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    Michelle's Whitey Bomb
    Race; Posted on: 2008-06-02 00:09:55 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    GOP honcho Roger Stone says Hillary won't quit because her staff is desperately hoping to secure bombshell hate rant

    The Ticking "Whitey" Time Bomb

    As speculated by a reader at Western Voices World News, Hillary Clinton may be sticking to her guns in the Democratic presidential nomination bloodbath because a tape may well exist showing Michelle Obama, the spouse of Clinton's rival Barack Obama, spewing hate-whitey epithets in the vein of former Obama pastor and black racist Jeremiah Wright, whose invective has cost Obama dearly and re-energized the Clinton campaign.

    Among the rumors surrounding the tape are claims that a wealthy Republican has offered a large reward for the tape, which he wants aired before the Democratic nomination is finalized. John McCain's camp, meanwhile, is said to be counting on the tape being withheld and released close to the election as an "October Surprise," deep sixing the Obama presidential campaign days before the November election.

    Rumors of the alleged existence of the tape left the blogosphere on Friday when conservative talk jock Rush Limbaugh discussed it on his Friday program. Then on Sunday (June 1), a stunning segment was aired while Fox News covered the Puerto Rico primary, which saw Obama getting a hammering from Clinton, who scored a whopping 68% of the vote, closing the delegate gap enough to, she hopes, convince the powerful "superdelegate" insiders to ignore the overall primary and caucus results and crown her the Democratic nominee. Meanwhile the "mainstream" media is reporting the result with the usual pro-Obama spin, showing that he is "inching closer" to a final nomination win.

    On Fox, a GOP strategist named Roger Stone not only alleged that the tape does exist, but that a major TV News outlet has a copy. He also claimed that the Clinton camp is desperately attempting to get hold of a copy, an effort which, Stone said, is the only reason she has stayed in the race in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

    In related news, the mainland media is not reporting the full reason behind why Obama did so poorly in Puerto Rico. Clinton has done well in late primaries because of Obama's Wright albatross and her wise (if cynical) appeal to white working people, and a racial dynamic was also in play in Puerto Rico, reflecting deeply held Hispanic distrust of blacks. But worse for Obama was the very wide play being given by media on the island to drugs and "gay sex" allegations that have been blacked out on the mainland. The allegations come from a homosexual who claims to have shared cocaine and participated in various sex acts with Obama in 1999, when Obama was an Illinois State Senator. While such allegations would practically earn Obama a nomination for the Congressional Medal of Freedom in some mainland circles, the deeply macho culture of Puerto Rico automatically sidelined his hopes with island voters.

    Added to the problem are intimations from the homosexual that Obama has actually had at least one other Chicago homosexual with knowledge of his alleged sex and drugs behaviors knocked off. As in all of Latin America, conspiracy is grist for Puerto Rico's political mill.

    The island media hyped the story, with the homosexual making sensational claims on various radio and television programs, some of which appear very odd to Anglo eyes, but which are taken very seriously in Puerto Rico. In one program the accuser, Larry Sinclair, is simultaneously interviewed by a reporter and what appears to be some kind of a puppet*. Reflecting the deep antipathy held for homosexuals in Latin America, the puppet actually apologizes to Sinclair for having to ask him if he is a homosexual.

    Few in Puerto Rico wanted to vote for a black maricón cocalero. Similarly, Hillary argues (for the benefit of the superdelegates) that an Obama nomination will cost the Democrats the white, blue collar votes they need to win.

    Video: Roger Stone Brings Up the Infamous "Whitey" Tape

    Larry Sinclair fears for his life

    We have since been informed that the puppet is called La Comay ("The Godmother"), part of a popular gossip show called SuperXclusivo on Puerto Rico's WAPA television. While us Anglos are used to having actual humans as our media puppets, in Puerto Rico La Comay is taken as seriously as Katie Couric is on the mainland, a fact that may perhaps be a slight on Anglo intelligence. Among La Comay's guests have been current Puerto Rican Governor Anibal Acevedo Vilá, as well as various sports and entertainment stars. The reporter is Hector Travieso, a white Cuban exile who serves as the "sidekick" of La Comay.
    News Source: Western Voices correspondent

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