LA: Violence Flares at Migration Rally

Police shoot immigration activists with “less than lethal” ordnance

Los Angeles, the center of the Southern California region and its estimated one million illegal aliens, was the epicenter of nationwide protests yesterday demanding for citizenship for the estimated 12 million to 13 million “undocumented workers” in the United States.

While the two LA marches, like similar marches elsewhere, were much smaller than last year, police had planned for a much larger show of force, and LA traffic was snarled even worse than usual. The morning parade of Mestizos and their leftist white cheerleaders drew about 25,000, far below the 650,000 seen last May Day, when many businesses were shut down out of fear of looting. An afternoon parade saw only 5,000 in attendance. Organizers had claimed that 115,000 would show up to both events, a figure itself much lower than the massive number seen in 2006.

Violence was also scaled back compared to 2006, but the day ended with arrests in Los Angeles, after mob violence erupted for about an hour. Marchers gathered in the city’s once-beautiful MacArthur Park for a rally, with speakers like Roman Catholic Cardinal Mahony demanding amnesty and calling for Mestizo racial pride. At about 6:00 pm audience members began hurling rocks, bottles and epithets at LA police units. LAPD riot squad officers in body armor responded and fired volleys of rubber bullets, charging with shields and batons. A number of cops and marchers were injured. An LAPD helicopter was called in at 6:30 and the cops ordered the milling, vocal  crowd to leave the area or be arrested. Fifteen minutes later, armored police formed a line moving westward across the grass, and LAPD loudspeakers finally read the “riot act” declaring the gathering an “unlawful assembly” in Spanish and English to those remaining. Jeering rioters bombarded the cops with epithets and missiles. The police fired large-bore non-lethal rounds as rioters fled into neighboring roads, attacking at least one city bus with clumps of wood. (Over sixty bus lines had been disrupted throughout the day). Police continued to make arrests in various areas around the park.

Image: Wounded marcherLos Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a former militant “La Raza” activist, was in El Saldavor on a “trade mission,” where he expressed “concern” about the violence. Police Chief William J. Bratton was forced to hold a press conference to say that the force used by the police was justified, but has been summoned to Central America to explain himself to Villaraigosa, who has also called for a Police Commission investigation. Reporters — at least one of whom was photographed wearing the Mexico flag earlier in the day — are complaining that they were unfairly caught up in the violence.

Other cities witnessed small numbers of marchers as well, with the largest crowd appearing in Chicago.

There are many theories about why so few Mestizos came back. In 2006, many reportedly lost jobs for skipping work, though this wasn’t the only reason for the poor numbers in 2007, since many corporate sponsors, especially large employers, gave their workers the day off. The real reason was the fact that the 2006 marches fuelled a huge European-American backlash, felt by everyone from law enforcement to politicians to corporations. Finally faced with the reality of the sheer size of the Mestizo immigration problem, along with the potential political power wielded in its name, whites were finally shown that it is not “unfair” for them to speak out, and that they are not “picking on” a small number of poor unfortunates who, in their Che Guevara gear and waving the flags of their nations, also displayed antiwhite signs, with some calling for a restoration of Aztlan, the mythical Aztec homeland, ethnically cleansed of whites.

The 2006 spectacle also highlighted the lack of will of the Bush White House to enforce its own laws. The resulting white, middle class pressure led to a groundswell of support for a border fence, a spate of local initiatives against illegal immigrants, and new crackdowns on illegals, with highly-publicized arrests. The people who organize among the population of Mestizos are used to meeting with little to no resistance. The 2006 plan was a serious strategic blunder which has made genuine prowhite and anti-illigal alien activism now “respectable.”