African Muslims in Australia Being Recruited for Islamic Jihad
Posted on: 2007-04-27 03:29:04

"Liberal-Labor are committed to the ongoing mass immigration of Third Worlders into Australia, with all of the resulting social problems."

Muslim extremists are recruiting African refugees from Somalia, living in Australia, for Islamic jihad. Not only have some of them already returned to Somalia to fight, but there are also fears that they are being recruited to carry out terrorism in Australia. Dr. Herse Hilole, a Somali community leader, has said that some Somalis were being influenced by Lebanese from Wahhabi, a radical Muslim organisation.[1]

Whilst such ties are being forged between radical Muslims from Africa and the Middle East, connections are already well-established between radical Muslims from Asia and the Middle East, leading to worries of ever-increasing Islamic terrorist networks.[2]

An Australian government intelligence report states that

"The numerous recent attacks on Western targets underline the emergence of Islamic extremist terrorism as the major threat to Australia's security in the first decade of the twenty-first century. The threat is serious and enduring. The level of organisation and support for Islamic terrorist networks, and the deeply rooted socioeconomic factors that underpin them, suggest that they will be a major feature of the security environment for at least a generation.

This terrorist phenomenon is new in scale, method and ambition. Al Qaida and similar networks have demonstrated both the willingness and the capability to inflict massive casualties on civilian targets, and display no concern for the loss of innocent life. They have an active interest in obtaining chemical, biological or radiological weapons. Unlike the terrorist groups of the last century, the extremist Muslim terrorism embodied by Al Qaida is uncompromising. In the words of one spokesman, "We are not trying to negotiate with you, we are trying to destroy you". It is adaptive and amorphous, characterised by loosely linked groups within which cells operate semi-autonomously, and is without settled structure, methodology or territory.

Australia is an avowed target. Where previous forms of terrorism barely touched Australia, this new form of extremist Muslim terrorism has declared its aim to inflict damage on Australians and Australian interests."[3] (emphasis added)

Whilst we should recognise that not all Third Worlders are Muslim fundamentalists, and that not all Muslim fundamentalists are terrorists or supporters of terrorism, we do need to realise that Third World immigration, Muslim fundamentalism, and Islamic terrorism are interrelated issues. Nonetheless, Australians should also be aware that there are even more important issues at hand; that is, to ensure the continued existence of the Australian People and the Australian way of life. However, these issues come together, as immediately stopping the immigration of Third Worlders into Australia will not only contribute towards diminishing the basic recruitment base for Islamic jihadists and terrorists, but will also help the Australian nation to survive as a predominantly white society in a southern land.

As Graeme Campbell (past federal independent member for Kalgoorlie and co-founder of Australia First) once said,

"Australia must remain a predominantly white society as was the national will to Federation in 1901. The introduction of a balanced zero net migration policy (15,000 to 30,000 per annum) in combination with a constitutional change to incorporate Citizens Initiated Referendums are both urgent and necessary prerequisites to that outcome."[4]

Liberal-Labor are committed to the ongoing mass immigration of Third Worlders into Australia, with all of the resulting social problems. Only one movement can solve our country's immigration problems, Australia First.

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