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    AZ Mexican Republicans Condemn White KS Legislators' Comments
    Immigration; Posted on: 2011-03-16 09:42:59 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Rudy Acuña warned that Chicano youth "bring the possibility of violence" to the Chicano movement, and the "Brown Berets" tell "gringos" that "the streets will run red with the blood of tyrants, who have murdered us for so long."

    SOMOS REPUBLICANS are demanding an apology (Screw them. -- Ed.) from Republican Kansas legislator, Virgil Peck, when he said it might be  good to control illegal immigration the way the feral hog population has been controlled — with hunters shooting from helicopters.    There are people advocating to shoot the heads off of “illegal Mexicans”, and Peck’s behavior is extremely violent and inappropriate. We are sick and tired of the bigotry from state legislators who would rather advocate for violence and shooting people than to focus on reasonable solutions.     Hasn’t Mr. Peck learned from the mistakes of Sarah Palin when she put what appeared to be gun sight crosshairs over our Congresswoman, Gabby Gifford’s district? Has he not learned what our Congresswoman stated to that regard? Fact of the matter, Rep. Peck is also using poor methods of communication when he said we needed to “shoot people from helicopters to control immigration”.

    In a time of extreme tension and occasional violence over illegal immigration, such as the slaughter of a Mexican-American family in Arizona including a nine-year old girl, allegedly by Minutemen, elected officials should refrain from the use of violent metaphors. Such violent metaphors can push some unstable people ‘over the edge.’  Right now we are dealing with increased hate crimes, and Peck’s behavior in essence advocates for more.

    If Representative Virgil Peck does not apologize for his extremist comments, he will wind up permanently on our unfriendly to Hispanics list for the rest of his life, and his Kansas legend will be one of bigotry.  We will also send a letter of complaint to all of those who have endorsed him, particularly the business communities who are supported by the Hispanic consumers in Kansas.  We are horrified by his remarks and he is a disgrace to the Party that was founded by Abraham Lincoln.

    SOMOS REPUBLICANS is the largest conservative Hispanic Republican grassroots organization in the country committed to promoting positive, principled conservative solutions that confront our community and the nation today. Our mission is to inspire Hispanics based on our core principles: Limited Government, Right to Life, Free Market Capitalism, Low Taxes, Second Amendment Rights and Complete Legal Immigration Overhaul to join us in every state throughout the nation to change the direction of the country on behalf of Hispanics.

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