BNP Website Update
Posted on: 2009-05-25 11:10:50

From Simon Darby

At 13:36 Monday we can now confirm that following on from the sustained denial of service attack on the main BNP website ( we can now confirm the following:

1. The Counter Terrorism Unit at Scotland Yard is now investigating.

2. MI5 have now been alerted to this incident which has serious implications for UK security.

3. The Labour Party aligned "Searchlight" organisation is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for a similar attack on the servers of Clear Channel. The situation is compounded by the fact that "Searchlight" actually works for the Metropolitan Police.

From Western Voices: The concerted attack on the BNP's online presence is a serious, and desperate, attack on democracy. The established order hates the internet, which provides alternatives sources of information. The BNP's own site is actually the most popular party political site in the UK, and plays a vital role in their European election campaign, which looks set to seat at least one BNP member in the European parliament. Such a win would be the single greatest achievement of any nationalist organization in the English speaking world.

The establishment is growing increasingly desperate, with the "mainstream" parties even collaborating to deny the BNP a chance to debate, urging voters to vote for anyone except the BNP. The cyber attack is part of a larger, sustained terror and dirty tricks campaign worthy of any Third World nation. A campaign that has seen online map targeting of BNP members for assault, phone and email harassment, threats to employment and intimidation and physical terrorist attacks. All of this has been encouraged by a climate sustained by the government and a compliant media, which relentlessly hatebaits the BNP while ignoring the extreme leftist character of the BNP's opponents.

The attack on the public's right to information is key to the agenda of the opponents of democracy. The cyber assault follows on from an attempt by far left extremists in the postal workers union to stop the delivery of legally protected BNP election materials, while police were forced to take to the streets to protect BNP billboards from apparently co-ordinated Islamist mobs. This hatred of free expression is endemic, seen earlier in pathetic efforts to try and stop BNP leader Nick Griffin from speaking at Oxford. And now a local police force is attempting to stop the BNP's annual outdoor festival on the grounds that leftists have threatened violence! The message: terrorism gets results in the UK, with the victims paying the cost of the intolerance of their opponents.

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