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    Religion and Ethics: Interview with Lucy White
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-11-11 18:39:51 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    by John Young

    Audio here -- 28MB, 1:23

    "hast thou a friend whom thou trustest well,
    fare thou to find him oft;
    for with brushwood grows and with grasses high
    the path where no foot doth pass." Odin, The Havamal

    Welcome to Western Voices, I'm John Young of European Americans United. Today, as we do often, we will be exploring the field of ethics. The importance of ethics cannot be overstated, for there is not a single societal ill that affects our Folk that hasn't been visited upon us by politicians, corporate magnates and corrupted members of our own Folk. We are not victims, but rather masters of our own destiny both individually and collectively. The absolute key to securing the survival and advancement of our people doesn't lie in blaming some other ethnic group or special interest for our ills, but in seeking and demanding noble character from ourselves and our kinsmen.

    I know this sounds like a radical statement, but it is true. Nobody holds a gun to the head of the average European-American and makes him spend five hours a day absorbing toxic socially-destructive content on television. Nobody is forcing members of our community to buy pornography. Nobody is holding us in our homes to keep us from voting for better candidates who would serve our people better. If just the European-Americans who didn't bother voting in the primaries had instead voted for Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo; this country would be turned around in an instant. We HAVE the power to, in aggregate, be the masters of our own destiny. When our own people decide to turn us over to the hands of special interests who hate us because they don't want to be pulled from American Idol in order to vote, they are forging the chains of their children's enslavement.

    Our people are in crisis. Our numbers are diminishing as childlessness, divorce, consumerism and lack of foresight wracks our community. You can certainly identify particular individuals and organizations who have been instrumental in changing our immigration laws for the worse or promulgating sick values; but these individuals and organizations would be utterly powerless in the face of committed European-Americans who actually cared about basic values. So our crisis is ultimately a crisis of values and ethics. That is why I put so much emphasis on this topic. One of the reasons why our members adopt a Statement of Ethics is so that we can begin spreading positive cultural memes based upon a life-affirming value system. We, the members of EAU, serve as exemplars of what European-Americans can and should be. Naturally, we are all imperfect and fall short of our highest ideals to varying degrees; but what distinguishes our particular mindset is a belief that every day we can strive to be better in some way than we were the day before.

    Instead of re-hashing material we've already covered and that you can get in our book "Letters from Lepanto," we're going to interview a very distinguished guest today who has dedicated many years of her life, in concert with family and friends, in the practical application of ethics from a religious perspective. Today we will be interviewing Lucy White, an Odinist; and she'll be bringing us the wisdom that comes from her work and experience.

    As you know, EAU is a non-denominational organization. We believe that our Statement of Ethics is compatible with most religious belief systems. Because of this, in the future we will be doing interviews with adherents of other religions as well. But that is the future, and today we have a unique opportunity to hear about ethics and values from an eminently qualified woman I've admired for many years. So without further introduction, here's the interview.

    Note: The interview has not been transcribed to text format. You must listen to the audio to get the interview.

    Introductory music provided under the Creative Commons by Celtic Pirates without any implied endorsement. Outgoing music provided by Hamilton Cleverdon under the Creative Commons without implied endorsement.
    News Source: John Young


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