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    Time to Get Moving
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-10-17 19:37:25 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    In order to change the system we have to engage the system. We are not asking a lot from a few people. But we are asking for a little from many.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    As many of you listening to this podcast already know national identity as practiced by European Americans and other European derived people is something regarded as either against the law or a career killer in this phony era of political correctness. The corporate group of businessmen in the media who influence politicians by manufacturing public perception -- who work behind the scenes for the sake of 'world community,' or rather a World State, do not want to find out European Americans have regained their identity; or that EA’s understand how our very origins can provide the groundwork for our people’s true destiny like our fellows are doing in Europe via a movement called the New Right. Certainly EAU acknowledges there are economic and social matters that must be addressed in order to further the progress of our kind. But this being so, our associated European Americans must first undergo a kind of spiritual awakening. This awakening, if executed correctly and properly nurtured, will create the necessary groundwork to challenge our impending marginalization not only on an individual internal level but also on an outer national level.

    And that’s where you come in. That’s why you are here today.

    Now as many of you know, by way of Western Voices World News, we have been hammering away ad-nauseum since August on a subject that will, if you think about it, ultimately define us. But not only will it define who we are at the present time as well as in the future, but also how we are going to reply to it. In other words we are going to find out what we are made of. And that one crushing matter among others that we must address is this: that is our impending racial minority status as a people in one more generation. To recap: An August 18th  2008 US Census report said in part: "White people of European descent will no longer make up a majority of the US population by the year 2042 - eight years sooner than previous estimates. ...The new projections suggest that by 2050 minorities will account for 54% of the population and non-Hispanic whites 46%, which is down from their current 64.7% share. Immigration and higher birth rates among US minorities, especially Hispanics, are accelerating the demographic changes." Now this report, in my mind is a cut-off point in our people’s history and after that happens there will be little left to say. Everyone from the President of the United States on down to the local sheriff should be talking about it, but of course they are not and the mainstream media and the politicians like it that way.
    Nevertheless, I know you have observed how U.S. domestic political life is not doing much to save America these days. You see evil all around because events in the country itself are taking a long sweeping turn on a dangerous road at midnight. Abominations such as the Civil Rights Act of 1965 for blacks and the Immigration Reform Act of the same period which threw open the gates to mestizo and Semitic Third World interlopers; the recent tax payer funded Wall Street bailout fiasco, the curtailment of morality and responsibility for the future, the war in Iraq, the list goes on. As we’ve mentioned in previous pod casts --by John Young and I-- non-white groups are heavily funded by the United States government by way of pilfering our tax dollars, not to mention huge corporate donations made available by us in the course of our consumerism – while sensible white groups of corresponding ideology are refused similar charity and thereby labeled “Nazis,” “haters” and “bigots.” So -- above and beyond what I mentioned to you a moment ago, the Civil Rights Act, the birth of political correctness, the immigration reform act of the same period, a tax system that doles out “fairness,” what further proof do we need to understand that this is all a planned stubborn effort to undercut and tear down our heritage, our race, our nation, and -- our children?

    And so you may ask: what do we do, according to the Census Bureau’s prediction, about the subway at rush hour displacement of European Americans through immigration, Third World birthrates, and our own stupidity for not having kids? What can we do about the never ending brain sewage disguised as news, entertainment, and education that promotes the tragedy of things like miscegenation and homosexuality? What can we do about the frustrating loss of identity we see every day in our young people as they pursue nihilist lifestyles based on ghetto fads? What about the whorehouse mentality towards our ancestor’s homeland? What about our two faced elected leaders for pimping things like affirmative action, lopsided anti-white hate crime laws, and other farcical rules? What do we do about these things, you ask?

    Well, I’ll tell you.

    I am compelled to liken the situation at hand to the much touted energy issues we have been hearing so much about. We hear people, mostly on the mainstream right, insisting that we pursue two things: 1] drill for new sources of oil in order to quench our immediate energy needs 2] That we simultaneously develop alternative sources of energy to take us into the future and eventually wean ourselves off of petroleum. Now I personally like this idea because it makes a lot of sense. While we are satisfying our immediate needs we are also planning for the future; short term drilling, long term energy development. This is an excellent analogy for us to follow. In order for us to not only survive as a people, but to flourish as we have been known to do, we must first pursue a short term strategy in addition to a long term solution: 1] short term political activism, 2] long term social change through instruction and edification. This two pronged approach is actually very practical not only because I think it makes sense, but because it’s something we all have done in our own lives. For example, let’s say you have a large outstanding debt you can't seem to get rid of and you don’t have the money available in order to keep the payments current. So you decide to take a (short term) temporary part time job in the evenings, the earnings of which you have devoted to paying off the plaguing debt and nothing else. The job is difficult, the hours long. Once the debt is paid, however, you can now quit the part time job and enjoy a debt free calendar or you can (long term) re-devote your chief income to other important matters.
    Action equals reaction. Cause equals effect. Equations require answers.
    Short term
    In keeping with the oil drilling analogy and as far as short term solutions go, we ask that you follow our motto: “In order to change the system you have to engage the system.” Start an EAU Chapter. Chapters are organized locally and take part in general campaigns, organization of local charitable endeavors, and local endeavors pre-approved by our board of directors. It only requires three like-minded persons to start a Chapter but you can certainly have as many participants as you feel are necessary. After you have analyzed your strengths and resources, determining that you are ready to pursue worthy goals, submit the information to the Board of Directors. Once your chapter has been vetted, in no uncertain terms your job will then be to address issues exclusive to your area that you have determined adversely affect European Americans. Engage for change by publicly addressing things like the burgeoning Third World immigrant population, anti-white propaganda in local schools, anti-white propaganda in the local media, the unfair termination of a fellow EA due to racism or affirmative action for example; non-white favoritism in your local government or cultural institutions, the list goes on. Become involved in local Euro-centric cultural groups or better yet start one; keeping an eye and ear open for those who may be ready to take their cultural appreciation to the next level. Plan to attend City Council meetings --after you have done some research-- and inquire whether or not certain proposals or regulations adversely affect European Americans. Make sure your state representatives know you on a first name basis and what you stand for; ditto for the local newspaper editor. And when it comes to local state and national elections by all means work for and vote for the candidate that most closely adheres to EAU basics, and then send him information with coherent and to the point follow-ups. Plan and "strategize" with your members. Keep aware, stay updated, make sure your facts are straight and then, if need be, engage those in positions of influence who follow the multicultural party line at a moment’s notice. In fact there's a couple of easy ways to do so.

    Say for example a local non-white advocacy group, a company, or even a church depicts European Americans in an unfavorable light in some kind of ad or publication. Simple. Send the leadership of this group or organization a certified letter with a return receipt voicing your concerns in crystal clear non BS terms . In the body of the complaint you can also display the name and address of the state's attorney's office or a sponsor or even the ACLU. Give them a bad day by threatening to take their mealy mouthed beliefs into the public realm, and that includes newspapers and television stations. If you email an offending individual make sure you Cc someone else as well, like the above mentioned or a even a regional manager if the offender is retail. Like I said give them a bad day by shocking the whine out of them, letting them know that not everyone buys into their PC insolence. I think you get the point. As far as who or what is responsible for the state of affairs you will be addressing we're talking about an enemy that is beatable, that is omnipotent only in the minds of those who are either intellectually lazy or have long ago given in to mass illusion. You are only limited by your imagination and your intelligence.  If we do not stand up for European Americans in the same manner non-whites and others stand up for each other in your area we will be sealing the fate of not only our grandchildren but our great grandchildren; and there will be absolute hell for them to pay. Remember: in the short term your job will be systematic activism by exposing discredited measures towards our people. You will call out the supervisors of corporations, media, education and (even) the law --if they are involved-- and hound them until they give in.

    Long term
    In keeping with the long term alternative energy development analogy we ask that you look to the distant future by way of practical engagement rooted in ethics and education. We have to understand that our enemies succeed not by appealing to the best aspects of our nature -- but to the worst. Our enemies appeal to our laziness, greed, hedonistic lusts and the desire to be able to self-righteously condemn people and this is not a strictly modern phenomenon: just witness those who showed up to watch witches be burned to death or the festive atmosphere today in the Muslim world when someone is about to be stoned to death. You see, self-righteous condemnation says that just by believing the anti-racist party line today puts one in a position to be able to smugly condemn people who don't believe it. In other words an unemployed drug-abusing abortion-getting barely-literate "child-neglecter" can stand up and proudly point their filthy finger at a clean, upright, intelligent and moral man or woman who defies the racial programming. This kind of "negative morality" means you don’t really have to DO anything-- and therefore amounts to a path of least resistance which suits the anti-racist oxygen thieves in a big way. This is where our enemies get their power and we have allowed it to spread for far too long, especially into the minds of our children. The positive morality approach which is what we advocate is an approach to the higher nature of what is distinctively human in terms of ethics and sets us apart from the anti racists and other less evolved bipeds. Yes, it is inherently more difficult, and thus a harder sell but absolutely necessary in the long run, like it or not. Why is it necessary?  Well, our enemies do not believe in borders. They have a dream of free immigration, free miscegenation, free social benefits where people of the world have the so-called right to live and work wherever the hell they want. They want America to become an international flophouse by way of political correctness and even penalties for resisting it. That’s why.

    And so as you work to recruit more and more serious, talented committed persons to EAU, our short term goals as stated above must absolutely augment long term development -- and education is key. For example, we must ensure that eventually thousands of our people’s children are home schooled, preferably by way of our own EAU home curriculum if not a comparable program. These same children and young people must seamlessly incorporate the positive virtue approach with an eye towards the coming years and our people’s place in it. As a matter of fact a form of "positive virtue" with an eye toward survival has always been practiced by every living plant animal and insect on earth, constantly evolving to meet the challenges of their environment.  So long term outreach to others of like mind may eventually include higher education if need be, an affordable option of which is now made possible through our publication How to get a college degree without going to college. But if our offspring and associates must attend a Marxist brainwashing pigpen disguised as a university, we are all responsible for making sure they, and those who come later, go in armed to the teeth in order to resist the ideological poison. EAU does in fact have a number of college students who are members who are attending hyper liberal colleges as we speak but they are keenly aware that they have to play the game until they graduate. After that, watch out. Running for public office will not be out of the question, among other things. In fact if we had our way –right now— we wouldn’t have to endure the kind of political process we see today. It wouldn’t be “crippled by partisanship, special-interest agendas, a sensation-driven media, ideological attack groups and legislative gridlock.” Those kinds of things will not be even remotely possible in the kind of nation our younger associates will seek to build.

    Now, as members who are in recruiting mode you absolutely must stress to people the one overriding subject I mentioned at the start of this talk, and that is the approaching demographic marginalization of our people. By appealing to our intrinsic sense of fairness our people absolutely must be made aware of this. It should be given as much publicity as possible for the sake of future generations of European Americans. It is verifiable and it is fact. Use it. Call into talk radio programs. Write letters to the paper. Pass out leaflets to people one on one or leave them in conspicuous places. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Ask your friends and family if they remember instances of anti-white propaganda. Talk about the hypocrisy and manipulation used against European Americans but be prepared for the resistance you will encounter. If you feel it is appropriate, counter the resistance with the question:

    "Why are you afraid to talk about this? Was there ever a time when you could talk about being a white American without fear?" In other words, raise hell if you have to.

    We all share a heritage and culture that deserves to be protected. As a people we have always have been a central aspect of American history, and our story needs to be preserved, no matter if we are seen as right or wrong. That is a long term proposition. And don’t be afraid also to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the unpleasantness that can only come by way of bureaucratic treachery, possibilities in fact that may disrupt your neighbor’s consumer driven comfort zone. And speaking of which, we hear that if Barack Obama loses the election cities will burn. But even if that does happen, forget the masses rising up in righteous anger or attempting an overnight bloody resistance on a continental scale. Until we all have to do without, consuming and entertainment will continue to be the replacements for struggle, posterity and nationhood in a large number of European Americans. And truth be told we don’t actually need everyone. So right now, and for the foreseeable future however, comfort and convenience is everything, except for us -- that tireless minority of a shrinking majority-- lighting brushfires in the minds of men –we who can do nothing else but pay attention, reveal and finally take some kind of decisive action. And in case you doubt it, there are lots of other people who think just like you do. You just have to find them directly or otherwise.

    And so in summary our general task is to stick with building our capacity for racial and cultural transformation; by taking advantage of situations when they come up, and that means above all else continuing to build our resources for communicating productively with every EA man and woman capable of independent thought. Again:

    #1: We seek short term engagement of the political, educational, media systems armed with facts exclusive of fear.

    #2: We seek long term radicalization of racial consciousness through education, especially of children, until they and the general public in sufficient numbers do the same thing until the point comes when we can no longer be ignored.

    And there is a number three. That is:
    #3: Time is short. Got it?

    Now I do understand this all sounds like a difficult proposition – and it is. But it’s a necessary one. We have to communicate with those of our people who are able to be optimistic influential role models, who in turn can reach ever larger numbers of ordinary European Americans: those who would be horrified to learn about the genocide against our people, against themselves. That is what we must make every effort to show them -- what we and others have been talking about for decades. We can win and we must win. While our enemy is beatable there is no place for ambivalence in EAU. Ambivalence, the silent treatment and one way communication have never solved anything. This is not a game and EAU is not a social club. There is no room for indifference or inaction when it comes to the impending genocide of our people. Being too busy is one thing but anything else that prevents your participation, like a lack of interest or laziness, is immoral and we will remember that. With the formation of EAU the framework to realistically prevent our genocide is in place, and now it is entirely up to you take the initiative.

    In terms of outward thinking, who among us wants to see the last tiny minority of European Americans hated and despised? Who among us wants to see the continuation of political correctness and unabashed hate against the most loyal segment of the American population that has ever existed? Calculate your group or chapter resources for what you want to do. Scan the horizon for issues that must be addressed, because at the foundation of the system as we know it, it’s top-heavy and rotten and can’t last much longer -- as the ongoing immigration fiasco and Wall Street bailout clearly demonstrates. And so we have to be involved—in long term and short term advocacy because -- now is the time to reach our fellow European Americans; those who are ready to respond to that quiet urgent voice in the night they have been ignoring for far too long. Do what you can wherever you are with what you have because the potential of a grassroots awakening is now under way, but it has to be realistic and sensible, devoid of fantasy land imagery and the kind of nonsensical rhetoric that frightens and repels potential allies.

    Remember: we are not asking a lot from a few people. But we are asking for a little from many.

    News Source: author

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