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    The Hidden Fault
    Race; Posted on: 2012-11-08 20:48:38 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Election 2012 is about demographics and direction

    In the modern age, we dwell in two worlds. There is the sayable, that we can publicly say, and there is the unsayable, which we all know is true but is not accepted by society at large.

    Writers hide the unsayable for several reasons. First, people are not ready for it. Knowledge is esoteric and can only be assimilated when the learner is ready for it. Second, there is no point adopting what people fear in order to educate them. Finally, to speak of these topics would bestow too much power on the electorate.

    The foundation of the unsayable is that modern society is in decline because its fundamental assumption, equality, is unrealistic. Having said that, we need say little more. Itís clear that if equality folds, so does the idea of democracy. Then falls the idea of a caste-less society, and the idea that we donít need to shape ourselves like evolution once did by rewarding the best, smiting the worst, and ignoring the mediocre.


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