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    Race and Universities
    Race; Posted on: 2009-06-06 09:06:31 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Running parallel to the 24-7 multiracial drumbeat that passes for standard news and entertainment, is the indoctrination of college age students; a captive audience in what amounts to be nothing more than Marxist brain washing pens.  

    As Jaded As I Am . . ., June 5, 2009, National Review Online
         Diversity impoverishes education.

    The Murder at Harvard, June 4, 2009, Minding the Campus
         Why do black Harvard students hang out with “riffraff”?

    UNC Protesters Reject Plea Deals, June 2, 2009, News & Observer (Raleigh)
         Haley Koch gets it right: “This is about people who hope to perpetrate violence.”

    Koch Faces Court Date, May 27, 2009, Daily Tar Heel (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
         UNC Tancredo speech disruptor to keep her fancy scholarship.

    North Dakota Board's Vote Puts 'Fighting Sioux' Mascot on Thinner Ice, May 19, 2009, Chronicle of Higher Education
         Fate of University of North Dakota’s team name and mascot rests with Indian tribe.

    Protester's Grant on the Line, May 4, 2009, News & Observer (Raleigh)
         Student arrested for Tancredo protest is on full scholarship.

    The Segregated Greek System: Past, Present, Future, May 4, 2009, Changing Tides (University of Alabama)
         “The Greek system is all about who you are more comfortable with.”

    Asian-Americans Blast UC Admissions Policy, April 27, 2009, AP
         Complain of “affirmative action for whites.”

    High School Exit Exam Hinders Female and Non-White Students, Study Says, April 22, 2009, Los Angeles Times
         They are paralyzed by “stereotype threat.”

    Colleges Push Tuition Aid for Illegal Immigrants, April 22, 2009, AP
         College Board: Tuition breaks would “motivate” illegals to go to college.

    University Community Reacts to Diversity Statistics From Committee, April 14, 2009, Cavalier Daily (University of Virginia)
         UVA blacks accused of cheating more often but also acquitted more often.

    Immigrant Blacks Are Overrepresented in Certain Colleges, Studies Say, April 13, 2009, Daily Pennsylvanian (Philadelphia)
         Higher percentage of immigrant blacks attend college than whites.

    New Admission Policy Prompts Diversity Debate, April 8, 2009, Daily Nexus (UC Santa Barbara)
         New University of California policy admits more whites, fewer Asians.

    Graduate School Admissions, Race, and the White Status Game, April 7, 2009, VDARE
         Who gets the highest scores? No surprises.

    *News items above collected by American Renaissance
    News Source: AR

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