The New Sports ‘Culture’

Karl Marx still has lots of friends in high places in America

by J. B. Cash

It is difficult at first glance to make sense of the anti-white Caste System in sports. Why would white team owners, general managers, coaches, managers, and the like favor non-whites over whites at such a high frequency? Why do fans stand for it?

Why is it that any innocuous remark about race made by white sports personalities is followed by severe public criticism and often a loss of position while black announcers like Joe Morgan can lament that the Houston Astros are “too white” and receive no negative commentary?

Why is it that the only racial angle of interest in the NFL concerns getting more blacks to play quarterback and become head coaches when they are already over represented at those positions as a percentage of the population? Yet there is never discussion about there being ZERO white players starting at the running back and cornerback position.

Why do the achievements of Jamaican or African sprinters garner more attention than the success of Jeremy Wariner, America’s best white sprinter?

Why is the lone black swimmer of note the recipient of a huge Nike contract while the white swimmers that regularly beat him are ignored?Why is the NCAA World Series almost completely filled with white players while the MLB All-Star game is largely played by Afro-Caribbeans?

Why do sports announcers seemed filled with glee at every mention of success by blacks in sports? What’s in it for them? What is the source for such happiness and why is it assumed natural that white fans should be overjoyed just because Tiger Woods or Venus Williams or Jarome Iginla do well?

As Caste Football has consistently pointed out, using statistical and anecdotal information, there is no rational basis for excluding white athletes from playing positions in much larger numbers in football and basketball, and for the unfair treatment they receive. What then could be the basis for the Caste System?

The anti-white Caste System which discriminates against white athletes in favor of non-white (especially black) athletes is part of a coordinated assault on traditional Western values. The bias that disadvantages white players at every level of competition from little league to the pros is an important component in a scheme to remake society.

While those guilty of enabling the bias are not all operating out of some kind of “playbook” and many of them would act differently if made aware of the situation, they are all following a certain philosophy that has a name and a history.

The name given to the philosophy that wishes to radically change our society is commonly referred to as “Cultural Marxism.” Cultural Marxism is a form of Marxism that, instead of concentrating on the economic aspects of society, attempts to alter society through changes in the media, art, theater, film and other cultural institutions such as sports, by using race and gender issues instead of class conflict.

Marxists long ago realized that the biggest obstacle to enacting lasting worldwide revolution was the Unites States. It was obvious that our longstanding traditions of freedom and liberty would never to succumb to a frontal assault. Therefore cultural institutions would have to be infiltrated and subverted. Thus attacks on the bulwarks of American society were necessary. Targets included our republican style of government, our locally controlled education systems, our devoutly religious Christian morality, our voluntary social clubs, our conservative sexual mores, and the like.

Begun in earnest in the 1960s using college radicals, feminists, black militants, homosexuals, and anyone considered outside the mainstream, Cultural Marxism has succeeded beyond its promoters’ wildest dreams. Nearly all of our once great institutions have been changed so as to be unrecognizable in comparison to a couple of generations ago. Our relatively homogenous European-descended population has been reduced to near minority status through unrestricted immigration and welfare sponsored birth inflation among the black underclass.

Our schools are cesspools of immoral, anti-freedom teachings, all the while programming generation after generation of our youth. Our colleges spawn teachers that will go out and continue to spread the virus. Each and every sports announcer, sports writer, radio commentator, and TV personality has been educated in a university that indoctrinated them with the philosophy of Cultural Marxism. They either learn to preach the party line or they do not move on to careers in the field of sports journalism. And once there they will not progress or keep their position if they stray from the script that has been drilled into them.

Our “free press” has become a near single corporate conglomerate preaching the same agenda of Cultural Marxism through a media assault that surrounds us 24 hours a day. Every newspaper writer has had to prove that they are fully supportive of the philosophy of Cultural Marxism or they are dismissed. Any misstep from the required propaganda results in swift reprisal or loss of job, as is seen in so many cases each year. This is true of conservatives as well as liberals.

Churches, and the Christianity they teach, has been changed from the basic concepts laid down by hundreds of years of scholarship devoted to the teachings of Christ and altered to concepts that directly countermand former interpretations and even contradict verbatim text of the bible. Hence what was once considered sinful is redefined as “blessed” in the eyes of God.

The institution of marriage has been wrecked. Divorce rates have risen to above 50 percent, and most children are born out of wedlock. The most pressing issue to the media concerning marriage is how soon can it be extended to homosexuals.

Economic Marxism states that all of history is determined by ownership of the means of production. Cultural Marxism considers that all history is determined by power, and by which races or groups hold power over which other groups.

In classical economic Marxism the workers and peasants are considered to be good while other groups, the bourgeoisie and capital owners, are evil. In Cultural Marxism the “good” groups are feminist women, blacks, hispanics, homosexuals, etc., while white men are evil, just like the bourgeoisie in economic Marxism.

Economic and Cultural Marxism rely on taking things from others. When the communists took over a country like Russia, they stole all of the property. When the Cultural Marxists take over a university campus, they seize control of the school budgets to enact their agenda, including things like quotas for admissions which “steal” spots that would otherwise go to more deserving white students.

Similarly, when a white athlete loses a spot to a lesser-qualified black athlete, the concepts of Cultural Marxism are fulfilled. A member of the group that is considered “good” has replaced the “evil” white person. The happiness with which nearly every white announcer or writer is filled whenever they are describing the success of a black athlete is thus explained; they have fulfilled the requirements of their educational programming and continued employment. Consequently the denigration of a white athlete brings them the same pleasure and reward.

Accordingly, no matter how much less deserving the black athlete may be than the white athlete, he will always be portrayed as better in some way. Frequently the minority candidate (often no longer in the minority) is said to possess some quality, often undefinable, that makes him more desirable. This is the strategy used in campus admissions or public service sector jobs, where lesser qualified blacks are also considered to be “better” by use of measurements that cannot be quantified by things like testing or exams.

The same thing happens in sports, where blacks are always considered better. For example, during the college recruiting process or the NFL Draft, when a white player runs faster, or lifts more weight, or jumps higher, they still usually find themselves selected behind black players due to the black players having some better unmeasureable quality like “loose hips” or “game speed.” When a test is devised to measure said quality, like the “shuttle” drill or “cone” test it makes no difference. White players, even if they do better, will still be found in some way to be rated as inferior.

Cultural Marxism has taken over in all aspects of American life. Its most common manifestation, “political correctness,” is a well-known occurrence. Virtually every white person has experienced the effects of “PC” thinking and is well aware of its damaging effects on our country.

There is not a single aspect of American life that is not affected by Cultural Marxism and political correctness. No one with any good sense feels we are the better for it. Yet on it continues. It pervades our workplace, is forced on us in our homes by the TV, Internet, and newspapers, spoon-fed to our children in school, preached to us by our ministers from the pulpit, and enacted as law by our politicians.

As a result of this remaking of our society we see it everywhere we go — and that most certainly includes the football gridiron, baseball diamond, basketball court, and hockey rink.

Cultural Marxists are cut from the same cloth as any Marxists. They are often sick and demented people who have caused more human suffering than any other group in mankind’s history. They will not stop until they are forced to stop.

At one time it appeared the Marxist plague was destroyed and killed off. Economic Marxism is generally agreed to be a dead issue. It is time to turn our attention to Cultural Marxism. We must do as was done before. Speak to each other about the problem, identify it, challenge it, support leaders that oppose it, and wait for that day when there will be people in power that will hear us and do what is necessary to rid us of this evil.