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    Craigslist Prostitutes and the Crisis of Our Times, Part 1 of 4
    Audio; Posted on: 2009-06-20 17:03:28 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Craigslist Prostitution and the Crisis of our Times
    by John Young
    (Audio Here)

    The measure of a man, the TRUE measure of a man, the measure that has served our Folk well for millenia ... is NOT his penis, not his car, not his house and not his bank account. The true measure of the European-American man is his commitment to his children, his wife, his family and his people. Infidelity is about as far from commitment as a man can get. As a man, you should not tolerate this in yourself and should apply your Will to manifest a higher self. As I have said before and I will say again: "What you are, and ALL that you are, is your DEEDS."

    Welcome to Western Voices, I'm John Young of European Americans United.

    I have never started a podcast with a warning before, but today it is necessary. Today, we are going to be discussing very adult subject matter -- sometimes in very stark terms. The material we'll be discussing is certainly unsuitable for minors, but may also be problematic for some adults. I will be quoting, verbatim, from some interviews in which highly offensive sexually-oriented language was used. You have been warned!

    Today we will be discussing the widespread phenomenon of prostitution in the United States with particular emphasis on Massachusetts. We will discuss it from a very sober and very adult perspective, with particular attention to what it means for our Folk.

    In April, Boston residents were shocked by a series of robberies of so-called "escorts" and "massage therapists" in expensive hotels in the region. One of these robberies culminated in a murder. As all of these women had advertised their services on Craig's List, until his apprehension the culprit was dubbed "The Craig's List Killer." Although Philip Markoff has thankfully been caught, we will never know how many women he robbed or killed. It seems he had a habit of stashing the underwear of his victims under his bed; and the number of pairs of underwear exceeds the number of known victims. The math is obvious.

    One of our friends wrote on Western Voices recently that these women should have been armed, and I agree. Except, of course, that prostitution is a crime; and possessing a firearm while engaged in criminal activity can turn a simple misdemeanor prostitution charge into years in jail. And a prostitute being armed is really closing the barn door after the horse has escaped; because the first fundamental question is what these women were doing selling access to their bodies on Craig's List in the first place. Being engaged in illegal activity to start with makes a person vulnerable to crime; and enhancing one's value as a target by engaging in an all-cash business involving an average of $300/hour further enhances the risk.

    And, let's be frank here. No matter what euphemisms might be used or other services the women advertising on Craigslist might have offered; by and large these ladies are P-R-O-S-T-I-T-U-T-E-S(1). While they may call themselves massage therapists or providers of a so-called "Girlfriend Experience," the cold hard fact of the matter is that the ladies hosting "incalls" in expensive hotels around major cities and advertising in the "Erotic Services" (now renamed "adult") section of Craigslist.com are providing sex for money -- period. And Craigslist isn't the only place they advertise. They advertise on Backpages, Cityvibe, Eros, Tazlist and a host of so-called "escort malls."

    In some respects, I lead a relatively sheltered life. Until the story of the murdered Julissa Brisman made the news, I was completely unaware that prostitutes advertised openly on public forums. In the wake of this new information, I undertook a study using data-mining and some interviews to ascertain how pervasive this practice is, what factors are fueling it, and how this affects EAU's organizational goals of securing the two-parent European-American family.

    Before discussing what I have discovered, for purposes of today's discussion I'm going to divide prostitution into two categories.

    The first category can be described as "WHISPER" -- which is the acronym for an organization (Women Hurt In Systems of Prostitution) representing prostitutes who are predominantly non-white, enslaved in some fashion, or uneducated. Members of WHISPER are commonly in contact with women who have been "...terrorized, traumatized, bruised, and beaten in prostitution."(2) We are not going to be discussing prostitution that falls into this category today, as convincing arguments have been made that such prostitution does not result from an affirmative choice on the part of the woman, but is instead largely a result of forces beyond the woman's conception of control. Likewise, white women constitute, as best I can tell, less than 10% of the prostitutes in this category in the United States.

    Actions in which a person may engage due to being practically forced or enslaved either explicitly or in effect fall in a different moral realm than actions undertaken as a matter of free-will after considering the various options. The second category of prostitution, the one we'll be talking about today, can be described as "COYOTE" -- which is the acronym for an organization (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) representing the interests of prostitutes who are predominantly white, well-educated, and actively choose prostitution as a career over other available options.

    It is this latter group that we'll be discussing today because more so than the first, it represents a substantial risk to the long-term well-being of our people. This is mainly because the white women who opt for this second category of prostitution are overwhelmingly highly intelligent, well-educated and, quite frankly, physically beautiful. And when they consciously opt for a career in prostitution, they are implicitly deciding that marriage, or at least marriage as we understand it, and children are not in their future. Not in all cases, but in many. So COYOTE-style prostitution, if it exists to any appreciable degree, is a risk to the quality of our gene pool for future generations. So when I talk about prostitution for the rest of this podcast, what I am discussing is a freely-chosen career for an educated white woman. I am not talking about street-walking drug addicts, sex slaves, organized crime or women with pimps.

    I want to make clear that expensive prostitutes are not, in their current state, anything close to marriage material. The beliefs and values they have absorbed generally make them unsuitable. Likewise, no man in his right mind would even kiss one, much less marry one. But the circumstances that make these women unsuitable are environmental and social. Their genetics are generally very solid; and if they had been exposed to different environmental and social factors, they would likely never have become prostitutes and would be entirely marriageable.

    As mentioned, I did some data-mining of the Internet to see how pervasive this practice is. Because the Craigslist killer centered his activities around Boston, I limited the search to the metropolitan Boston area. I wrote specialized software that screened a number of web sites, weeded out duplicates and determined race through the predominant color values in associated photographs if it wasn't available as a data field. Especially early in the process, I spot-checked data to make sure it was working well. Because prostitutes sometimes change names or include phone numbers in advertisements in obfuscated form; there were quite a few things I had to write into the algorithms in order to assure the most accurate assessment possible.

    While the data-mining and analysis process is certainly interesting if you are into that sort of thing; a detailed description would cure most people's insomnia. That's not what I'm aiming for, so instead I'm going to get right to the numbers you want to know.

    What I discovered from data-mining was and is truly shocking -- so shocking that I did over 1,000 spot checks of the data. Looking strictly at the area covering the Boston metropolitan area, fully 2% of single white women between the ages of 20 and 40 advertise themselves on the Internet as available for prostitution at some point during the year for prices ranging between $150 and $700, with a mean price of $300. There is some turnover such that, taken over a 20 year period, the odds that any given single white woman in metro-Boston between 20 and 40 has been a prostitute at some point in her life is 6%. I thought this was odd, so did what I would call a "sanity check" by running these numbers past three women I know who married in their 30's in metro Boston. All three considered these numbers to be, if anything, an underestimate of the scope of the problem.

    So, you heard that correctly. In metro-Boston during any given year, 2% of the single-white women of child-bearing age are offering themselves as prostitutes; and by the time a single woman reaches the age of 40, there is a 6% chance she has been a prostitute at some point in her life. While not every woman who has worked as a prostitute has taken herself out of the gene pool, according to a poll on a specialized website, roughly 75% of them have.

    This, then, is a serious problem. High-end voluntary prostitution is taking roughly 4.5% of the white women in some metro areas out of the gene pool just as certainly as if they had been murdered; and these women are disproportionately intelligent, educated and attractive -- a great loss to the white gene pool.

    I am not your preacher. I'm not going to sit around and condemn these women and their choices out of hand because their behavior contradicts the model in a religious book. Nor do I want to ascribe motives disproportionately by gender because any profession is governed by the law of supply and demand; and for every woman who undertakes prostitution as a voluntary profession, there are plenty of men availing themselves of their services. And 60% of those men, 3 out of 5, are married. Even so, women who demand sexual freedom need to also take personal responsibility for their choices, rather than blaming others. The fact that some misguided men might create a demand for prostitution in no way obligates any woman to fulfill that demand.

    So I am not approaching this from the perspective of condemnation on religious grounds. Rather, I am approaching this as a problem that will manifest in our future generations being less intelligent and less attractive than they would otherwise be. THIS I consider to be a problem.

    And this also poses a problem for marriage within our community. As the number of male and female children we create is 52% male and 48% female, this proportion of women taking themselves out of the marriage market puts the future of monogamy as a workable system in jeopardy. Monogamy and the extended kinship arrangements it offers have long been a source of strength for our people against abusive governments, tyrants, invaders and economic hardship. Monogamy has been a great class-equalizer providing reproductive opportunity to men and women of all classes, and upsetting that balance can lead to social instability. Anything posing a serious risk to monogamy needs to be very carefully considered. There are other important reasons for monogamy that I'll be discussing later in this podcast.

    And there is another serious problem that prostitution on this scale engenders.

    You may recall that three out of five clients of high-end prostitutes are married. This means that the remaining 2 out of 5 -- or 40% -- are NOT married. These are single men. Men who would ideally be dating and looking to create solid life-spanning relationships with eligible women; but are instead paying hundreds of dollars for intimacy with women whose real names they don't even know.

    As I documented very thoroughly in previous podcasts, many single men in this country, largely in response to a biased and ridiculously punitive family court system, have undertaken either an implicit or even explicit strike against marriage and reproduction. To give you an idea of the scope of the problem, 22% of single men between the ages of 25 and 34 have made an active decision to never marry, and more than half, 53% of the single men in the normal age-range for marriage are not interested in marrying "anytime soon."(3) That's 75% of men that feminist policies have taken off the marriage market. With that many single men off the marriage market, don't be stunned to discover women marrying men of other races.

    Obviously, not all of these men with no intention of ever marrying are part of the marriage strike described by Wendy McElroy of iFeminists; and there is no way of knowing with absolute certainty exactly how many, because, as Ms. McElroy pointed out, most men involved in the Marriage Strike aren't even explicitly aware of their involvement.(4) Obviously, some of the men opting out of marriage are just cads, some are homosexual, and some are overgrown teens unable to stop gazing at their own navel lint long enough to become responsible adults. But the fact that there can be multiple sources of causation for a given phenomenon doesn't mean we can only address all or none. We can cherry-pick which elements of causation we want to deal with because the marriage strike is actually something we can address and do something about.

    Meanwhile, these men tend to be far brighter than average, and relatively successful compared to their peers. They have genes that really belong in our gene pool, and they are exactly the kind of men that single women lament being unable to find. But, instead of building a bonded relationship with a nice girl; they are plopping down somewhere between $150 and $450 weekly on prostitutes. It isn't a 1-to-1 ratio. One pretty high-end prostitute can effectively make 8 single men unavailable for dating. Moreover, these prostitutes -- who are overwhelmingly intelligent, educated, beautiful and experts in their field -- set a bar that is hard for a non-prostitute to cross; making it very difficult for nice girls to compete.

    My friend Rob Winfield, when I described this problem to him, compared it to a strategy used to control bug populations in agriculture. Attractive female bugs who are incapable of conceiving are released into the population. The male bugs dissipate their limited lifespan and energy on trying to fertilize these sterilized females. As a result, actually fertile female bugs are left unbred; and the bug population declines. This is EXACTLY the effect that prostitutes have on the single men who frequent them.

    So this is the problem in a nutshell.

    Before I start digging down deeper into this problem, I'd like to point out that prostitution in any form is the logical end point of a materialistic world view.

    Materialistic world views, whether capitalist or communist, see people in terms of economic units of production and consumption. They equate value simply on the basis of accumulated wealth or flow of cash; and ignore so much of what makes us truly human and unique from other animals. When wealth and income are the sole measure of value; it is a pretty easy stretch to see selling one's body for $300/hour to be a better decision than working as a paralegal for $25/hour. This is where materialism that ignores the heroic potential within us leads. And it leads to more than this -- it leads to the selling of human body parts, outright slavery, and more -- all subjects for another day.

    Now, I'd like to dig down and figure out what exactly is going on with these prostitutes, and what we can reasonably do to get control of this situation. I'm going to start with broad information derived from interviews, and then drill-down into the philosophical and psychological components of what is really going on; and finally propose some solutions.

    Over the past several weeks I interviewed five high-priced so-called "escorts," two married men who were clients, and two single men who were clients. This took a great deal of time, and yielded what I believe to be worthwhile guidance. Naturally, I conducted all of these interviews under the condition of anonymity. I also posted general questions for escorts on certain bulletin boards that they frequent so they could answer anonymously. I wanted to get the real scoop on what was going on -- not from some egghead with a philosophical ax to grind, but from the people involved.

    Let's take a look at these five prostitutes; though they don't use that term to refer to themselves. Three preferred to be called "courtesans" and two preferred to be called "providers."

    These women challenged my conceptions about prostitutes and caused me to re-think some fundamental assumptions. Before talking with these women, I had always assumed prostitution to be an occupation of last resort -- a choice born out of desperation. I had thought it to be the sole realm of women who had been sexually abused as children, addicted to drugs, or the result of bad divorces. While all of these may apply to the group of overwhelmingly non-white prostitutes that we aren't discussing today; when it comes to the COYOTE category of prostitutes, everything I thought I knew was incorrect -- and I'm going to share that with you.

    Of the five women I interviewed, one is about to start her medical residency, another a PhD psychologist, a third was a cultural anthropologist specializing in India, the fourth was a registered nurse with a master's degree and the fifth was a former high-school teacher. None showed any signs of drug addiction, and all vehemently denied sexual abuse. One had been previously married, and one was currently married -- though not in the way we usually understand that term. Rather, she was involved in a so-called "group marriage" that included two men and three women.

    But there were four things these women all shared in common. They were all pretty, all intelligent, all were raised without their biological fathers in the home, and all said the most powerful philosophical influence in their life from college was a form of liberal feminism.

    Obviously, to get ahead in their chosen profession, looks and brains are prerequisites. But there are plenty of beautiful and intelligent women who don't become prostitutes. They are perfectly satisfied to work at ordinary jobs just like everyone else. While each of these women differs from the others in a number of respects; I believe the fact that they were all raised without fathers in the homes and were all exposed to the exact same philosophy in college combined to lead to their career choices.

    In fact, all five specifically stated, though the words differed, that liberal feminism had taught them that becoming a prostitute was NOT debasing themselves at all, but in fact elevating themselves. One lady described it as: "...an attempt to ... subvert traditional paternalistic attitudes and constraints towards women's sexuality," and added that "...prostitution is sexual liberation."

    Another lady said: "Part of why I enjoy doing this, is because I grew up with the puritanical belief that my body and sexuality were disgusting and shameful...and this is a way for me to push against the beliefs girls (and to a lesser extent boys) inherit."

    These women, quite helpfully, gave me a list of the feminist books that had most influenced their decision to become prostitutes. One influential book is "Whores and Other Feminists" by Jill Nagle; another is Margo St. James and her book "A Vindication of the Rights of Whores." This particular book is included in a number of college curricula. A third book is Carol Pateman's "The Sexual Contract."

    What the women reported, in various ways, is that the philosophy provided by these books among others gave them a positive view of prostitution as a profession empowering to women, and most importantly allowed them to shed what they referenced as either "patriarchal" or "paternalistic" ethical contexts that would have prevented the practice. Far from casting blame on this particular segment of feminist ideology, they were genuinely grateful for it as they saw it as having released them from a prison of male-imposed gender roles. These women are far from ashamed of their profession -- they are quite literally proud of it; and they are proud to see their profession as a manifestation of their highest feminist ideals.

    The bottom line, here, is that these are not women who have been forced into an unwanted position by economic necessity. They are not stupid, they aren't drug addicts, and they aren't victims of sexual abuse. They know full well what they are doing, and are choosing to do so freely. They aren't incidental participants. Rather, they are -- and who would ever have imagined it -- liberal feminist activists of the highest order who don't just put their money where their mouth is, but their bodies as well. And, yes, by the way -- they DO declare their income for income tax purposes.

    Let me say this, again, clearly. These women are all bright enough -- one is about to start her medical residency -- to make plenty of money in the ordinary economy. In fact, three of the five also hold down full time jobs that pay pretty well in major metropolitan areas. They claim they are prostitutes because they affirmatively enjoy the profession. They all took up prostitution while in college as a way of defraying educational and living expenses; they stuck with it to provide long-term financial security and because they derive personal pleasure from the profession. Every one of them, and I have no reason to doubt their honesty because they were clearly honest about so much else, denied any form of drug abuse or being sexually abused as a child. As I said, the only things they share out of the ordinary is having been raised in fatherless homes and having been exposed to a particular branch of feminist philosophy in college.

    So ... what are these liberal feminist activists up to?

    Well, this isn't some sort of unified conspiracy. From the five women, I got one common practical theme and three different philosophical answers.

    All agreed that they were primarily motivated, in the beginning, by money. One went so far as to state that prostitution had brought her to a position of debt-free financial security that could never have been possible otherwise. The biggest motivator was the crushing burden of student loans combined with never-ending financial requirements to live in a place with a high cost of living. When I pointed out that lots of women make it through tough times without resorting to prostitution, they countered that they had no desire to live in poverty brought about by "patriarchal" ethical constraints.

    By the time I interviewed these women, they had all reached a point in their lives where their other careers were either well-established or poised for take-off; but continued prostitution for a variety of other reasons.

    One woman reveled in the power it gave her over men. To have a man pay her hundreds of dollars for something he could have gotten from his wife for free was an enormous rush. Even more thrilling, to her, was the fact that in so doing she was depriving the man's wife at home of resources.

    You see, this particular prostitute has a real problem with housewives, who she considers to be dead-weight and prostitutes of the worst sort. In fact, she calls housewives "whores" directly. This, by the way, is a fairly common sentiment among activist feminists. She believes that a housewife is entitled to nothing and deserving of nothing; that raising children is a trivial exercise best left to minimum wage laborers while women go out and pursue more beneficial goals. So she sees sleeping with a married man for money as an avenue of depriving women who are locked into so-called "patriarchal structures" of the comfort that keeps them in those structures. This theme was, unfortunately, shared by another courtesan as well.

    Another was more benign. She simply delighted in an endless supply of well-heeled and respectful male company. She enjoys sex enormously, and enjoys sexual variety. These men give her the male attention she so craves. She believes monogamy is unhealthy, and that -- because the supply of beautiful women exceeds the supply of well-heeled men -- polygamy needs to become legalized. But she also believes that she fulfills an important need for her clients, and sees herself as helping them. She believes that by fulfilling a need, she is -- ironically -- preserving marriages and helping the wives of her clients.

    The remaining two held what could only be described as a semi-religious view informed by feminist religious theories. In their view, prostitution is a sacred activity that brings men to worship the so-called "sacred feminine." Both women approached the idea from different directions, but they both held sincere beliefs that their activities were divinely approved and beneficial to humanity. One of the women delighted in stating that Judaism -- and thus the Christianity derived from Judaism -- had started out as a matriarchal religion dedicated to a deity named Lilith. While I have also heard this theory -- a theory that is really little more than idle speculation with very little documented factual basis -- from other feminists who aren't prostitutes; I find it interesting to see how widespread this belief has become.

    All five, of course, saw their prostitution as socially beneficial in some way; which is why they continued it past the point of financial necessity. Likewise, they all believed in POLYGAMY of various sorts; both in the variety known as polygyny and a variety known as "polyamory" that has been pushed by professors in Women's Studies departments in the Boston area and has become an accepted lifestyle in crowded cities with high housing costs that require several people to pitch in together to afford an apartment.

    So all of this is a thumbnail sketch of interviews I did with five expensive prostitutes. I have to say that even though these women were certainly exceptional people in terms of their intelligence when compared to the norm; all of them were, to some extent, either horribly misguided or self-deluded. They are undertaking behavior that is actively harmful to our people even though they might have convinced themselves that it is beneficial.

    These women are prostitutes due to a complex series of factors. Taken individually, these factors are not causative of prostitution; but taken in concert, they combine to create perfect conditions that will increase the likelihood of a given woman choosing that path.

    The first factor, as much as they may downplay it, is pure and simple consumerist and materialistic orientation. These women have websites where they advertise their wares, and these sites often include suggestions for gifts they would like to receive. Some of these gifts include shoes costing more than $500/pair, construction costing thousands of dollars, fine wines costing hundreds of dollars per bottle and the like.

    Millions of people, men and women alike, successfully cope with the high costs of college tuition without engaging in risky and illegal behavior. Rather than play by the rules like everyone else, these women literally prostitute themselves in order to gain what is truly an unfair and undeserved economic advantage over their contemporaries. As these women are skilled and intelligent, they are not under duress. They willingly engage in this activity simply because their appetite for money -- and the consumer goods and appearance of status it can buy -- is greater than could be afforded by legal means.

    Now, maybe you don't know many women who have sold their bodies for money; but if you think about it, I bet you know a lot of people who have compromised their principles for money; and even some who did so for money that wasn't really needed.

    Think about this. Think about opportunities you've had in your life when, by compromising an important principle, you could either derive income; or even derive income far beyond what you would ordinarily have. Politicians do this all the time when they put forth legislation serving a special interest, and then collect millions of dollars in income from that special interest after leaving office. The same underlying idea applies except the prostitute is only selling herself out, whereas the politician sells all the rest of us out too.

    The second factor, and I'll be expanding on this later, is hypergamy. Women of all ethnicities, including European-derived, have hypergamous(5)(6)(7)(8)(9) tendencies. The term "hypergamous" describes something you probably already know; and that is that women have an innate tendency to seek male suitors that are comparatively older, wealthier, more educated or otherwise more privileged than themselves. You probably saw the first signs of this in high school when the freshman girls would reject fellow freshmen in favor of older boys who could drive. This tendency can become problematic if expressed by even a small portion of women, as even average women sometimes believe themselves worthy of only the best of men. The best of men are, naturally, likely already married to rather above-average women. This means that the supply of women who consider themselves worthy of highly desirable men far exceeds the supply of such men. This leads to many problems, including widespread cheating and cuckoldry; but also explicitly contributes to prostitution according to the responses I received in interviews.

    The third factor is that all of these women were raised without their biological fathers in the home. They were either born out of wedlock to start with, or their mothers divorced their fathers. Three of these women, interestingly, specifically stated that their mothers had deliberately driven their fathers away from visitation using a variety of legal tools; and in all cases their fathers had become nothing more than a check in the mail. When the mother has reduced men to the role of an ATM machine, don't be surprised if that is the way daughters learn to regard men.

    The epidemic of divorce and illegitimate births afflicting the European-American community is an absolute disaster. As I reported in a previous podcast, nearly 1/3rd of all white children who manage to get born at all in this country by dodging abortions and birth control are now born without a biological father present to start with. On paper, women initiate 70% of the divorces in this country; but some analysts have concluded that even when the man files as the plaintiff in a divorce proceeding, he is usually doing so at the behest of his soon-to-be ex-wife. As a result, fuller estimates are that 9 out of 10 divorces are initiated by women.(10) I'll explain this phenomenon later. Either way, with divorce so widespread, even little girls who manage to be born with a biological father in the home don't have that father by the time they graduate high school about half the time.

    The effect of the absence of a father is very profound. Fatherly absence affects not just psychological development, but even affects the age at which a girl enters puberty according to a Vanderbilt University study. When the father is in the home, and the father and daughter have a positive relationship, the daughter enters puberty later. When the father is NOT at home, likely due to exposure to pheromones from strange males that the mother is dating, girls enter puberty earlier.(11) The lack of the biological father in the home is also the single largest risk factor for risky sexual behavior. The author of one the most comprehensive studies ever done on this subject concluded: "Father absence emerged as a major pathway to risky sexual behavior, even for girls who came from otherwise socially and economically privileged homes. ... its effects were largely undiminished by such factors as whether girls were rich or poor, black or white, ... cooperative or defiant in temperament, born to adult or teenage mothers, raised in safe or violent neighborhoods, subjected to few or many stressful life events, reared by supportive or rejecting parents, exposed to functional or dysfunctional marriages, or closely or loosely monitored by parents." (12)

    So discovering that all five of the prostitutes interviewed were raised without fathers in the home is not exactly surprising. I'm sure their mothers are proud, because they can certainly take at least partial credit for the career choices of their daughters.
    News Source: John Young

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