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    One For the Haters
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-07-28 15:02:45 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Despite the trend of leftists and other social maipulators to degrade the only culture on earth that would put up with their presence, they continue to force their agenda upon a trusting electorate.

    By Frank Roman and John Young

    Audio Version

    As everyone listening should know if they don't already, the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center are two far-left groups that promote socially destructive ideas under the guise of "tolerance." Both of these organizations are largely financed through the donations of wealthy contributors, so it shouldn't be a surprise to discover that they are constantly issuing "Intelligence Reports" and "Threat Assessments" that far exaggerate and sometimes outright invent the danger posed by various groups and individuals. This generates a rather impressive income stream that allows these groups to pose as benevolent forces for civil rights on the one hand, while relentlessly working to criminalize thoughts they don't like, censor the Internet, put people in jail for honest opinions – such as what their kinsmen in Europe do on a regular basis -- and destroy our Second Amendment rights with the other hand. And that's just for starters.

    There are many probable explanations for the ADL's spiteful behavior, but you can bet that sheer stupidity isn't one of them. Probably their most powerful motivation is that -- if they can stir up even ONE overt anti-Semitic statement or incident, it will enhance their income stream. As a result of its unethical behavior combined with hiding behind the veil of victimology and religion, the Anti Defamation League has probably generated more anti-Semitism than all of the so-called "Nazi" organizations combined. And if the nasty behavior that they undertake in the name of a People who never elected them results in innocent people being harmed, it causes them to gain both income and prominence, not to mention a good nights’ sleep.

    The SPLC has a similar modus operandi. They gain whatever information they can about an unfavored individual or group, enhance it in whatever way they think they can without outright breaking the law, and send it in glossy magazines to left wingers and globalists every month or so. The threats are exaggerated or invented, and conveyed with enough breathless awe that contributors are induced to pry open their wallets and send them some cash. Thus, it pays for them to do everything in their power to convince their supporters that every manifestation of pro-Euro-American sentiment is tied to some form of soon-to-become-violent "hate." To make matters worse, the SPLC every once in a while launches some sort of lawsuit or project to economically destroy someone who has never lifted a finger to harm anyone. Certainly, we can cite a few examples of deluded criminally minded European Americans who threaten or cause to be harmed innocent people in order to serve some kind of maladjusted racial ideology. No one is going to sit here and deny or defend such stupidity. But while we decry such incidents we also think the local police are quite capable of handling the situation according to state and local ordinances as they have clearly proven in the past. The ADL and SPLC, however, jump to fore to ‘train’ the police on the subject of hate and teach them how to intimidate any manifestation of pro European American activism. With impudence, self righteousness and asserting to be chosen by God they proclaim this act or that incident is the beginning of an impending bloodbath, and won’t you please send us some cold cash so we can defend you?

    Therefore, both organizations act in a very unethical fashion by spying on people, defaming and inventing threats posed by various groups and individuals. When that doesn't get them enough money to make the bills, they transparently attempt to CREATE the very phenomena they ostensibly wish to abolish through outlandish behavior. One example of such behavior was the ADL's effort to secure a pardon for Marc Rich. Often referenced as a "fugitive financier," Marc Rich, who had relinquished U.S. citizenship, was not only a tax evader -- but had also traded with Iran during the embargo imposed during the hostage crisis. The worst kind of human being, Marc Rich used the trauma of American hostages as leverage to make a fast buck.

    Notwithstanding Marc Rich's criminal behavior that empowered the enemies of both the United States AND Israel, the ADL lobbied for President Clinton to pardon him. In the wake of the last-minute pardon, Clinton issued eight justifications, only one of which was labeled as "important." That reason? "...many present and former high-ranking Israeli officials of both major political parties and leaders of Jewish communities in America and Europe urged the pardon of Mr. Rich ..." Then, instantly, the whole issue turned from one of a detestable criminal billionaire buying justice into a matter of anti-Semitism, and the ADL raked in more millions, hence a created phenomena. Prominent Jewish-Americans, recognizing this fact, even called for the ADL's director to resign as a result.(1) Of course, no resignation was forthcoming because the ADL had accomplished its true aim of securing the release of a well-heeled like-minded criminal.

    Such self-serving organizations, whose only true goal is Soviet-style POWER to impose a leveling slavery on us all (rather than promote the true well-being of those they claim to serve) are best ignored entirely.

    If I were a poor southern minority, I would be shocked and outright angry that the SPLC purported to represent my interests, especially given the way they go about it. If I were Jewish, I'd be appalled at the un-American behavior of the ADL, and wonder why I never got to vote on whether Abraham Foxman should be appointed my representative. The fact that these organizations hold any power or influence at all is simply due to societal inertia and the money provided by deluded and misguided souls. Responsible people will get a clue, and de-fund them because through their spying and lying, they constitute a threat to the very people they supposedly serve.

    Knowing the way they operate, and their casual attitudes toward truth, it isn't surprising that both the ADL and the SPLC have recently turned their malevolent gazes upon European Americans United. Through their blood-tinged and hateful eyes, what little truth they see becomes distorted in interpretation to serve their own monetary and communistic goals by needlessly alarming people. The accusations are pretty much all the same, and amount to European Americans United being a "neo-Nazi" organization, a term I am quite sure many people can’t even define.

    Such allegations demonstrate the utter moral bankruptcy of these organizations, and how badly they need to be de-funded. They are like little children who insist there’s a monster under the bed. When they run around calling a mainstream ethnic advocacy organization like EAU "neo-Nazis," they are really demonstrating overactive imaginations that are more valuable in Hollywood than in the realm of mature political discourse. Anyone who looks at our organizational website knows that ALL of our major positions are supported by the writings and scholarship of America's most revered founding Fathers. In fact, there is no divergence, whatsoever, between the original American settlements as an homogeneous racial expression and what the founders wrote. So, a word to the wise: organizations and people that are afraid of or project something sinister upon Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, and George Washington don't belong in this country!

    Of course, the same thing could be said for the way they impale the Constitution and make a mockery of our Bill of Rights, both documents of which are a direct threat to their vicious agendas. Mutually,  these organizations, through various and sundry means, contrive to spy upon ordinary citizens of this country, a brazen contradiction of principles behind our Bill of Rights. Both support laws and write model legislation to criminalize thought and speech that they don't happen to like, and both support censorship of the Internet including not just EAU but also certain Christian churches along with practically anyone who isn't willing to walk quietly onto the global slave plantation of their utopian vision. Both support Soviet Union style gun control in which ultimately only the police have guns. Organizations of this nature, rather than investing efforts to change the American society into one that makes them more comfortable, should instead leave our shores if they hate us so much, and find a home with laws more to their liking, like communist China. Of course, the Chinese government wouldn't tolerate their spiteful socially destructive influence for much longer than it would take to execute them.

    Among the worst aspects of their collective agenda is the way they push multiculturalism, multiracialism and Third World immigration. The ADL in particular is responsible for the 1965 immigration laws that guaranteed that the majority of all new immigrants to the United States would be anything BUT European, but it doesn't stop there. They sponsor movies in schools that equate a desire to date and marry one's own kind with “Nazism”, the implication being that for students to do so really means a desire for a new Holocaust looms in their hearts. Likewise, anyone who begins to publicly express politically incorrect reflections or concerns about any number of threats to the long term health and well being of the Caucasian race can find him or herself suddenly ‘outed’ to their employer for example, a routine operation for these moneyed bigots.

     As a matter of policy these groups, the ADL and the SPLC, act with a brazen form of hypocrisy that will literally take your breath away. ANY manifestation of EA promotion will be determined to be neo-Nazi, even if these groups or individuals do nothing more than legally protest the current immigration crisis. At the same time, however, they laud the efforts of non-white open border advocates who instruct illegal aliens how to circumvent the sovereignty of the United States, of which Western Voices World News has highlighted dozens of times.

    The point is that these two organizations are a primary motivating force behind the multicultural mess we have in our country today. It is because of them and their fellow travelers in Washington, law enforcement and the media that America more closely resembles the bar scene from Star Wars than an actual community. This could potentially be excused if it was actually in the long-term best interests of ANY of the ethnic groups they claim to defend, but it isn't. In fact, models of racial diversity and income gaps demonstrate that multiracialism CAUSES increases in income disparity.(2) Anyone with any knowledge of history knows that for example, African Americans despite the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action and the whole nine yards –all of which were nurtured and coaxed, if not manipulated, by the ADL and the SPLC -- are materially WORSE off today than they were in 1920. And as a matter of course, by simply pointing out these facts – facts which are easily found across the Internet and in public libraries – typically results in the threadbare indictment from either Abe Foxman or Morris Dees that we are engaging in ‘outlandish Jewish canards – simply for daring to refute whatever they say.

    Certainly European-Americans have also suffered a dramatic loss of freedom in the process. In essence, nobody benefits from multiracialism except for the cultural Marxists at the SPLC and ADL. To add insult to injury, as a result of multiracialism our country has become less cohesive and less patriotic to the point that its founding principles have become diluted in order to be inoffensive to the over 100 ethnicities living in the country. For all practical purposes our country now stands for "nothing in particular." There doesn't seem to be a single unbreakable principle left. Not surprisingly, our military continues to fall far short of its very modest recruiting goals because it is very difficult to inspire people to risk their lives on behalf of "nothing in particular," or even worse “America as an idea.” There is no longer a universal call to real patriotism that will work, a call that was once heeded when the United States was a homogenous European based nation. For this, we can thank the contributions of the fine folks at the ADL and SPLC.

    But, since European Americans United stands in the way of their plans and now that we have been duly tagged as troublemakers, we now fall within their sights. Because they cannot dispute the factuality and value of our message, they instead engage in classic character assassination and guilt-by-association by exhorting the bogeyman of bogeymen to shamble out of his closet.

    They call us "neo-Nazis" as though we spy on innocent citizens. But we don't do that - they do.

    They call us "neo-Nazis" as though we try to silence dissenters. But we don't do that - they do.

    They call us "neo-Nazis" as though we would disarm the innocent and make them victims of criminals and government forces. But we don't do that - they do.

    They call us "neo-Nazis" as though we seek to eliminate freedom on the Internet. But we don't do that - they do.

    They call us “neo-Nazis” as though we are targeting innocent people for ruination. But we don’t do that – they do.

    As they continue to guard their kingdom in search of opinionated rivals to annihilate - Kevin MacDonald of UC-Long Beach for one recent example, and now the traditional Catholics; remember neither of these targets is suspect of breaking any law whatsoever, the fact of the matter is the Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center simply hate them, just as they hate anyone who doesn’t break bread with them and applaud their insolence. They use their law licenses and considerable wealth to anguish, irritate, and eventually break the will of those they hate, whether they happen to be respectable citizens or not. European Americans United hasn’t ever operated in this loathesome manner and our by-laws, in total, hinder this kind of behavior . In other words our organization is not a ‘neo-Nazi’ organization, but the SPLC and the ADL most certainly fit the bill of ‘neo-Nazi behavior as they define it.

    We aren't afraid of their name-calling. We know who we are. We have the weight of history behind us, the judgment of posterity in front of us, and the support of facts all around us. We are RIGHT to support the best interests of our people. Only a person consumed with the vilest of unreasoning HATE or lust for POWER could argue against the virtue of the same impulses that motivated heroes like William Wallace in Scotland and the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae.

    So we have a message for the hate-mongers at the ADL and SPLC who hate our freedom, who hate our Constitution and who hate US: we are right. We have the power of Truth and Righteousness behind us, and we're going to win. None of the artificial names you call us will alter the underlying truth and reality upon which our advocacy is based. You have hurt America, you have hurt EVERY ethnicity in America, and you frighten and betray the very people you purport to serve. You have caused or incited needless grief and pain upon lawful groups and people by overreacting and then manipulating those who fear you. But we've caught onto you and pretty soon, everyone else will too. Like many of your fellow Jewish kinsmen have stated with embarrassment over and over again, both of your organizations have long since minimized your value and they, like we, would like nothing more than to see you vanquished.

    But as more and more people catch on to you, they will also catch on to US. They will see the nobility and honor of our growing membership and our cause. They will see it with their own eyes, because even as I speak members are going door to door in communities all across America, they are speaking one on one with their fellow travelers, bypassing the bought-and-paid-for media and allowing themselves to be judged in person. And it's working. Every day our membership grows, and the quality of our membership makes us proud. Sooner than later, it will make all European-Americans in the country of their fathers proud again too, and there will no longer be a place for you here, we’ll see to that.

    So the question isn't whether hateful organizations like yours will be leaving our shores. The only question is WHEN. Not only are you an utter waste of everyone's time with your obsessive victim status, greed, and anti Americanism; but you disgrace and demean the identity of our people, our people’s history and you imperil the future of our children’s nation.

    (1) Donadio, Rachel (2001), The Forward, Safire: 'Abe should resign'

    (2) Meisenberg, Gerhard (2007), Does Multiculturalism Promote Income Inequality? Mankind Quarterly, Summer 2007

    Note: A new set of recording programs may have noticeably changed the sound of this broadcast, and you may have to adjust the sound of your audio device. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please drop us a line and let us know how it sounds. Bear with us as we move forward.






















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