Riding on Holy Gasoline
Posted on: 2012-11-04 09:02:34

Forgive me for not being a cheerful zombie, but...

A staggering number of people in today's America live a great distance from their jobs, if they even have them. This is because we grew up believing that fuel for our cars would always be available and affordable, like it was in the "good old days." So naturally two of the things our economy grew to depend on most were cheap transportation and plentiful fuel. But now we are witnessing what happens when that is no longer the case.

We were all warned about this back in the 1970's if not earlier, but few who were alive then listened and even fewer actually tried to do anything about it, and apparently most of the following generation also didn't give a hoot until it was too late.

So here we sit, many of us unable to afford even the basic necessities because of the high price of food, gasoline and electricity, huddled in our homes hoping and praying that we will make it through another winter so that we can keep working at our uninspiring jobs for taxed pay just so that we can barely keep on living. Forget about vacations and putting away money for retirement, because most of us who are lucky enough to have jobs will have to keep working until we keel over dead.

And whose fault is it? Commodities traders and the oil companies' execs, and our own elected officials, that's who. There simply is no other answer that makes sense! But to face this situation honestly, we also have to take some of the blame ourselves for not standing up for ourselves and letting the greedy small minded elitists run the show.

Be prepared my friends... because there may not be many good days left to us.

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