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    Will the Winner of this Election be the Last President of a United States?
    General; Posted on: 2012-11-06 20:55:36 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    by John Young

    Will the Winner of this Election be the Last President of a United States?

    I ask the question because the answer is not self-evident. Whereas, in the past, whether we like it or not we have been able to count on the continuity of the Union (except during the War Between the States). For ours, our parents' and our grandparents' lifetimes, we have been able to count on the fact that whoever the President may be, there would be another one after him.

    And, perhaps, there will be another President after this one. Actually, I am quite certain there will be a President. What I am not at all certain about ... is over what that person will be President. Will it be an entity with 50 States? Or will a few be missing?

    We are on the verge of a number of catastrophic events, some of which may be controlled by government, but many of which are outside government's power to control. These events will cause calamity and serious economic displacement.

    People who are fat, happy and given to the society of spectacle aren't prone to make drastic changes. No matter how much you warn them about what is around the corner, they'll still keep doing what they have always done until their way of life becomes impossible. Then, and only then, can you truly get their attention. But we are quickly approaching a point where the various calamities about which long-sighted people have warned will manifest. And they are all going to manifest between 2012 and 2020.

    What I wonder is, with massive upheavals, will States that are net tax donor States (that is, the few States that are overwhelmingly white or rich in certain natural resources such as oil or uranium) wish to remain in a Union that offers them only costs and no tangible benefits?

    So what are these massive upheavals?

    1. Peak Oil. Both the Pentagon and Government Accountability Office (GAO) say it is REAL and that it is coming SOON. The Pentagon says around 2015. The GAO reports it will cause massive economic havoc -- and that the government isn't even close to capable of dealing with the results. This is going to make the Great Depression look like a cakewalk.

    2. Global Warming. Because soil bacteria alone make more greenhouse gas than all human activity combined, I am not convinced that global warming is man-made. HOWEVER, according to the Pentagon, it is a very real phenomenon and before 2020 it will rather suddenly create detrimental changes in the ability of areas closer to the equator to support agriculture. In other words -- starvation. And with that starvation, the Pentagon anticipates tremendous inbound immigration pressure as well as potential military pressure from countries such as China whose ground water resources are in crisis.

    3. Welfare State Ponzi Scheme Time Bomb. Sometime in the next few years we'll reach the point where it is effectively impossible for those paying taxes to support those who draw. Actually, we already have since our government borrows 40% of every dollar it spends. But China is shaky and with so many disruptions coming, China is not likely to lend to us forever. In addition, it has spent billions upgrading its navy -- and when you consider there is really only one other major naval power left in the world against whom China might anticipate a fight -- US -- we can reasonably assume daddy moneybags is going to cut us off. Meanwhile, with no Islamic state possessing a missile capable of hitting the U.S., do you believe that Bush II deployed an anti-ballistic missile system to protect us from Iran? I doubt it. Only two countries can hit is with missiles, and the Russian Federation already has enough on its plate.

    4. Ethnic Civil War Time Bomb. I don't understand why even racial activists will fail to state an obvious fact. Since 1965 more European Americans have been murdered by people of other races than died in the Vietnam War. The rate at which we are dying in a one-sided conflict exceeds the UN threshold for calling it a war. A white American is more likely to be killed by a non-white than an Israeli Jew is likely to be killed by a Palestinian. The fact that we call it "crime" or "vandalism" doesn't change the body count. Over a quarter of the population in this country is non-white, so explicitly ethnocentric that it block-votes at the polls, and has substantial elements espousing outright hatred of people of European origin. NO multi-ethnic country has EVER, in history, escaped ethnic civil war during a time of resource scarcity -- and resource scarcity IS coming. I am NOT advocating ethnic strife -- only stating the obvious that it is already happening and will likely intensify in the face of resource scarcity. It will likely intensify enough to cause massive white-flight and a situation that can no longer be ignored.

    5. Terrorism. Don't forget that a great many Muslims want us dead and these guys are thinking BIG. Just because they haven't successfully hit us hard (in terms of body count) since 9/11 doesn't mean we aren't in their sights.

    These are just the high spots. The bottom line is the next President is going to have his hands full. Maybe the Union will hold together for another four years, maybe even into the next presidency after, but it can't hold out for long. At some point, there won't be much of a reason for net tax donor States, particularly the ones to which European-Americans will be fleeing for safety, to remain part of an institution that offers only obligations.

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