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    The Final Word on Tim Wise: Hate Breeder
    Audio; Posted on: 2010-11-22 18:07:00 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    But because Tim Wise masochistically paints himself with the brush of White Guilt, and insists our young people do the same it serves another purpose as well: protection from the Evil Eye.

    By John Young and Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    A couple of weeks ago on Western Voices World News, we covered Tim Wise's most recent hateful screed joyously predicting the death of white people, and we also covered his interview on CNN and subsequent antics in which he tried to edit his remarks after the fact. And for the record let it be known here and now that it was intelligent lucid white American advocates of various affiliations who busted Mr. Wise in his insolent belief that he could actually get away with that kind of vile declaration. For me it was a pleasure to watch him resist squirming in front of the cameras.

    Tim Wise, for those who have never heard of him, is one of those strange individuals who actually make a living speaking to groups at universities in order to inculcate a sense of guilt in white students.

    In fact his job is to soften them up for the demographic kill; explaining to them that just by being born white they bear burdens of guilt for the Original Sin of white privilege, of which they may not be cleansed ... except through belief in his particular dogma.

    We have described before the Apostles of Epic Evil and those who are so villainous as to deliberately orchestrate the genocide of entire peoples in their pursuit of power, profit, or even vengeance for imagined historical wrongs. Mr. Wise is far too low on the totem pole to qualify for such status; but his professed doctrine of Original Sin for white people ONLY of course, certainly qualifies him as one of the high profile priests of this degenerate and evil religion.

    In 1980, one Robert J. Hanlon penned what has become known as Hanlon's Razor, a simple adage stating:"Never attribute to malice that which is sufficiently explained by stupidity."

    There can be little doubt that Tim Wise is somewhat articulate, though he’s not a very original thinker. The "brilliance" that is touted on his website is an opinion rendered by left and far-left rags such as the UTNE Reader, hysterical panic mongers such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, and various participants in the so-called race-relations industry whose true purpose is to keep European Americans compliant until the point of no return is reached in our slow motion genocide. In other words, through (demography) ethnic replacement. So his alleged brilliance does not mirror the respect of those with whom he disagrees or of even a neutral party. Rather, it is in-house self-promotion of the most self-serving sort.

    Nevertheless, while not brilliant or original in any useful sense, he is certainly smart enough and sufficiently articulate that he knows what he is doing, which is to say Robert Hanlon's charitable admonition to attribute his behavior to stupidity is inapplicable. Therefore, the actions and goals of this religious zealot, this believer in Original Sin for white people ONLY can simply be attributed honestly to malice; the level of which is off the chain in terms of its vigor and span.

    Looking across his body of work, at first blush his positions look nuanced and complex; but when subjected to analysis, they all come back to a simple Marxist formula. Let there be no question that Tim Wise is a Marxist disguised in the robes of fairness, and his motivation for his work is to bring about a Marxist classless society. He states this quite clearly in the FAQ on his website: Of course you will note this bald faced hypocrite has no implicit problem whatsoever with non-white group cohesion.

    “To the extent whiteness confers certain relative advantages to whites, it makes it less likely that those whites will join with people of color to alter the class system. It may be, instead, that before any substantial alteration in the class system can become possible, we will have to attack white racism and substantially diminish it.”

    This insight is by no means new to Tim Wise because he is not a very original thinker, merely parroting the inspiration of his elders (Gramsci, Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Adorno, etc). This idea was first put forward by Antonio Gramsci, a communist agitator who died in an Italian prison.

    Gramsci, having observed the incredible levels of violence in the early Soviet system, was very disheartened that the imposition of communism should require such bloodshed. According to predominant Marxist theories at the time, people would all rise up at the first serious economic downturn and embrace communism peacefully. Obviously, this did not happen. Communism had to be imposed from outside and maintained with violence.
    Gramsci, looking at this situation, came to the conclusion that the reason people did not see themselves as members of a class (for whom class war should take precedence over all else) was their pre-existing bonds with family, race, religion and nation. He put forth the theory that all that needed to be done was to break down these bonds; to destroy the traditional family, destroy racial identity and destroy religious faith. Once these bonds were broken, people would voluntarily accept communism, as their only loyalty remaining would be to themselves and their class. Not surprisingly, political correctness as we know it today bears a striking resemblance.

    For the past several decades -- since before many of us were born anyway – communism’s ideological pimps have been forwarding these goals by any and all means possible. Whether it was Adorno's Authoritarian Personality essentially indicting our fathers for the existence of Nazism, radical feminist lawyers pushing through no-fault divorce and punitive child support laws, or the ADL's intimate involvement with changing U.S. immigration policy to ultimately subject white Americans to genocide through demographic replacement, the knowing Marxists and their multitude of useful idiots have been hard at work.

    Tim Wise is simply one more part of that movement, a priest for a system of governance that has killed murdered and deliberately starved innocent people around the globe by the tens and even hundreds of millions. He gleefully anticipates our genocide through demography as he fiendishly rubs his hands together in delight. He is no doubt aware of this, and his irrational and religious malice is therefore palpable.

    If Mr. Wise were only malicious he wouldn't be such a “thorn in the side”, as some of his slobbering disciples have proclaimed. Outright malicious people, even among our enemies, are typically brought under control even if for no better reason than public relations.
    But Tim Wise has more than that going on. He is also an irrational believer in the most primitive of black magic -- fear of the Evil Eye. In fact, it is this belief in black magic and his fear of it that forms the core of his idea of White Privilege as an unforgivable Original Sin. I’ll get to that stunning revelation in just a moment.

    White Privilege, in basic substance, is the idea that persons of European ancestry are born with numerous culturally conferred advantages over others. Needless to say this is an ordinary phenomenon regardless of the dominant racial makeup of any nation.
    Naturally, in any homogeneous nation, this idea would be moot because there would BE no others. Furthermore, the fact that this nation is currently teeming with others is far from accidental. As Kevin MacDonald explains in Culture of Critique, this state of non-homogeneity was deliberately brought about by the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that loudly touts itself as anti-racist. Moreover political liars like Senator Ted Kennedy and President Lyndon Johnson were the enablers of this change. Yet nevertheless, it is Tim Wise's ideological mentors, (Gramsci, Adorno, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, etc) who created the circumstance to start with in which a concept like White Privilege could even be contemplated.

    Of course, the fact that an idea can be contemplated doesn't mean it has a basis in reality let alone success. And this original sin of so-called White Privilege doesn't even exist. What Mr. Wise does to arrive at this is set up a unique instance, describing an idealized white child who has economic advantages conferred by the historical access to opportunities of his forebears. As a dialectic materialist, that’s just another way of saying, communist Wise's arguments favoring original sin continually return to illustrations of ECONOMIC conditions; without reference to dozens of other factors that could lead to differences in economic outcomes.

    For example, 100 years ago, even though in many parts of the country, black folks were not allowed to vote and had to seek separate public accommodations, fully 80% of black children were brought up in intact families. It is a well-known and studied fact that children raised in homes without fathers have more difficulty both with education and with staying on the right side of the law. But this high percentage of intact families served black folks well.

    NOW, the number of black children raised in intact homes is all but non-existent. Therefore criminal behavior, teen pregnancy, dropout rates and so forth are much greater. One major factor bringing about the destruction of the black family, because the black family survived Jim Crow, was the welfare state. The welfare system largely predicated its assistance to blacks on the lack of a father in the home, therefore fully incentivizing the worst possible decisions in terms of economic opportunity and well being, not to mention simple human happiness. (In fact black business men who operated in racially separate communities “have always been a chief target of the reds. They despise him because of his conservatism. They label him “a tool of the white imperialists” and an “enemy of the Negro masses.” – Manning Johnson: Color, Communism and Common Sense)

    Of course, Tim Wise doesn't even mention a Marxist-inspired welfare system whose purpose is to foster government dependency for the deplorable situation in which so many African-Americans find themselves. Instead, he explains their carefully contrived lot as being the result of the Original Sin of White Privilege. And this is just one of many unmentioned contributing factors for the situations he superficially seeks to remodel through adherence to his dogma: the religion of self-flagellating White Guilt.
    So where does this White Guilt come from and why is it desirable? Certainly, it serves the overriding intention of making our Folk pliant to their demographic displacement; and accepting of blatant discrimination against them in enforcement of hate-crime laws and affirmative action. It follows then Wise clearly likes the idea of explicitly racial interest groups spending their time and energy lobbying the central government to redistribute white resources in their favor.

    But because Tim Wise masochistically paints himself with the brush of White Guilt, and insists our young people do the same it serves another purpose as well: protection from the Evil Eye.

    At first blush, this sounds preposterous in the modern world. But the mind of White Guilt is not based in reason, but in the most primitive of human emotions. To understand this phenomenon, we must look to the most primitive of static cultures and at what is called the envy barrier. (1)

    In statically primitive cultures, such as in some tribes of the Amazon, people believe that misfortune befalls them as a result of three forces: 1] actual murder that is obviously and physically perpetrated, 2] demon-murder, which explains accidents caused by snakebite or falling tree limbs and the like; and 3] wizard-murder, which manifests in terms of illness or non-evident causes, and is caused by the evil intentions of others as a result of envy.

    In such cultures, envy avoidance is very important because avoidance of envy means averting the evil wizardry made manifest through the bad intentions of others, such as jealousy or suspicion. Thus, members of these cultures might loudly proclaim their children to be hideously ugly, their crops to be a failure, their livestock to be useless, and the like.

    It isn't hard to see how this infects a leftist such as Tim Wise whose good fortune is not the result of innovations or the production of anything economically useful; but literally bestowed from on-high through charitable donations and the like for which he is no more meritorious than many others of his ilk. As a consequence he proclaims himself to be all of the things he claims others to be, and in particular he proclaims himself guilty of the Original Sin of White Privilege, for which he dramatically repents not only in terms of his own white guilt; but by serving as a Priest of Epic Evil through inculcating that mindset in others who are vulnerable. The greatest point of vulnerability usually lies in youth attending expensive colleges through no objective merit of their own.

    Such youth see no real explanation for their good fortune, and as their good fortune usually comes from their parents, they readily accept the notion that it is the result of White Privilege; and then in a primitive fit of envy-avoidance, lest they be vulnerable to the Evil Eye, they profess their White Guilt at the feet of Tim Wise. In this way, Tim Wise's demonstrable parallel fear of someone envying him, the same concept which frightens Amazon basin tribes,’ takes wing and infects others.

    Isn't it ironic how our institutions of so-called higher learning invite lunatics like Tim Wise to project his own anti-intellectual mindset which is more worthy of the mud hut than the academy? He basically tells his captive audience to avoid the Evil Eye at all costs—even if it means the utter loss of their God given ethnic identity. (Editor’s Note: In addition to Central America some areas within Europe still hold a belief in the Evil Eye).

    But it goes beyond this. Any objective person can understand that the evil eye does not exist and that the law of cause-and-effect rules the day. For a person to engage in auto-racism of this sort, who will go to such lengths to avoid envy by projecting his own self hate, his mind has simply got to be unhinged in some way. So in order to believe in the Original Sin of White Privilege, it follows that hate breeders like Tim Wise must also believe in a host of irrational things.

    He must believe that outcomes are not influenced by individual differences in work ethic, drive, intelligence or talent.

    He must believe that such differences which are clearly evident don't even exist.

    He must believe that when these differences are historically confirmed in different races to pre-exist he invents the most outlandish excuses for why it can't possibly be so.

    He must believe like a schizophrenic, who refuses to consider the therapist telling him that the voices in his head are not real. Based on this insanity, he will try to even use force, via government or other means, to enforce equal outcomes between whites and non-whites, people of the West and those of the Third World.

    He must believe that an individual's moral integrity has less of an impact on a man's well being than the explicitly white identity of some guy 1000 miles away who has never met him. In other words, he literally believes that bad mojo is more powerful than demography.

    He must believe that using force to take from one group and give to another, thereby fostering dependency in the latter group, is morally valid and acceptable.

    So whether the above is done on the basis of race, class, creed or other measure doesn't change the nature or irrationality of those beliefs and Tim Wise is a sterling example of this madness. In fact we could even go so far as to say that anti racism is “racist” because:  “This, itself, is a racist idea, because it views only whites as being fully sentient actors capable of committing right and wrong, when of course racism, like all human feelings and failings, is universal. So if you consider yourself an “anti-racist”, you are, in fact, a racist.” –Ed West, UK Telegraph, 18 Nov. 2010.

    And we are not the only folks who have made this observation. It turns out that a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Lyle Rossiter, has observed these mindsets and drawn the unequivocal conclusion that these mindsets are not merely differences of opinion, but evidence of mental illness.

    Dr. Rossiter explains:
    "Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded. A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity. A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic, and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population. A legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nation's citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state.
    He concludes that their mindset “...can only be understood as a psychological disorder”, further stating that: “When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious." (2)

    So... here we have Tim Wise, a quote-unquote “community activist” whose entire sustenance for his entire life has come through the donations of others without regard to his merit, having never performed an economically valuable task in his life. He maliciously and implicitly forwards the cause of a murderous political system that has resulted in mass murder everywhere it has been tried. Because his success is unmerited, Wise fears envy (or at least appears to) and adopts White Guilt as an envy-avoidance tool to avert the Evil Eye and adheres to irrational beliefs that a well-known forensic psychiatrist demonstrates to be indicative of severe neurosis.

    Now that we have an understanding of Mr. Wise and what makes him tick, it is easy to understand how, in his Open Letter to the White Right he demonstrated his inability to come to terms with reality by equating conservative European American positions for a government that is smaller, less expensive and less intrusive -- with advocacy of slavery, child labor, oppression of women, or lynching’s.

    And in response to such advocacy that he attributed to conservative-leaning European-Americans, he took vicious pleasure in their anticipated demise: “We just have to be patient. And wait for you to pass into that good night, first politically, and then, well, do you hear it?”

    Indeed, Mr. Wise could never EVER get away with saying anything even remotely similar to any other racial group, be they conservative or not. So for those brave enough to book Mr. Wise for an engagement, I would encourage them to make sure he isn't allowed near anything sharp. Better yet I would encourage them to make sure he isn’t anywhere near our young people either. Why?  Because “in the mind of the leftist or fervent "Americanist," every person is an atomized, interchangeable unit, disconnected from all heritage, genetic and otherwise; any pattern that develops involving race … is determined a priori to be the product of an irrational "bias" that must be cleansed from the earth.” –Richard Spencer, Alt Right

    In conclusion then, Wise is clearly off his rocker and suffering from a number of paranoid delusions; delusions that force him to project his own self hate onto others in a fit of envy avoidance; all the while expressing a need for the termination of those he deems his enemies, but which are not.

    This could be malice. This could be supernaturalism. This could be mental illness of some sort, or most likely a combination of all three. No matter what you call it, it is unmistakably a mental condition in which vengeance is exacted upon innocent people for wrongs purely imagined in his vicious mind. Of course, his hate breeding elders like Trotsky, Marx, Gramsci, Lenin and Adorno are all grinning in their graves with quiet satisfaction. And he knows it.

     Thanks for listening.

    (1) Wheeler, Jack (2002), The Secret to the Suicidal Liberal Mind
    (2) Rossiter, L. (2006), The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness


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