The “Banana Boat” Jihad

“Come Mr. Taliban, come bomb England”

(ANI): Caribbean singer Harry Belafonte’s popular “Banana Boat” song was twisted by terror camp leader Atilla Ahmet to preach jihad to kids at the Jameah Islamic school, near Crowborough in Sussex.

Ahmet, according to the Daily Mail, called it his “Jihad Calypso”, and convinced children at the school to sing it along with him at a performance. That performance was later recorded, a court here was told.

The lyrics of the 84-worded song went as follows:

“Come Mr. Taliban, come give me kuffir [“infidel”… my Kalashnikov. Come Mr. Taliban, come bomb England… before the daylight come, you wanna see Ten Downing Street.

“Come Mr. Taliban, come implement Shariah [“Islamic law”. Come Mr. Taliban, come bomb England before the daylight come, Insh’Allah [“Allah willing”, it will be done.

“Hey Mr. Taliban, come kill the dirty kuffir, get rid of the haraam [“forbidden”, because we want halal.

“Hey Mr. Taliban, boom, boom, boom, come bomb England before the daylight come. Insh’Allah, it will be done.”Ahmet, a former preacher at Finsbury Park Mosque, has pleaded guilty to three counts of soliciting murder in connection with a case now being heard at Crown Court.

Mohammed Hamid and four other men are on trial accused of links to a plot to conduct terrorist training camps in the UK. They deny the charges.