Antifascistisk Aktion

Radical Leftist thugs act as auxiliary thought police for EU globalist agenda

In his night Michiel Mans wrote about his experiences in the Netherlands with the violent left-wing group known as Antifascist Action (Antifascistische Actie).

Sweden has its own version of the same group, with the same name (translated into Swedish), Its members dress in the same style, use the same tactics, and even have an identical logo. If they were of the Right instead of the Left, the elites in Europe would be very publicly alarmed at this transnational conspiracy; the group would be hounded by Interpol, arrested during public demonstrations, and officially banned.

But, since they’re leftists, they can do as they please, with the tacit support of the government. In Sweden their function is to use violence and harassment to intimidate anyone who strays outside of the accepted politically correct boundaries.As Fjordman has

Antifascistisk Aktion in Sweden, a group that supposedly fights against “racists,” openly brag about numerous physical attacks against persons with their full name and address published on their website. According to AFA, this is done in order to fight against global capitalism and for a classless society. They subscribe to an ideology that killed one hundred million people during a few generations, and they are the good guys. Those who object to being turned into a minority in their own country through mass immigration are the bad guys.