Appeasement in the Balkans
Posted on: 2007-09-24 11:09:46

Our politicians and media are playing a dangerous game

News article filed by BNP news team

One of the leading issues being dealt with by the EU this week is the future for Serbia/Kosovo.

British readers should not make the mistake of dismissing this story just because it concerns a small country far away in the Balkans. Remember, WWI started in the same area of Europe!

We are all familiar with the media stereotyping of the Serbs as the bogeyman of the Balkans, but know this:

The Serbian people survived 500 years of suffering under the Ottoman Empire. They survived the atrocities committed under the Nazis by their fascist Croatian and Muslim enemies. They survived under the communists.

Yet now through our ignorance, our gullibility and a deliberate concerted campaign of lies and disinformation to destroy them, they are facing annihilation by a hostile world. And for why?

Very simple. Saudi Arabia wanted an Islamic nation in the belly of Europe, a gateway through which millions of Muslims will be able to pour into Europe from the Middle-East, and the West wanted Saudi oil.

The following extract from an open letter to a political commentator in the US, by an American lady campaigner (Stella L. Jatras) against the continuing appeasement of Islamic demands over Serbia explains thing far better than I ever could:

'The American commitment to the Islamic connection is so strong that the US design is to make the Islamic world part of a new American empire and that American support of the Bosnian Muslims is part of the implementation of this plan,' according to the editorial staff of 'The New Republic,' Jacob Heilbrunn and Michael Lind.

”We have just witnessed one of the biggest con games in recent history and as a result, the deliberate destruction of a sovereign nation and the needless deaths of thousands of innocent people, on all sides, although to read our media, we are led to believe that only the Croats and Muslims have suffered. Because of the lies that have been fed to the American people, we have a President, drunk with power, that was able to send our troops, with incredibly little resistance from our politicians and the American people, to a place where he wouldn’t have gone himself as a young man. Our venture into Bosnia also advances a One-World Concept, a concept that is, unfortunately, the agenda of both parties.

”Our politicians and media are playing a dangerous game. A game that may eventually take us into a Third World War, which is not out of the realm of possibility, according to many European analysts and scholars. It is a game we may very well live to regret and unfortunately, you are a part of that game.'

Just change the US references to UK ones and the cap fits our political class as well!


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