UK: Drugs Police hampered by political correctness

News article filed by BNP news team
Politically correct policing is threatening safety, security and exposing a weakness which is eagerly exploited by Labour’s special protected minority groups. Vietnamese drug barons control 75% of the UK cannabis market but a police crackdown on these criminals has been scrapped after officers were warned their actions might be racist.

Officers have identified a burgeoning industry which typically operates out of anonymous rented houses in the suburbs and shires. Forces had planned to write to property landlords warning them to look out for suspicious tenancy applications, but it is understood at least one force has been found to be in breach of the Race Relations Act after specifically referring to Vietnamese nationals in its letters.

Senior police sources confirmed there has been an “explosion” in Vietnamese-run cannabis factories over the past year. Police conducted Operation Keymer a year ago; hailed as a success officers from Cambridgeshire alone raided nine properties seizing £2.7m worth of cannabis plants. It is estimated that there are 3000 illegal farms in London alone, with further operations in East Anglia, Yorkshire and Scotland.Illegal immigrants

Often the whole house will be given over to cultivation of the drug with a small living area reserved for the “gardener”, who tends the plants. Illegal Vietnamese immigrants, as young as 15 are often used for this work.

Some are coerced into living in cramped conditions in rented properties to act as human sprinkler systems as payback to the gangs which brought them into the country. Police have found growers living in cupboards, tiny utility rooms, lofts and on airbeds in the hallway to enable maximum space for plants.

Sometimes the gangs rent up to four properties in a row from the same landlord. Each house can produce up to four harvests a year, worth up to £600,000. Electricity connections are often tampered with to offer a free supply to power the lighting around the plants.

Following a recent crackdown by Scotland Yard, many of the crime syndicates have relocated out of the capital to rented properties in places such as Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

However the efforts of Police nationwide have been criticised by multiculturalists. The Runnymede Trust, which receives taxpayers’ money through the Home Office published a report The Vietnamese Community in Great Britain: Thirty Years On, which criticised the Met’s guidance for landlords in Barnet, north London which states “almost invariably residents of these [premises used as cannabis factories will be of Vietnamese origin. Estate agents and landlords should beware of lone females, possibly Vietnamese, trying to rent property.” In advising landlords to beware of Vietnamese individuals trying to rent property, said the report, the police are in breach of the Race Relations Act.