Are These the Labour Pains of a New Renaissance?
Posted on: 2011-11-03 14:55:36

Seneca III’s latest essay concerns the revolutionary situation which is even now developing in the Western democracies.

A few days at home with a nasty chest infection has at last given me time in which to examine the broader picture in some depth rather than just my usual narrow focus on Counterjihad matters that is all my normal schedule permits. And what a fruitful time it has been.

To my own surprise I am far from depressed by what I have seen, perhaps because within me there is a small, primordial seam of anarchism at last rising to the surface after a lifetime watching helplessly as my country and the rest of Europe and our cultures were deconstructed piece by tiny piece and cast upon the wind.

First and foremost the brightest light on my new horizon is the fact that the giant Ponzi scheme that is European monetary union is on the verge of a well-deserved and long overdue collapse. It was always going to fail, of course, because it is a false construct designed not for the financial and fiscal benefit of the ordinary men and women of the Union but in order to enable the ushering in of a continent-wide socialist police state by means of subterfuge and stealth.

And, as is always thus with false constructs, it never did need to be destroyed from without, for the seeds of its destruction were sown in its very foundations by those political pornographers who created it. These legislative and executive elites, drunk on the dopamine of power, wallowing in hubris as they looted the coffers for their personal benefit — they exalted in the mutual masturbation of their own egos as the little people were left to go about their meaningless lives ignored or at best humoured, of no consequence to the peddlers of this embryonic New World Order.

Fatefully for the deconstructionists, they forgot about or refused to acknowledge the inherent power and utter ruthlessness of the desperate, of the people of whom for so long they had been so contemptuous, and who are now in the process of casting off their chains.

And, yes, the deconstructionists should begin to fear, for the time of those they sought to destroy is returning. The pendulum of history has reached the extent of its current swing towards the tyranny of the left, paused for a moment and then commenced its rapidly accelerating reverse journey. I doubt if it is going to halt at the bottom of its arc.

Furthermore, other lights on my new horizon shine on matters both directly connected to and an extension of the New World Order project:

First, the great Global Warming scam (a revealed belief system built on nameless fear and used to justify and enable the transfer of the fruit of our labours into the pockets of Multinational Industrialists, third world kleptocrats and offshore bankers) is now in its third incarnation, and stumbling as more and more of its premises are exposed as creative wishful thinking rather than the rational analysis of a few and often contradictory physical facts.

Secondly, the collective atrocity that is Multiculturalism, asylum-seeking, and immigration — those seemingly innocuous categorisations of the deliberate, iniquitous process of our ethnic cleansing — is more and more being seen for what it is, and more and more of us have lost our fear of saying so in public and on public forums. For the vanguard and principal protagonist, Islam, events are moving in such a fashion that under cover of the coming storm it is quite likely a non-Westphalian solution will come to pass. They would be wise to leave now, whilst they still can. (I doubt if they will see the latter prophesy as ‘an offer they can’t refuse’ but at least I am making the gesture.)

In conclusion I would without hubris direct the reader to an earlier essay, ‘The Fourth Dimension of Warfare, Part 1’ wherein I itemised the conditions necessary for the successful prosecution of a ‘Peoples War’. It would appear that Condition 2 (below) is now or will very soon be in place:

1.A society must be in a stage of evolution in which its economic and social structure is changing, and when its institutions and control mechanisms cannot cope with such changes — in short a revolutionary potential exists.
2.A revolutionary situation develops.
3.High-grade revolutionary leadership has emerged, and a sound organization has been constructed.
4.Support of the people has been achieved.
5.Geo-political factors are favourable.
6.The philosophy of coordinated action on all the battlefronts is understood and applied.

All in all, in closing, the only suggestion I can offer to readers of this essay who in whole or in part agree with its essential premise is this:

“We live in interesting times. Do not buy shares or bonds or savings certificates but instead rope and ammunition, because very soon you are going to need them. Use what time is left to you to learn who your friends are and who are your enemies, then make peace within yourself by accepting the necessity of what must come to pass — as it has come to pass so many times before in the long history of our species.

“Sauve qui peut.”


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