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    The Arrest and Pending Extradition of Gerd Honsik
    General; Posted on: 2007-08-28 12:21:29 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Persecution of thought criminals Europe's shame

    Translations and commentary by G.H. for Western Voices World News

    Gerd Honsik is an Austrian journalist, historian and poet. On May 5, 1992 he was sentenced in Vienna to a year and a half in prison because of the publication of his book Freispruch für Hitler (Acquittal for Hitler contains the testimonies of 37 "witnesses" concerning the Holocaust).

    During the appeals proceedings Honsik escaped to Spain and has lived in exile (or “emigration,” as he calls it) since then. Spain has twice rejected Austrian requests for his extradition. But Spanish authorities, armed with an European arrest warrant recently issued by the Vienna public prosecutor's office, arrested Honsik on August 23, 2007 in Malaga in southern Spain. A European arrest warrant makes extradition of a person possible on the grounds of racism and hatred of foreigners independently of whether his actions are contrary to the laws of the state in which he has taken refuge. Spain has 90 days to decide whether to extradite Honsik.

    What follows is a translation of Honsik’s Commentary for the Third Week of August (#56; available in German at Honsik’s website. It is his Answer to National Council Deputy Bettina Stadlbauer and her comrades concerning their extradition-activities:

    Dear Deputy Stadlbauer!

    In your parliamentary inquiry of 5.7.2007 you have demanded my extradition to Austria, and you justify these activities (designed to raise your public profile) by charging that I have been active for decades in anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi organizations.

    The truth is however that, since the beginning of my publishing activity in 1967, I have published about 3000 pages and have written around seventy ballads with in all about 3000 strophies; yet up to today not once have I been accused of making "racist" or "anti-Semitic" statements, to say nothing of being convicted of that. No criminal procedure has ever taken place on the basis of the law prohibiting the NSDAP (i.e. the Nazi party), in which my political-party activity or that of my co-workers has been involved. There has never been anything of this sort.

    Obviously the falsification of my recent personal history, upon which you mount your campaign, aims to make it appear that 15 years ago I set out on the path of emigration not because of a polite, conventional book but because of some internationally relevant crimes and that I have a debt to pay to our justice system because of my political-party activity.

    AND I ASSERT: I FIND MYSELF IN EMIGRATION NOT BECAUSE OF AN ACTUALLY COMMITTED THOUGHTCRIME, BUT BECAUSE OF THE PERJURY OF THE DISHONEST EXPERT PROFESSOR JAGSCHITZ WHO GAVE A FALSE REPORT BEFORE THE COURT! [Jagschitz argued, among other things, that the Nazis had used a secret language when giving orders for the genocide, e.g., Sonderhandlung (“special treatment") meant Mord (“murder”). This theory has been refuted by revisionists.]

    The international media have put into circulation lies similar to the one with which you have now been deceived, in order to obtain my extradition by misrepresenting the facts of the case:

    I recall in this connection the letter-bomb lie, of which I was the target but of which Franz Radl, mentioned by you, became the victim. He paid for this falsification of his recent personal history with having to endure the longest and most dangerous showtrial since the Nuremberg Tribunal, and with having to spend two years in detention. Your party comrade, the criminal Minister of the Interior von Einem, who willfully let the investigation go in the wrong direction, in order to bury alive in jail politically unpleasant people by means of a false murder charge, still runs around a free man. Doesn’t this disturb you at all?

    I nevertheless am hopeful that we, the victims of this criminal manhunt, and our supporters, may be able to count on your honest sympathy and your efforts at obtaining compensation for us as a result of these interminable, perfidious, slanderous assassination charges.

    I will use this inquiry of yours to the present Minister of the Interior as an opportunity to turn myself to the High House with a request for the abolition of the NSDAP-Prohibition Law, this nightmarish relic of Allied terror from the horrible period of the Allied occupation, which your comrades have re-interpreted as a "liberation."

    For today however I will strive, so far as possible, to answer in advance your questions addressed to the Minister of the Interior concerning my person.

    I therefore have put a few answers on the attached questionnaire concerning my person which you sent to the Minister of the Interior; my answers are in italicized script, so as to be all the more visible.

    With friendly greetings,

    Gerd Honsik

    P.S. I remind you: for twenty years I have been persecuted in Austria because of a polite, conventional book, which the Spanish constitutional court and the highest Court of Justice in Madrid have certified does not conflict with any Spainish law and has neither a racist nor an anti-Semitic content.

    Does this not satisfy you, Mrs. Stadlbauer? How would you want to prosecute me, if you got a hold of me? For a polite, conventional book, in which truth is sought, would lifelong incarceration be enough?

    Or do you thirst after more?

    [Readers can express their opinions about her efforts for Honsik’s extradition directly to Bettina Stadlbauer at her website.]


    Gerd Honsik since the 60’s circulates anti-Semitic, racist and National Socialist Propaganda. He denies the Holocaust, he trivializes neo-Nazi Parties and founds new ones like the “National Front.”

    The undersigned deputies ask the following questions of the Minister of the Interior:

    1. Is it known to you that for a long time the deputies of the National Council have received from Gerd Honsik e-mails with anti-Semitic and racist contents?

    HONSIK: Cite for the Minister of the Interior even a single racist or anti-Semitic sentence, which you have found in my writings!

    3. What is your personal opinion of the Gerd Honsik emails?

    HONSIK: Is the executive now to judge and prejudge?

    4. What happens to the Gerd Honsik emails which are passed on to the Ministry of the Interior?

    HONSIK: One can reread them on my website: www.honsik.com.

    5. Are these Gerd Honsik emails with anti-Semitic and racist contents being collected and documented?

    HONSIK: What do you intend to do for the extradition of the half million asylum-seekers and seeming asylum-seekers, who were lured by your party into the country and granted citizenship against the will of the sovereign majority?

    7. Can these Gerd Honsik emails be used to promote an extradition of Gerd Honsik?

    HONSIK: All doors are open to your arbitrary wishes!

    8. Are there any efforts on the part of the Ministry of the Interior to prevent these emails or to forbid them?

    HONSIK: Yes. The Minister of the Interior Schäuble (FRG) is thinking of a precautionary liquidation of his opponents.

    9. What efforts are there on the part of the Interpol to advance the extradition of Gerd Honsik?

    HONSIK: Interpol has already rejected the idea of pursuing me; it rejected it fourteen years ago on the grounds that the charges against me were political in nature.

    13. Are there indications that Gerd Honsik is still in contact with female Austrian citizens?

    HONSIK: I maintain contact with some female Austrian citizens, particularly with my wife. However, my close circle of relatives includes 23 persons, among whom I am however the only right-wing extremist. Therefore please do not prosecute them. My concern for them is not absurd: for the ideology of anti-Fascism, i.e. your ideology, after 1945 drove out those 76 million Germans, who were not Nazis; it let them starve, and enslaved them, even though among the victims there were Austrian, Czech, and Polish citizens, etc. and little children.

    14. Are there indications that there are organized contacts between Gerd Honsik and other representatives of the right-wing scene in Austria?

    HONSIK: Yes!

    15. And if so, which?

    HONSIK: The former “general manager for public security” Michael Sika stated as a witness in the proceedings against the letterbomb liar Andreas Cuba: “The applicant Honsik is considered to be one of the prominent heads of the neo-Nazi scene; the designation of him as a "Nazi-leader" however is wrong, since this term suggests operational control and there are no indications at present that the applicant works in an operational way.”

    19. Are there indications that Gerd Honsik in Spain receives visits from Austria?

    HONSIK: For my 60th birthday (in October 2001) about 90 people, quite respectable, traveled here from the homeland. On the occasion of the presentation of my epic poem “Nothing New In Alcazar!” there were 150 people at the poetry reading in Toledo.

    20. Are there indications that Gerd Honsik receives financial support from Austria?

    HONSIK: The Spanish tax office can satisfy your curiosity at any time about the finances of my company.

    25. Do the employees of your ministry have any records in this regard concerning Dr. Herbert Fritz and Hans Strobl?

    HONSIK: I maintain telephone contact with my friend Dr. Herbert Fritz. He however is not suitable as a witness for racism: as a publisher of the newspaper Völkerfreund (“Peoples-Friend”) he has worked for decades as a fighter for the right of self-determination for threatened peoples, and he had more friends in the Kurd regions than you have votes in your constituency.

    29. How are the present conditions for an European-wide uniform regulation regarding the condemnation of Holocaust Denial and/or Trivialization?

    HONSIK: These conditions are of utterly no importance to me, since I neither trivialize nor deny that Holocaust, but only analyze it. I want to see the proofs, which Jagschitz could not find. There still is no law that forbids this request.

    32. What efforts are there on the part of the Federal Government to implement the extradition of Gerd Honsik?

    HONSIK: Why are you so deadset on my extradition? I haven’t bent a hair on anyone’s head!

    What have you undertaken against torture and wars of aggression in our time?

    What have you done, in order to obtain the extradition to the Hague of the genocidal murderer and torturer George W. Bush? There you could score some points!

    What did you do for the prosecution of the crimes of anti-Fascism? After all, Comrade Stadlbauer, there it is a question of 116 million civilian murder victims outside of combat, and from that number, according to current studies of the University of Madrid, Comrade Stalin alone was responsible for 45 million political murders!

    What about the extradition of the SPD politicians and trade union officials, who collaborate with the CIA? and who get their ideas from Harvard? (See: Coca-Colonisation and the Cold War of Univ. Doz. Dr. Roland Wagnleitner)

    Your INQUIRY to the Minister of the Interior seems to me the continuation of the LETTER BOMB LIE by other means.

    Gerd Honsik
    in the 15th year of emigration
    News Source: Gerd Honsik


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