Gun Stocks Soar Due to Obama Reelection
Posted on: 2012-11-08 20:09:14

Tyranny incites survival instinct.

Even though the Dow Jones intraday dropped by 2.23 percent on Wednesday, the largest this year and most likely in response to the Obama reelection, stocks for firearms manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Ruger saw a drastic increase in their stock prices. Smith & Wesson shot up by over 10 percent before leveling off at 7.4 percent, and Ruger increased by three percent.

The increase in firearms stock prices is obviously a result of the Obama reelection. A fear that Obama will institute drastic gun control during a lame-duck session or his second term has prompted an increase in gun purchases throughout the United States.

After Obamaís first victory in 2008, gun sales began to increase, due to similar fears. Rugerís sales have increased by 86 percent over the last four years, and Smith & Wessonís have increased by 44 percent. These two companies represent nearly 30 percent of gun manufacturing in the United States and are the leaders in pistol and revolver sales.

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