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    Gran Torino: Kill the White Man
    Race; Posted on: 2011-06-13 04:23:11 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    A psychologically crippled old white man, full of spiritual malady as well as physical ailment, is given a chance to demonstrate ultimate love and forgiveness to all Asians: he sacrifices himself. In his last act, he absolves his guilt, triumphs over racial prejudice, and dies a hero. This is what Hollywood wants.

    The message of the movie, Gran Torino (2008), is loud and clear. The white man must die. The darkies either kill him, or he sacrifices himself, or both, but the point of the movie is clarion: kill the white man. Gran Torino may be pawned off by Hollywood as a message of “Catholic” styled forgiveness, restoration of good will, confession, etc. It may be cast as a wondrous group hug of evil whitey with the poor “gook” descendant of some tribe of Southeast Asia. But, any good will costs the life of the white man. Oh, yes, there’s that little bit about Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) coughing up blood, or dying of lung cancer, so, he was going to die anyway. Why not make it count, for good?


    Heroes tend to die in movies, or in any great dramas. That’s all. It makes them greater, to die for their cause. But, the ‘hate America, hate whitey’ Communist cause of Hollywood always makes sure its the white hero that dies. The white American man dies. Disguise it as they may, in high morals, grand causes, overwhelming personal sacrifice and greatness, Hollywood makes the white American die. The satisfaction is apparent. The popularity of the theme in American culture is profound. It is the virtual marketing of white guilt, the capitalistic employment of a guilty white conscience. It is social prick-ism, at the highest level.


    News Source: Bad Eagle David Yeagley


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