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    Sphere Of Influence
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-05-24 09:43:09 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    What we need to say can be said very well indeed. We just say it about ourselves in our own voice. – Bo Sears, Resisting Defamation

    By Frank Roman**

    Audio Version

    We’ve all seen it. How many times have those of us, who are determined to see our people survive like the Founding Fathers intended; a vibrant body in the coming ages, run across ‘the talkers,’ the racial posers disguised as activists, the fireballs of enthusiasm who peter out as quickly as a cheap Fourth of July firecracker? You know what I’m talking about. In spite of your best efforts at organizing, say a local or regional outreach task, those who swore their dedication either verbally or even in writing suddenly found them selves too “busy” or just plain “forgot” to pitch in like they promised? I think we can agree that this phenomenon has happened to some extent -- on some level -- to all of us. Phone calls go unanswered. Emails suddenly begin to bounce. Small tasks are undone. Imagine a military unit or corporation operating like this. You get the picture.  And it truly is irritating isn’t it? What makes it even harder to swallow is that you know this kind of behavior won’t fly a single country inch at their place of employment, knowing they don’t act that way under their bosses’ roof, right? Because if they do act that way they’ll summarily be fired -- with bills coming in non-stop, children to be clothed and fed, and hobbies or past times threatened. Chances are pretty good then, that your would-be right hand man doesn’t pull foolish stunts on his boss like he does to you because as an employee he or she is being compensated with a paycheck. Therefore it’s safe to say they either considered their position in the group as a mere distraction or we somehow failed to convey to them the urgency of our long term goals. In other words, they have to be made to feel like an “employee.”

    With the exception of EAU members I don’t know how long or how many people have been activists on behalf of our folk. I do get a sense; however, that some people think our dilemma is going to play out like a feature film with a big gunfight at the end or a nuclear explosion settling all questions and the white race will live happily ever after. Well I’ve got some news for you. It’s not going to happen that way and I’d be willing to bet those otherwise good people I mentioned earlier who simply vanished or fell down on the job probably nurture that kind of scenario, complete with a lot of action and racial heroism. So, doing mundane things like producing literature, talking to their representatives, doing a little research, or being attentive to their communities and so forth is not likely to give them the rush they subconsciously yearn for. I think in many cases that’s’ the paycheck they want, that’s the compensation some people feel is the only thing that will work. That is of course at least until they take their fantasy to the next level and the badges and handcuffs flash into view. No, I’m not labeling ALL substandard activists as would-be fanatics bored to tears with realistic activism. I’m not a social scientist or a psychologist, that’s for sure. But I think sensible people will agree that most of life's problems aren't settled by grand battles or swashbuckling heroics; they are settled by mini-mental revolutions -- by wising up, by getting a clue.

    (NOTE: A number of thinkers have stated World Wars I and II could have been avoided to everyone’s satisfaction by the right people simply getting a clue.)

    This simple yet expedient truth does not make for high entertainment value, however, and most modern people have a mental map based on things like feature films and television dramas.  Feature films and so on go like this; build up, conflict, setback, climax, resolution.  Real life is simpler yet more profound; thought, action, feedback, thought, action, feedback in a continuous loop, with wisdom as the great compensation for physical aging. Now I don’t mean to say domestic upheaval is entirely out of the question, the Founding Fathers addressed that issue quite well with defiance that was needed at the moment, without delay and as expected. But really, look around you nowadays…

    You have no enemies, you say?
    Alas, my friend, the boast is poor.
    He who has mingled in the fray of duty
    that the brave endure, must have made foes.
    If you have none, small is the work that you have done.
    You've hit no traitor on the hip.
    You've dashed no cup from perjured lip.
    You've never turned the wrong to right.
    You've been a coward in the fight.

    -- Charles Mackay 

    Today European-Americans are in a real jam. There’s no denying it.  Even in my time I can see that we really went downhill since I was a kid.  And with the exception of a sudden catastrophic tectonic shift in the political and social order it’s not going to be solved in a hail of bullets and explosions. The hail of bullets and explosions, even if it did kill all the social engineers and race traitors taking advantage of us, would still leave us with who we are right now and most of the same problems that we have today. The fact that so many of us have our brains mapped out by feature films or one hour television dramas is a big part of the problem. That and fear of the government, fear of our family, fear of our employers, and fear of the media.

    This leads to another important truth for our people. Just because something is obvious doesn't mean it's not profound and important. I mean, it's no great discovery how bad today’s political cultural and social system has been for us. But even as we tend to acknowledge this truth we then go on to other things, when in fact we should be basing our remedies on where we get our information and when we are told how to feel about it, on people living in their head and not venturing into 3 dimensional, vital reality, soaked in all those anti-depressants, on the corn syrup snacks that make up their diets, on the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, boredom and depression. Everywhere in the west our race has succumbed to the bizarre mode of abandoning their natural racial instincts, something I believe responsible people have noticed for a long time. The most depressing aspect is that we are rapidly heading towards the reality of the human herd in the West; a dull, debased herd of consumer driven people with no true identity, and where being 'white' means only referring to skin color but no other distinct attribute. There will be no beauty or encouraging cultural ideals to relish in a society that has forever relinquished such treasures.

    As I once noted in a past broadcast 'it would be a crime against man and nature alike to wake up one morning and find we don't share the world with women of our (own) race'. Conversely speaking, in 1967 Rabbi Abraham Feinberg said: “The law should encourage, not forbid, the intermingling of bloods... The only way we can accomplish...a Final Solution to racial prejudice, is to create a [mixture] of races... The deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten this process... we will never completely eliminate racial prejudice until we eliminate separate races."(1) In 1998 President Bill Clinton said this: "Today, largely because of immigration, there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City... In a little more than 50 years there will be no majority race in the United States."(2) I want you to note this will only occur in the West if something isn’t done NOW. The other Asiatic races do not mix with each other and we're not suddenly going to see Chinese people running around with Black Africans singing Kumbaya. Neither of these races desire to immigrate to each others nations in substantial numbers and we can take a lesson from that right now.

    But here’s the good news.

    On the other hand, it is within the realm of possibility to become inhospitable and unprofitable hosts for the nation killers and masters of epic evil.  There are already thousands upon thousand of European Americans who are absolutely useless to the shareholders of Viacom and Cargill and Monsanto and Time-Warner, etc.  Global corporations struggle to make even a little profit from them.  These hard to control people would include homeschoolers and homesteaders, families with no television or video games, the internet savvy rebel, the disgusted and disenfranchised, and those who are often but not always fundamentalist religious adherents. The creation of such people and the popularization of their ways of life is a greater threat to the enemies of European-Americans than all the guns and bombs in the world.  Living under a tyranny of what Noam Chomsky calls manufactured consent; we need only realize that we can withdraw this consent by simply changing the way we live.  Manufactured consent requires our participation; especially our economic and cultural participation.

    The important thing about awakening the consciousness of European-Americans is that it can only happen by having both thought and practice. Earlier we described it as thought, action, feedback, thought, action, feedback in a continuous loop, with wisdom as the great compensation for physical aging.  Thought and practice are like male and female, they absolutely need one another. It's difficult to advocate practices, though.  Everyone has to find what's right for them. And really, it feels awkward to write about practices, to say, "You should be doing this, this and this," but not physically advocating these  practices makes it seem like I'm just spouting New Age sounding drivel.  Thus is the limitation of the written word.  I think the only way we would be able to communicate the necessity of challenging manufactured consent with liberating practices is to be face to face with people in three dimensional realities and have them try these things themselves.

    And what will that entail?

    If you participate in home schooling or your child practices piano instead of listening to their IPOD, every time you go fishing instead of to a pro sports game, every time you do something constructive instead of watching a television screen, you are withdrawing from manufactured consent. Every time you harvest a bumper crop of fresh vegetables from your new garden, every time you or your neighbor share a seasonal kill, every time you supplement your survival gear and ensure it’s ready for action in the event of a natural or political disaster you are withdrawing from manufactured consent. Whenever you forgo a trip to the mall and instead go the library, or when you loudly and proudly condemn some vicious attack on our people in the media, or track down some local busy body who thinks we as a race simply must live surrounded by even more Third World people, you are withdrawing from manufactured consent. Even though circumstances may change in the world, either locally regionally or nationally and you have even a hunch that you can choose how to react instead of depending on “the authorities,” you may have long ago withdrawn from manufactured consent anyway.

    But as you already know – right now --the feature film and TV mind says no, that's too easy, there needs to be gunfire and explosions and grand struggles and car chases and people dangling from cliffs, resolved in masterful ways, in order to save the day for our people. But yes, it is that easy, which is to say, it's not easy at all, because the manufactured consent and the pop culture leviathan peddling the latest death-style or rap culture to naïve children will only be destroyed if tens of millions of people choose vitality and reality over morbid fantasy.  People tend not to believe it because it all seems too easy, too simple, too unlike the Technicolor with Dolby Surround Sound world they know. They fear that reality might be boring, that they might feel stupid for even trying it. Additionally, and at the risk of sounding like I am contradicting myself, we still have to continue putting strong political pressure on politicians -- all the way to Washington -- in order to make way for the big picture. While all politics is local, self-help and mutual aid are local, too -- and they are the essence of the freedom we say we cherish. 

    Here's freedom to him who would read.
    Here's freedom to him who would write.
    There's none ever feared
    that the truth should be heard,
    But they whom the truth would indict.

    -- Robert Burns 

    Of course, a quick perusal of history confirms vital reality and mutual aid is not boring at all to European Americans; it is the morbid fantasy world of pop culture and political correctness that is boring and profoundly unsatisfying.  But we are creatures of habit, and hundreds of millions of us have grown up with the ideal of Technicolor and Dolby Surround Sound.  It's not so easy to break out of that mental prison. And yet breaking out of this mental prison is the next step for European-Americans.  We have to evolve into something all our own, and something totally new.  We can take a few valuable things from other cultures for our new way, such as martial arts and strong in-group identification, the latter necessary for a viable group defense strategy – which in all likelihood will be needed once the cat is out of the bag.  Eventually, people will be influenced by the behaviors of individuals that are not even close to them as they are now by more mundane persuasions. Even just one measure of separation from them, or two or three measures of separation will result in acquired positive activities. What we’re looking for is a kind of cascading influence, connected to each other through vastly larger, more complex, more enlightening networks of people; networks of thousands of folks, in fact. These links comprised of one people with the sole aim of ensuring the continuity and prosperity of their offspring will become in a way a living, breathing society that reproduces, that has a kind of “memory.” Understanding must flow through them with a purpose, a purpose begun by you.  I and many others sense that we are on the verge of evolving into something new and better than what we were, than what we are, and this will be our bloodless -- and yet complete -- enduring triumph.

    1)   Maclean's Magazine, September 5, 1967

    2)   Portland State University Commencement, June 13, 1998

    ** With many thanks to my (two) British and American friend's contributions



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