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    White House Back Down From Government-Run Healthcare
    Report; Posted on: 2009-08-18 15:40:57 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Let the excuses for impending defeat begin.--Ed.

    The White House is showing that it may be ready to drop government-run health insurance in its march toward healthcare reform.

    On Sunday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called public option health insurance not “essential” to President Barack Obama’s vision for a revamped healthcare system.

    "I think what's important is choice and competition, and I'm convinced that at the end of the day the plan will have both of those -- but that is not the essential element," Sebelius told CNN’s “State of the Union”.

    "The president is just continuing to say let's not have this be the only focus of the conversation," she added.

    Signs that the Obama administration may be weakening its approach to a public-option healthcare system would be viewed by as a symbolic victory for the Republican Party.


    One Republican critic, Senator Richard Shelby, told "Fox News Sunday," that “President Obama and his Cabinet -- have read the tea leaves of America right now."

    Another plan on the table includes the option for consumer-owned nonprofit cooperatives* to compete in the insurance market with private firms.


    *A Note from a reader: One provisio is worth noting. Last night, the liberals were discussing the health co-op option on the PBS Newshour and one Liberal made a very good point. She said that co-ops might work in some parts of the country, but would not work in other parts of the country. A second Liberal agreed and then responded that emphasizing co-ops would not help the uninsured.

    Allow me to clarify and then translate: Seattle and King County are among the most affluent, well-educated counties in the country. Despite a massive influx of minorities greedy for that sweet sweet welfare, both have about 80% White people.

    So let me translate what the Liberal said on the News Hour: Co-ops only work if you have a well educated, affluent White population as members in the coop. The Second Liberal then added, yes, but cooperatives for affluent White people will not provide free health care to Blacks and Mexicans.

    News Source: redOrbit

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