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    John McCain: George Soros' Best Friend
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2008-02-02 12:53:13 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    by John Young

    “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” --George Soros

    Anyone who pays attention to politics in the United States knows about billionaire financier George Soros. It seems that George Soros is behind all manner of attempts to destroy the unique freedoms enjoyed by Americans including the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and our right to free political speech.

    Senator John McCain, a bona fide war hero and decorated prisoner of war, would seem an unlikely candidate for cooperation with the likes of George Soros. But things aren't always what they seem. Upon close examination, it turns out that Senator John McCain and his various efforts are funded by a number of George Soros' shadowy organizations.

    In fact, the closer one looks at John McCain, the more compromised and corrupt he becomes. Why the information I am about to provide you has not been widely reported by our equally compromised "press" I leave for you to decide.

    Senator McCain first rose to national prominence on the issue of campaign finance reform. Everybody knows that our political system is so corrupted by money from special interests that it no longer represents the interests of the people; so this is pretty much a "mom and apple-pie" issue. So Senator McCain undertook the task of "taking the money out of politics," and even founded a non-profit institute, called The Reform Institute to move the project forward.

    But where does the optimistically-named Reform Institute get its money? Well, the donors list includes George Soros' Open Society Institute and The Tides Foundation among others. Try not to be shocked that Arianna Huffington, a long-time Soros organizer serves on its advisory board.

    Just to show how loyal the esteemed Mr. Soros is to his loyal minions like John McCain, Ms. Huffington actually organized a series of Shadow Conventions for fundraising for McCain prior to his previous campaign for president, for which Soros contributed about a third of the funding.

    In the wake of the passage of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill, was corruption reduced? Of course not. All that happened was a bunch of so-called 527 groups funded by George Soros had free reign to do whatever they wanted while pro-constitution advocacy groups like the NRA were muzzled.(1) This "side-effect" of the bill was utterly predictable based upon who had funded it.

    Speaking of the NRA and the inalienable right of free persons to self-defense manifested in the Second Amendment ... Now that Senator John McCain, a favorite among media elites, is running for President again he sounds like a Republican as far as supporting our right of self-defense. But does he really? Where does he really stand, and with whom does he really stand?

    In 2002 McCain teamed up with the Orwellian-named "Americans for Gun Safety" a second amendment abolition group funded through Soros, and advocated all sorts of draconian controls on our constitutional rights. Now that he's running for president as a "Republican" he has moderated his tone a bit on the issue, but you can rest assured that if he ever wins the presidency, he will march to the beat of George Soros' drum on this issue. Practically all gun control groups in this country are ultimately funded by Soros through various channels.

    Just to add insult to injury, in 2005 McCain misused the non-profit Institute even more than usual in a quid-pro-quo where he intervened on behalf of Cablevision in exchange for Cablevision donating $200,000 to the Institute. Funny how we never heard about that one, huh? (2)

    The long and short is that if there was ever a nexus of an axis of evil, George Soros would be that nexus; and Senator John McCain is in George Soros' pocket. Forewarned is forearmed. If you love your country, NEVER vote for John McCain under any circumstances.

    (1) Norell, James (2004) Soros' "Reform"
    (2) KVOA News, Tucson, Arizona, March 7, 2005.

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