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    Why Donate?
    Everybody wants your money. No matter which way you turn, it seems someone has figured out a way of bleeding your wallet. Whether it is the endless parade of NGOs funded by taxpayer dollars to perpetrate various outrages, or your bank processing your payments in such an order as to maximize the fees they can charge you ... everybody wants your money. It seems, in particular, they want your money in exchange for nothing to support their parasitic existence.

    Well ... we also want your money. Except, unlike those parasites, we do useful work. And unlike the charities and so-called "non-profits" that routinely pay as much as 90% of their income in six or even seven-figure salaries for their executives, nobody involved with EAU or WVWNews makes even a penny. Instead, all of our work is done by volunteers.

    Whether it is the books we have written and sell, the podcasts we compose and record, the festivals we organize or the plethora of valuable skills our members bring to bear, it is all done without any compensation save the knowledge of having done right.

    But our activism costs money. Maintaining collocated servers, paying bandwidth fees, paying bank fees and credit card processing fees adds up. All told, it adds up to hundreds of dollars every month.

    The lion's share of our costs are paid in membership dues, and our annualized membership dues are among the very lowest of any pro-European-American advocacy organization.

    But we still fall short of what is needed either to maintain or advance our advocacies. For this, we rely on voluntary donations.

    Donations to EAU are NOT tax deductible. Though we most certainly are not a profit-based organization, we have avoided the IRS tax-exempt status so that we can avoid certain constraints they could bring to bear in exchange for that exemption.

    But our cause is just, our products and progress are valuable, and the fact you are here proves we are a valuable resource.

    Unlike the numerous blood-sucking leeches seeking to suck you dry in exchange for nothing, we already provide value for you up-front.

    In exchange for this value we provide up front, we ask that you donate, and donate generously.

    Please donate now through our eCommerce website.

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