegally for other reasons,” she said.*

Chattanooga resident Rick Pinson, who said he doesn’t support bringing refugees to the United States, said he doesn’t believe “American soldiers who fought and died for this country did so it could be given away to people from other countries, and that taxpayers be required to pay for their welfare.”

America Gruner, president of the Coalition of Latino Leaders in Dalton, Ga., and Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, said they also have seen a spike in the number of hate e-mails and phone calls they receive.

Ms. Gruner said they have gotten several threatening phone calls since they started the organization in 2006, mostly from people telling them to go back to their country and accusing them of registering undocumented immigrants to vote.

“Last year, when we started a campaign to encourage Hispanics to vote, we received several calls telling us we were breaking the law by registering illegals,” Ms. Gruner said.

Catalina Nieto, spokesperson for the Tennessee Immigrants and Refugees Rights Coalition, said they have also begun an initiative to dispel some of the myths people have about immigrants, which in many cases are the origin of the negative comments.


*To take it even further, I’d like to ask these “diversity” poodles in Hollywood, Washington and New York how many more Third World aliens we should import into the land of our fathers. There are roughly 105 million Mexicans, many with little or no education, living in fly blown poverty, and carrying diseases we had once exterminated in America. Would it be okay with them for all 105 million to join the 20 million-plus already here? There are about 14 million Guatemalans in the same sorry condition as their Mexican counterparts. Could we please allow them all into America with open arms, too? There are 15 million people in the back waters known as Honduras and El Salvador. Would it be “immoral” to not issue an open invitation and the keys to Anytown, USA?

And that’s just Central America. How about the rest of the world? In order to be consistent how many of India’s 1 billion people — Communist China’s 1.3 billion — and how many from Africa and the Middle East are we actually supposed to welcome here legally and illegally? When would the nut job multiracialist disciples and their string pullers be satisfied? I think you know the answer. They’ll never be satisfied ’til we’re wiped out and America comes to resemble the very places these people come from. Symptomatic of this fact, about a year or so ago there was a television ad pertaining to yet another so-called humanitarian / immigration effort featuring the mulatto looking, dreadlocked lead singer of the very lame pop band called Counting Crows — who was appealing for even more Americans hard earned money. He closed his touchy feely remarks by saying “America will stop being America unless everyone can come here.”


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