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    Not Just Another Immigration Piece
    Immigration; Posted on: 2010-04-27 15:55:20 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    A down and dirty breakdown of the 'browning of America'

    By Stephen A. McNallen

    Hundreds of articulate and persuasive articles have been written on immigration and the larger issue of America’s changing demographics. When all the numbers have been crunched, when pros and cons and maybes have all been picked to death, several core truths remain.

    I will examine these core concepts in the following paragraphs. You can think of this article as a quick-and-dirty look at the slow-motion tidal wave that even now is rocking the American ship of state. We’ll examine only a few main points, but they are overwhelming in their significance.

    1. America has changed.

    Notice, I didn’t use the oft-repeated phrase, “the face of America is changing.” America is not just “changing.” America has changed. It has changed so much that it is not the same country we knew even ten years ago. To say that “America is changing” gives us wriggle-room to sidestep the truth.

    Just a few decades ago, this country was 90% white. In fewer than 50 years it will be 50% white. By the end of this century, European Americans will be between 30% and 10% of the American population. Apparently we are supposed to welcome this news, even though it means that our political and cultural clout will evaporate to a thin wisp of what it is today. European Americans face minority status, then marginalization, and eventually extinction.

    White folks, shake hands with the Ainu.

    2. The changes now underway will not stop of their own accord.

    The replacement of the European American population has happened for several reasons. Democrats want illegal immigrants because they traditionally support the Democratic Party. Republicans and big business want illegal immigrants because they are cheap labor. Everyone wants an inexpensive nanny or gardener or computer programmer, and no one wants to risk being called a “racist.”

    Projections issued by the Mexican government state flatly that illegal immigration to the US will continue for another fifty years, regardless of the economic situation in either country. Polls indicate that about 58% of Mexicans feels that the southwestern states of the United States legally belong to Mexico, and an almost identical percent thinks they should be able to come and go across the border at will, without hindrance.

    Will the conservative movement put a stop to illegal immigration? Currently, there is no chance of that happening. President Bush, allegedly a conservative, is a driving force behind the pro-immigration agenda. As long-time conservative matriarch Phyllis Schlafly told writer Lawrence Auster, “Immigration is not on the radar screen of the conservative movement.”

    Unless someone focuses the political power to put the nation first, illegal immigration is not going to stop.

    3. No one asked us if we wanted America changed.

    Open borders advocates speak as if the “browning of America” is inevitable. It is not. Things happen for reasons. Many of our current immigration problems can be traced back to the 1965 Immigration Act, which doubled the total number of legal immigrants, slashed the number of Europeans allowed into the country, and correspondingly increased the numbers of non-Europeans. Politicians assured us that this act would not fundamentally change the country. To put it generously, they were wrong (To put it ungenerously, they lied).

    As Peter Brimelow has pointed out, no one asked us if we wanted the fundamental character of our nation changed. The transformation of America is being carried out by identifiable people and parties. It could be stopped and even reversed almost at once. Polls consistently show that the American people favor much tighter restrictions on immigration - but no one is going to ask them for their opinion. Unfortunately, the many citizens who want the doors closed are too cowed, too resigned, or too apathetic to force the issue.

    The country we knew has been destroyed, and another one is being put in its place, without our consent and without our awareness of what is really happening.

    4. Illegal immigration on the present scale is a form of conquest.

    There are many ways to seize power in a country. Mao Zedung, Che Guevara, and Nguyen Vo Giap favored rural-based revolution involving guerrilla warfare. Leninist theory revolves around taking over existing institutions - “the organizational weapon.” In societies with just the right kind of bureaucracy, eager colonels can force a coup d’etat.

    Today we are witnessing a new method of takeover. The formula is simple: Infiltrate an area with large numbers of illegals with strong ties to their home country. Encourage each new immigrant, legal or otherwise, to bring in his or her extended family. Obtain the diplomatic and political support of the sending country - in this case, Mexico. Build a network of nonprofit organizations with money from liberal foundations and government grants. Interlock the nonprofits and local political entities to form a comprehensive alternative governmental structure. Maintain racial and cultural solidarity while driving out competing races and cultures - one neighborhood, one town, one county at a time. If anyone objects, accuse them of “racism.”

    It is working. Or rather, it has already worked over vast regions of what is still technically the American Southwest.

    The Federal government, far from stopping this invasion as demanded by the Constitution, has assisted the takeover.

    5. We must stop, and reverse, this flood of humanity into America.

    What must be done?

    First, the border must be secured. Contrary to liberal opinion, this can be done. I will not analyze the mechanics of this task, but a brainstormed list of options would include diplomatic punishment of Mexico for its role in encouraging migration, sanctions against employers of illegal aliens to include mandatory prison time, a physical wall (built by illegal aliens from our prison system), high-tech surveillance devices, and imprisonment with hard labor for individuals violating our territorial sovereignty. Until we are willing to take these measures, we are not serious about closing the border.

    Second, it must be clear that no amnesty of illegal aliens, wholesale or piecemeal, in general or in particular, is acceptable.

    Third, all illegal aliens must be deported and denied legal entry at any time in the future. Because of the logistical complexities involved, deportation could take the form of a “phased withdrawal,” just as troops are pulled out of a war zone when a peace treaty is concluded. This mass deportation should be carried out as humanely as possible, but it absolutely must be done.

    Fourth, legal immigration must be reformed. We need a temporary moratorium on all immigration, followed by the dismantling of the Immigration Act of 1965 and a return to the previous system, which favored immigration from Europe.


    I have no illusion that this program is possible in today’s political climate. The first thing that must be done is to raise public awareness, oppose the incremental takeover of America, and devise new strategies to get us where we want to go.

    The EAIF can play a part in this. Our tasks include giving European Americans a sense that we, too, are a community - a people! - and a burning conviction that we have a right to exist. Until that is done, nothing much is possible.

    All the more reason to begin at once!

    News Source: european americans issues forum


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