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    The Specter of White Genocide
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-04-12 16:59:29 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    There is no room for indifference or inaction when it comes to the impending genocide of our people.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    On our European Americans United homepage under the heading Our Position on Immigration we say -- and zealously believe -- the following:

    “In any given nation, cultures and civilizations are the result of the experience of the basic foundational people and their values. In Europe and European-derived nations like America, our people are under the demographic threat of unchecked Third World immigration and the consequent destruction of our unique way of life. As more and more Third World immigrants pour across our borders in America and Europe, they will unquestionably change our traditions, our cultures, and even our forms of government. Our ideals of democracy, individual freedom, and personal responsibility are unique and exist in this form among no other peoples of the world; we wish to preserve these ideals and pass them along to future generations of European Americans.

    We recognize that, should our nation ever attain a non-European majority, our ways of life will be forever lost; they will be replaced by the ways of life cherished by the Third World populations who will then control our political process. America’s culture and political system will then, of course, simply reflect its Third World majority—it will begin to resemble Mexico, or Haiti, or Cuba. In European Americans United, we want more for our children and the future generations of our families.”

    Now I think that’s a fairly straight forward statement of purpose, don’t you?

    Accountable and brave European Americans, those who identify with more than the “flotsam and jetsom” being vomited from the popular media, universities and schools, ought to be working toward securing the future of their own kind by resisting anything that averts their prolonged existence. You know at one time – and it wasn’t all that long ago – the people of the United States adhered to Our Position on Immigration without even having to think about it. They were raised to accept their right to name, label, preserve and describe themselves -- as is the right of the members of every other continental-origin group in America today.  Clearly, when EAU was formed last year we drew from the well of a healthier, more practical era devoid of political correctness, devoid of the manufactured fear and loathing that has come to characterize the mainstream of our people’s behavior. And yet, we go about our daily business, mindful of nothing it seems. I see it everyday and I know you do too. Retail consumption and entertainment seems to be the only reason the descendants of the Romans, the Vikings, the pioneers, and the conquerors of continents get out of bed (each day).

    This past week I read something that sent a cold wind coursing through my person. Now I normally don’t react to things like that. But what’s amazing – at least to me -- is that I’ve seen this item before, when it was originally published. For some reason the import of the words I had previously understood resonated deeply inside me this time, rather than simply registering in my mind, a kind of sudden intuitive leap of understanding, if you will. If you haven't seen it thus far, or even if you have, I'd like to share it with you now. Listen carefully.

    According to an exhaustive study by the National Policy Institute: "The big population story of the 21st Century is shaping up to be the status reversal of whites and blacks and the Indian baby boom. A side bar will be the single digit minority role that whites will assume. Of the 7 population groups studied, only whites are projected to sustain an absolute decline in numbers. In 1950 whites and blacks were respectively 27.98% and 8.97% of world population. By 2060 these figures will almost reverse as blacks surge to 25.38% and whites shrink to 9.76%. From (the year) 2010 the white population will decline while blacks will add 1.2 billion to their numbers. In this time frame the Indian subcontinent will gain 1.2 billion people. These groups and their governments will be looking for elbow room, and the diminished presence of whites in Europe, and especially in the relatively wide open spaces North America, will provide such an opportunity. Specifically, countries like Canada, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia can expect to be pressured to accept collectively hundreds of millions of refugees from India, and sub-Sahara Africa.”

    Now, what does that statement say to you? What do you make of the implications? Well to me it sounds like -- if current trends continue -- we are going to be replaced. When they start talking about elbow room, it should be viewed as in direct opposition toward Our Position on Immigration and the overall mission statement of EAU. The National Policy Institute report warns us that, should our nation – (indeed the entire world) -- ever reach a non-European mass, our ways of life will be eternally lost; they will be replaced by the ways of life prized by the Third World populations who will then have power over our political process, which is to say they will have direct and unfettered power over you and your offspring.  America’s civilization and political system will then, as a matter of course, plainly serve its Third World majority at your expense, at our expense. It will begin to look like Mexico, or Haiti, Cuba and South Africa. There will be less and less for our children and the future generations of their progeny. For practically two hundred years after freedom from Britain, racially and culturally the United States was a “European” nation, maintaining at least 81 percent of the population as white. In 1950, a mere 58 years ago, European-Americans were still approximately 90 percent of the total population. But there were those in power who felt that kind of situation had gone on long enough.  So in order to be fair, in order to put into practice all of the destructive propaganda they had soaked up, they began to change things with the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act Amendments. Of course the congressional sponsors of this legislation continually promised that the law: (1) would not increase yearly levels of immigration, (2) would not lower standards for admittance, (3) would not redirect immigration away from Europe, and (4) would not alter the demographic makeup of the United States. So essentially, they lied. They lied to your parents and your grandparents. They lied to your classmates, your friends and your relatives. They lied to the world. And by the time a few brave, and in some cases misguided, souls issued clarion calls for a racial awakening in America it was almost too late.

    But I’ll tell you what else this NPI report is really saying, which is what caused that chill wind to pass through my heart as if I had just heard that a tornado was directly bearing down on my home. This testimony is not describing a benign political or social transition; or an evolution in terms of numbers and demographics. No, its much more than that – what we’re talking about here is an undiluted impending forecast of genocide. Of course, NPI are not the first to point this out and they won’t be the last. But the circumstances around us remain unbroken. That’s right – Genocide. In 1948 the United Nations defined genocide -- in part -- as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, … deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.” I don’t know about you but that sounds exactly what the NPI report and others have been saying is taking place right now; that certain entities are inflicting on the group – us -- conditions of life, calculated to bring about our physical destruction in whole or in part.”  

    They’re not doing it with shotguns, rifles and pistols. They’re not doing it with fighter jets. They’re not even doing it with tanks, rocket launchers, or even roadside bombs. No, they’re committing genocide against white America with bought and paid for legislation, greed, political correctness and public policy disguised as being moral. Why? Because they know all too well about our people’s systemically induced racial apathy, a racial apathy they themselves have put into place through their outlets in the media, the universities and in the halls of power. You don’t even have to listen to what they say to understand their intentions. Just look at what the results of their deadly policies have been. It’s called genocide when miscegenation is viewed as decent; genocide when you see a white girl with non-white children; genocide when they say we are all equal and is enforced by law; genocide when accepting or rejecting diversity could mean your job; genocide when non-whites are given preference over whites in the private sector; genocide when white kids portray themselves in public as wiggers; genocide when we permit another illegal Mexican to demand his “rights;” genocide when our children are taught their ancestors are historically evil; genocide when a healthy white baby is dismembered in the womb; genocide when we lose the sovereignty of our nation while someone is deliberately inflicting on our people conditions of life, calculated to bring about our physical destruction in whole or in part.”

    Like we said before in October 2007, they want us all to become “an alienated unit of production and consumption with no history, no culture, and no future beyond created consumerist desires, a creature with no ancestry that can serve as a source of pride or a well of patriotism that could (eventually) lead him to stand against his evil overlords. The medium-tan Everyman Man is NOT forward progress in the evolution of Life, but rather the surrender…to inert and homogenized matter. It is the opposite of life: it is DEATH.  Genocide is evil -- uniquely evil -- because of all the crimes that can possibly be committed, it is the ONLY crime that carries with it the very real potential of ending ALL human life. Genocide can take place through direct killing, to be sure, but can also take place through intermarriage. The disappearance of an entire race of humanity, whether a little at a time or all at once, is still the same thing.”

    EAU, a strictly volunteer organization, is in its second year now. While there is much behind us in terms of ongoing projects and organizational refinement there is much more ahead of us. We do know we may never obtain the same public funding as other “minority” support groups achieve, and that’s fine. But the problems facing our people won’t go away, nor will a sensible localized remedy come to completion, simply because you sent in your first year’s dues, received bulletins and listen to these broadcasts. We’re looking at long term problems that require long term solutions, solutions born of ideas, inspiration, and resourcefulness. But you have to act now. Short term or questionable antics won’t cut it. Also a fantasy-based “Second American Revolution” against the sworn enemies of European Americans is not about to happen either, so you can forget about that, too. Of course this is not to say you should never get indignant, either. If there’s something destructive going on in your neck of the woods, something that negatively affects white America then by God address it, and to those who have done so and continue to do so -- we thank you deeply.

    We have to communicate with those of our people who are able to be optimistic influential role models, who in turn can reach ever larger numbers of ordinary European Americans: those who would be horrified to learn about the genocide against our people, against themselves. That is what we must make every effort to show them what we and others have been talking about. We can win and we must win. While our enemy is beatable there is no place for ambivalence in EAU. Ambivalence, the silent treatment and one way communication have never solved anything. This is not a game and EAU is not a social club. There is no room for indifference or inaction when it comes to the impending genocide of our people. Being busy is one thing but anything else that prevents your participation, like a lack of interest or laziness, is immoral. With the formation of EAU the framework to prevent our genocide is in place, and now it is entirely up to you take the initiative. Watch what you see and mind what you do.

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